hearts with their own hands made of paper The holidays, which require special decoration of the house,today is not so much. Naturally, we decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the house before the New Year's celebrations, we make Easter wreaths and candles. Moreover, on the Day of all lovers we try to dress up the interior of the house or even the office to create a romantic atmosphere corresponding to the holiday. And, of course, on this day the main attribute of the decoration of the interior are the hearts. The easiest way to decorate is to make paper hearts, especially since it's easy to make by yourself. By the way, such hearts of paper (some of them) can be used as a greeting valentine. Well? Shall we try?

Hearts from the magazine pages

Glossy colored magazine pages willan excellent material for paper hearts. However, with the same success these original hearts can be made by hand from any other thick paper, from office sheets to color sets of paper for creativity. By the way, advertising brochures, which are constantly laid out in our mailboxes, are also suitable for making hearts. So, for these hearts you need to stock up with magazines, scissors and a stapler. All! Nothing else is needed (except for free time, patience and accuracy). So, we cut the magazine pages into strips of the same width. For one heart, we need six strips - two long, two slightly shorter and two even shorter. And now we add three strips of different length one on another, having combined their ends from one edge. Take for this edge a pile of strips and clamp them from below with the fingers of the left hand. Note that the strips should lie on an increasing scale - from the shortest to the longest. Now start wrapping the paper with petals. We take the edge of a meek strip and combine it with the clamped edges, having received a petal-drop. Then wrap it in the same way the middle band, holding it over the first petal. It turned out two petals - a little in the big. And the longest strip is wrapped over the first two petals. Now with a stapler we fasten all the ends of the strips in the place where they are clamped with their fingers. We place two scrapers along one edge of the petals and two on the opposite side. We get a half heart. Similarly, do the other half. We fold both parts, aligning the ends, fastened with a stapler. The petals should turn to the sides, and the fastened ends should become the pointed tip of the heart. If this tip is too long, then just cut it. We fasten the heart at the junction of both parts and admire the symbolic heart made by our hands. These hearts can be hung on a window or a chandelier, or you can decorate them with a large indoor flower. hearts of paper with your own hands

Corrugated paper corners

Of red corrugated paper with your own handsyou can make a very pretty valentine. This corrugated heart is not ashamed to give, and it is convenient to use it as an interior decoration. So, for the corrugated hearts, prepare the following materials and tools:

  • corrugated paper of red, green and yellow color;
  • cotton or sintepon for packing;
  • Glue, from which corrugated paper does not crumble;
  • Crochet hook of the one and a half number;
  • a stick for a barbecue or a long spoke;
  • scissors.

We take corrugated paper of red color andcut out of it two identical blanks in the form of hearts (the size is arbitrary, but not more than the palm of your hand). Now the edges of one piece are greased with glue, applying a glue strip about half a centimeter wide and leaving an area of ​​two centimeters two inches wide. We superimpose on this heart the second preparation, we press and glue together. When the glue dries, gently fill the heart with cotton wool through the remaining hole, pushing the cotton wool with a knitting needle or stick. The hole is sealed. Next, we need to cut out a red or yellow paper strip, which will become a wavy frame of the heart. The width of the strip should be about five to six centimeters, and the length - about one and a half meters. Cut the strip so that the striped stripes run across the workpiece. Fold the strip in half, combining its long edges, and now, by hooking the crochet and gently pulling the paper down, we make on this edge festons - oval denticles about two centimeters wide. The smooth edge of the frill is greased with glue and glued to the heart, leaving half a centimeter of frill from the edge. Excess (not glued) paper cut. You can do otherwise by making a single-layer frill. Cut the strip of the desired width, cut one of its edges with festoons and lightly pull them, causing to worry. Now, this curly ear protector is glued to the heart, as in the first version. By the way, there can be more options for such a heart made by ones own hands. It can not be cut at one edge and made straight, only pulling the outer edge to make it a hundred wavy. You can make it from red paper or from any corrugated paper of a suitable color: white, pink, orange. Now we make the decor of yellow paper. Cut off the strip (as for the frill) length of fifty centimeters and a width of about eight centimeters. Along the long edge of the strip we put a wooden stick and twirl it into paper. The free outer edge is glued to the resulting roll. We collect the paper (roll) along the length of the sticks, sealing it into the lungs, the transverse folds, and listen to the wand. The resulting corrugated tube is bent in the form of a heart and glued to our paper heart in the place where it is connected to the frill. The heart made by own hands is almost ready. It remains to decorate it with a flower. To do this, from the green corrugated paper, cut out a square with a side of ten centimeters. Fold it in half and cut out five oblong leaves about four centimeters long. We squeeze each leaf from one narrow end and collect the leaves into a socket, fixing them with glue. The middle of the outlet is also greased with glue and plant it on the heart closer to the pointed tip. From the yellow paper we cut out a strip of length of centimeters twenty and a width of about four centimeters. Fold this strip into four layers and cut one edge with semicircles. Now unfold the strip and form a flower out of it, collecting an even edge and straightening the petals cut out on the opposite edge. Lubricate the middle of the flower with glue and attach it to a green outlet. From red paper as well (just do not carve one edge of the petals) do the middle of the flower. Now, our valentine, made by hand with corrugated paper, is ready! You can present it as a symbolic gift, but you can use it for a romantic entourage. By the way, if you stuff a heart like this with cotton wool, moistened with a few drops of essential oil, then you will get a sachet - an aromatic pillow. As you can see, the paper heart will cope with the role of not only a romantic but also a practical gift. Successful to you beginnings and creative successes! We advise you to read: