Christmas fortune-telling To begin with, Christmas fortune telling isa whole ritual, the purpose of which is to establish contact with otherworldly forces capable of revealing the future of man. Usually they are spent on holy days, from Christmas to Epiphany, because it is believed that it is during this period that the souls of the dead walk and the impure forces become active. Our ancestors believed that during the Christmas season it's easiest to look into the face of your future.

Various options for fortune-telling in the Christmas holidays

How else did our grandmothers and great-grandmothers try to look into their future? They had many options:

  • With a mirror on the image of the groom - this kind of fortune-tellingChristmas has not lost its popularity for many centuries. The girl lights candles and sits between two mirrors to view multiple reflections. The best time to see the image of the future groom in the reflections is midnight.
  • On the side of residence in marriage - withusing the felt boots: during this fortune-telling for Christmas, the girls take turns throwing any shoes (shoe, boot, boots) onto the road. Her sock will just indicate the side in which it is destined to get married.
  • On the floor of future children: take the needle and pass it through a woolen cloth (it should be taken for fortune telling on a Christmas night), or the ring is lowered into a glass with water and takes it in hand. Then, any of the objects are suspended by strings and slowly lowered next to the hand. If the object makes circular motions, a girl will be born, if it swings like a pendulum - a boy, if it does not move at all, then there will be no children.
  • On the order and speed of marriage: the essence of such fortunetelling for Christmas is that the girls cut themselves on a string of the same length, and then set fire to it. The first to marry is the one who will quickly burn the thread. In the event that it immediately died out or did not burn even half, you can not see the marriage.
  • By rooster: two plates are taken - in one they fill up grain or coins, in the second they pour water. Next to the plates put a mirror and release the cock. If the cock approaches the mirror, then the groom will be gentle and beautiful. If you choose the grain (money) - rich. The choice of water means a drunkard. On Christmas, fortune-telling by rooster is convenient because of the large number of results. Although sometimes they take a hen as well - if the cock chooses it, then the cut off will be a womanizer.
  • On the quality of life with the groom: in different capacities different objects are laid out, and the girls take turns choosing blindly. The future life depends on the choice made at the fortune-telling for Christmas: sugar is sweet, ash is bad, the bulb is for tears, the ring - the girl will marry (the golden one - to a rich life), the glass is a merry life and so on.
  • With matches: in the sides of the box insert two matches and set them on fire. If the fortune telling is to be simple for Christmas, choose it: here the whole point is that the heads of the burned matches turn to each other. If this happens, the "conceived" couple will be together.
  • Shadows: a clean sheet of paper is taken, wrinkled and ignited on a flat plate. The meaning of this divination at Christmas is that, while the leaf is burning, the girl, with the help of a candle, would look at the background of the emerging shadows. By the images that they create, and you need to guess your future.
  • With the ring on the image of the groom: the girl drops an engagement ring into the glass with water and looks at the image of the betrothed inside the ring. Such Christmas fortune-telling is necessarily accompanied by a saying: "My betrothed, mummer, appear, show yourself!".
  • On the age of the dog-barked dog: girls take turns listening to barking dogs. In principle, it's fortune telling for the New Year and Christmas, so they can be spent any night. The loud bark promises to the young groom, and the hoarse bark of the old.
  • On the maps: the girl chooses four kings from the pack and puts them under a pillow before bed, saying: "Who is my mummer, who is my betrothed, then dream to me in a dream." If for Christmas the king of diamonds dreams, the grooms will be welcome, the crusade will be a businessman or a military man, a rich and young fiancé, a peasant - the old and the jealous.
  • On relatives: during the evening meal in the framework of divination the night before Christmas, they go to look at the neighboring windows. If the heads of people sitting at the table are visible, then all relatives will be alive. If the heads are not visible, there will be trouble with close people.
  • On the ring - it is thrown to the floor. If it retreated to the door, the girl would soon be married. If you are guessing a man, then he's on a business trip. In another interpretation - leaving home.
  • By hail: at midnight they go out into the street and at the first meeting they recognize his name. This name will be called suzhenogo. The bridegroom will be so rich and handsome as the passer-by who was called.
  • Onions: girls take themselves on a bulb and mark them, and then planted in the ground. Whose bulb will sprout faster, that girl will marry first and come out.
  • On egg white: the contents of a fresh egg are poured out through a small hole into a glass of water, and after the squirrel curls, they look at the shape and guess their future on it. For Christmas, fortune telling will show a man a business trip, if a squirrel turns out of a squirrel, and a woman returns her husband from a trip. The cube is a coffin, the ring means engagement, and the church view is a wedding.
  • Eavesdropping - this is a guessing done under the neighboring windows. If they are rapidly exploring the relationship, then the year will be "cheerful." If the house is quiet, a harmonious year is expected.
  • With a cat: they make a wish and call a cat to their house. In the event that the animal crosses the threshold with the right paw, the dream does not come true, the left - it will be fulfilled.
  • With the help of the book: it is best to choose books of spiritual content. On Christmas fortune-telling on the book is that you take an arbitrary page number and a line from the bottom or from above. Then a mysterious place is opened in the book and read. The meaning of the text is interpreted in accordance with what is currently most concerned about.
  • Guessing with logs: to the woodpile they come up with their backs and choose a log from it. Smooth and even log without knots - husband with an ideal character. Heavy and fat is a wealthy husband. A log with boughs - many children will be born. Crooked is a lame and slanting husband.
  • Guessing on a dream. This ritual is conducted on the night from Monday to Tuesday. This is a very simple guessing Christmas: on the paper they write the name of the young man and kiss his painted lips, then put under the pillow on a small mirror with three laurel sheets. On one they write - "Misail", on the second - "Azary", on the third - "Ananias". Next, according to the rules of such fortune-telling at Christmas, they say a spell: "From Monday to Tuesday I look at the windowsill, who dreams of me - let him come to me in a dream." Another way is that for the night at the head of the bed put spruce twig. Concluding such Christmas fortune-telling, they say: "I lie down on Monday, I put a fir-tree in the headboard, that one will dream of me who thinks of me." He loves someone who comes in a dream.

fortune telling On a night from Thursday to Friday for Christmas fortune tellingother. During the retreat to sleep they say: "Thursday - with Wednesday, Tuesday - Monday, Sunday - Saturday. And Friday is one, yes, I'm young, alone. I lie on the Zion mountains, three angels in their heads: the first - sees, the second - will say, and the third - the fate will indicate. " In the Christmas fortune-telling, sleep is spent in the event that they lie down in a new place. Before going to bed, they say: "In the new place, dream the bridegroom". In a dream they look at their betrothed.

  • Fortune-telling. Wax is melted in a mug. Then, according to the rules of fortune-telling, the milk is poured into the saucer and put on the threshold, saying: "My householder, my master, come under the threshold, drink milk and eat wax." On Christmas fortune-telling continues with the last words poured into the milk melted wax and carefully watching the frosting wax image. To see the cross - to the illness, if it only seems - is to problems in financial affairs. To see the flower during the divination on the night of Christmas - to marry (marry) or meet a loved one. Image of the beast - to the appearance of a foe. Wax, spread out in stripes - to crossings, roads. Asterisk - to success in school, in the service. The figure of a person is to find a friend.

We wish that in the New Year you will be only good! And always remember: Christmas fortune-telling is interesting and fun, but every person is the smith of his own happiness. We advise you to read: