makeup basics "They say that in France, women spend on cosmeticsmore than the state for the army. But they have more victories »Yanina Ipokhorskaya Make-up has long been an integral part of the lives of millions of women. The daily 15-20 minutes spent at the mirror, became something of a magical ritual. And this is quite understandable. After all, with the help of simple techniques it is possible to correct all the "defects" of nature. And women tend to strive for excellence. But in order to understand all the subtleties and nuances of this art, it is necessary, first of all, to learn the basics of make-up. And, of course, know the measure and follow the rule that doctors have long taken on arms - do no harm. Because proper make-up should emphasize your natural beauty, and not hide it under a thick layer of "plaster". So, let's start from the very beginning. Before you begin to "ritual", you need to carefully prepare your face. This step should in no case be missed. Otherwise, you just do not get the desired effect. First, cleanse your face and remove excess sebum with a cotton pad and tonic. Of course, it must be chosen in accordance with the type of your skin. Blot the face with a soft cloth and let it dry slightly. Then - the turn of the cream. Suits the usual daylight. After its application, you need to wait 10-15 minutes - the cream should be completely absorbed. Well, now you are ready. Shall we proceed?

The tonal base

The first step is to apply a tonal. A modern cream will not only give your skin a fresh look, but also protect it from ultraviolet and other harmful effects, moisturize, smooth the top layer and prevent premature aging. However, it is at this stage that most mistakes are allowed. If you overdo it and take too much of the base, your face will resemble a lifeless mask. You do not want to look like a mummy, do you? And with the choice of colors, it's important not to be mistaken. The main thing is to remember that the purpose of foundation is not to change your natural complexion, as many, unfortunately, think. Its task is to accurately disguise all minor flaws, which practically everyone has - acne, red spots, patches with broken pigmentation, small scars. That's why the foundation must completely match the color of your skin. The next step is the application of funds. Here, too, has its own nuances. Take a sponge and lightly moisten it with a tonic or water. Apply a little cream on the cheeks and middle of the forehead. Even less is on the chin and nose. Carefully, without pressing, distribute the foundation, moving from the center and following the massage lines. Try not to hurt the hair roots. Especially carefully should shade the product on the neck and the lower part of the face. Make sure that the borders are not visible. If you find that you have applied too much cream - remove the excess, easily touching the face with a cotton disc. important makeup basics


The next important step in applying makeup ispowder. It gives firmness to make-up, eliminates unwanted greasy sheen and makes it easier to apply the following make-up elements. True, here too many mistakes are allowed. After all, excess powder is unprofitable to emphasize everything, even the tiniest and inconspicuous wrinkles and overdry the skin. In order to avoid all these insulting mistakes, it is enough to learn simple rules. The color of the powder should match your natural skin color and tone cream. Never put a powder on the area around the eyes - that's where the first wrinkles appear. You do not want to stress this, do you? Powder should be applied with a special wide brush, moving from the periphery to the center. Be sure to put it on the décolleté zone. If you find that the powder was too much - do not get discouraged. Take a clean one - be sure to be great! - Brush and walk through her face and neck. By the way, a brush for powder should be washed regularly, and then thoroughly dried. If this is not done, the sebum will inevitably get into the substance and your skin will look shiny and oily. Well, and in special cases - to create an air, "unearthly" image - you can use a special glimmering powder. Just apply it on the shoulders, whiskey, cheekbones and the decollete zone. Small shining particles will not give you a chance to go unnoticed - you will always be in the spotlight!


Blush, without exaggeration, it's absolutelymagic remedy. With their help, you can create the desired contour of the face and even adjust its size. Of course, if you know how to properly treat them! After all, too bright, scarlet cheeks will make you look like a traditional Russian matryoshka doll. Of course, she is not devoid of charm, but to call her the ideal of feminine beauty still hardly anyone dares ... Moreover, brightly colored cheekbones openly age. How to choose the right blush? Of course, they should be combined with your lip gloss or lipstick - this time. Two - they must match the natural color of your skin. And, for owners of light skin is absolutely unacceptable bright blush. Choose natural shades - so that they are almost invisible on the face. But the "darkies" have a much wider scope for creativity - they can easily afford intense and rich colors. For proper application of blush, there are special brushes - thick, with rounded edges. Before applying again, carefully look at yourself in the mirror and try to remember where exactly a natural blush occurs, when you are hot, you are excited or embarrassed. That's where you should put blush. After typing them, shake the brush, removing the excess. Wide circular motions, apply a cosmetic from the middle of the face to the line of hair growth, and then down to the jaw. the basis of makeup rules

Eyes and lips

Perhaps the most important thing with eye makeup iscorrectly choose the color gamut. Shadows should approach the eyes. However, this does not mean that they should repeat the shade of the iris - in this case you will get a colorless spot instead of expressive eyes. Give preference to the tone that accentuates the natural radiance and enhances the attraction of your "soul mirror". Another thing to consider is that shades of gray and blue shades can unwittingly emphasize circles and bags under your eyes, giving you a tired and gaunt look. This absolutely does not mean that they should be completely abandoned - just choose a shade carefully and do not overdo it. If you are a lover, make sure you do it completely. Otherwise, make-up will seem unfinished, and your eyes will look much smaller than they really are. Well, and about the lips. First you need to decide on the tone - at noon, even on a burning brunette, too bright lipstick will look out of place and vulgar. Stop your choice on something more natural. Never try to draw a contour beyond the natural border of the lips - it must pass strictly along it, otherwise it will look ugly and strange. A pencil should always be lighter than a lipstick - this will give your lips extra volume. As you can see, mastering the art of make-up is entirely within the power of any woman - it would be a little time and desire! A little practice - and you will always be irresistible, and men will begin to fit into tight piles right at your feet. In the end, why are we worse than French women? Yes, absolutely nothing! We advise you to read: