how to beautifully style hair Beautiful hair, good hairstyle and stylingare among the most important components of the whole image, especially for women. Hair has long been considered a woman's dignity and decoration. Previously, only long hair was worn, which plaited in a braid. But with the advent of the progressive 20th century, short haircuts and styling also came into fashion: from medium length hair to boyish haircuts. To date, any woman can choose a hairstyle to her face, depending on age and her preferences. Brilliant and voluminous, healthy and beautifully arranged hair is an ornament of any woman, regardless of her age. Any hair - long, short, medium length - should always be clean and well laid. This is the key to a woman's success. Beautiful hair styling does not necessarily require going to the salon every time. You can style your hair in the home, it does not take much effort. In fashion, naturalness, so simple styling will always be in price. However, you can try and make an intricate, complex stacking. For young girls fit long loose hair, which should always have a well-groomed appearance. Ladies aged more to face short haircuts - a cascade, a square, a bean, a haircut for a boy. Any haircut you can do with a hair stylist, but with the styling of your hair you can do it yourself. how to style your hair beautifully

We put long hair

Long hair in itself is alreadyOf course, provided they are healthy and well-groomed. Any of us dreams of a long and thick shock of shiny hair, but to care for long hair is most difficult. Beautiful hair styling, especially long, depends on two golden rules:

  • No split ends

Long hair has a property of thinning along its length, usually with split ends. Such ends must be regularly cut, then the hair will always have a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

  • Purity

Long hair, especially loose, should beclean. Otherwise they will have the appearance of untidy "icicles" hanging on both sides of the face. If you do not have the time or the opportunity to wash your head, it is better to tie your hair in a bun or tail, or braid a braid. Styling options for long hair There are many options for styling long hair. On long hair, as they say, there is where to clear up. Simple laying will be done easily and simply, but for complex and pretentious it will be necessary to try. We offer several options for long hair styling, which you can do yourself.

  • Ideal smoothness

No matter what your hair is from nature,With the help of modern tools and styling tools, you can make them perfectly smooth and straight. The hair iron will help us in this. Wash your hair well and allow it to dry completely by periodically combing it. You can dry your hair with a hair dryer, the main condition is to dry your hair completely. On hair it is necessary to put means for thermal protection. The iron should be warmed up well, however, it is not recommended to use the maximum temperature. Pull the strand behind the strand, from the root to the ends of the hair, starting from the back of the head, and moving to face on both sides. After finishing the styling, sprinkle the hair with varnish from a distance of at least 30 cm.

  • Ponytail

After completing the previous styling, you can useher for piling "Ponytail." Straightened hair iron in a high tail on the crown or on the back of the head, combing the strands of the comb. Select one thin strand from the tail and wrap it with a hair elastic at the base of the tail, so that it can not be seen, fasten the strand with a hairpin. Tail well comb, you can stretch again with an iron, sprinkle with varnish. The hair collected in the tail should also be fixed for perfect smoothness - gel or varnish.

  • The Ball of the Ballerina

Having completed the pony tail, it can be easilyturn into a real bunch of ballerinas. To do this, do not need to allocate one strand from the tail, and wrap all hair around the tail at the base, fix the bundle with studs. Hairstyle must be sprinkled with varnish so that the bun is not disheveled and keeps the shape well. Hairpins can be taken invisible, as well as decorative - decorated with stones or pearls. The bunch itself can also be decorated with bows, ribbons, flowers, etc. The hair does not need to be pulled iron, you can leave them slightly disheveled, or even scratch for a larger volume of the beam.

  • Romance of the waves

For this laying, you need a curling ironhair. Wash your hair well, apply foam to the wet hair for styling, comb it well and let it dry completely. It is also possible to apply an additional means for thermal protection. Separate thin strands, curl them from the root, winding on the curling iron. Hold for a few seconds, then unfold the curling iron. The resulting curl immediately sprinkle with varnish, proceed to the next strand. You must start the perimeter from the back of the head and move to face first on one side, then on the other. The resulting curls should be well sprinkled with varnish to keep the waves as long as possible.

  • Variations from the braid

Long hair will be ideal for performingdifferent styling with weaving braids, especially since it is very fashionable and popular styling today. One option may be the same pony tail, braided in a braid. The braid can be wrapped around the head, fastened with studs. Or you can perform a French braid: select three strands from the forehead, start braiding the braid, simultaneously grabbing loose hair on both sides. A small strand of hair is grasped by the finger and weaves into the main locks of the braid. So the braid goes to the very end, until it has all the hair. You can make two French braids, or a braid of four strands. beautifully arrange hair

We lay hair of average length

Hair of medium length - is the hair length from the shouldersup to the shoulder blades. Hair below the scapula is usually considered to be long. With medium-length hair, it is good to work for beginners, as they give many options for styling, but much easier to pack and care than long hair. For medium-length hair, the options for long hair are "Ideal Smoothness", "Horse Tail", "Ball of the Ballerina", "Romance of the Waves".

  • Naches bangs

Wash hair and blow dry in directionback from forehead. Separate a part of hair with a bang and well scratch the strand behind the strand, comb back, fix with studs or invisible, fix with varnish. The rest of the hair can be straightened with an iron, curls curl, or they can be gathered into a tail or a bun. The resulting hairstyle must be fixed with a varnish.

  • Scythes

The braids on the hair of medium length braid will bedifficult, or they need to be well fixed, so that short locks do not get out of the hairstyle. But still use the option with braids you can not for all hair. Embroider in a braid framing a forehead, a bang. The rest of the hair can be straightened or curled. A hairstyle with a weave will also be good, when the braid frames the head. Hair should be well fixed with a varnish, or when weaving use a hair gel.

  • 50's style

A very beautiful and easily executed hairdo forHair of medium length will be "Shell" with a fleece. To do this, divide the hair into an oblique parting and comb them back, fastening with pins or elastic. Strands of hair above the tail or bundle should be well combed, each in turn fixing the hairpin under the bundle. Thus, you will have a beautiful shell with a fleece on the crown. Ready hair should be well fixed with a hair spray. The bang can also be combed back. beautifully arranged hair

We lay short hair

Short haircuts do not have many optionspacking. However, it is easiest to lay them at home on their own, without applying special efforts to packing them. Wash hair, drying and styling will take you at least time. In addition, owners of short hair do not need to spend money on numerous tools and tools for styling.

  • Smoothness and shine

If you have a bob hairstyle or a short square, then youThe "Smoothness and shine" setting is good. To do this, you need to wash your head, apply a thermal protection product. To dry hair it is necessary a hair drier with the help of a wide volumetric comb. The air flow of the hair dryer should be directed along the hair growth line, from the root to the tips, then the scales of the hair will be smooth, and the hair will lie properly. The tips of the hair can be screwed inside. The installation must be fixed with varnish. To select individual strands, for example, framing the face, you can use gel or wax.

  • Disheveled laying

If your hair length is too short for stylinghairdryer, then this will be the simplest, fastest and best option. Wash your hair and lightly dry it with a hairdryer or let it dry naturally. Apply a small amount of hair gel on your fingers, spread it over the entire surface of your hands and ruffle your hair, giving the necessary disintegration effect. Strands from the front lay especially carefully, pointing them on both sides of the face, or on one side. Let the hair dry completely.

  • Style of the 1920s

Short hair can be put in trendy nowadaysretro hairstyle of the 1920s - smooth identical waves. This will require a double or triple ployka. Wash your hair and apply foam over the entire length. Divide the hair into an oblique parting, dry them in this direction. The front strands of hair should be laid flat, giving them the form of strict waves, fix each strand with varnish. If the hair is not short enough, they should be removed back into the bundle, fixed with hairpins. Sprinkle with a varnish. beautiful hair styling

Hair Styling Tips

Whichever length of hair you have had, tips on laying will be useful for any kind of hair.

  • Pure hair

Any styling works best on clean, freshly washed hair. Wet hair damp hair in the necessary direction.

  • Stacking in stages

Get some hair salon clamps and perform the styling in stages, dividing the hair into sections, stacking one after the other.

  • Tools

For home laying, you do not need to have all the professional tools and equipment. It will be enough basic: a hair dryer with different nozzles, several types of brushes and combs.

  • Blow Drying

Dry hair with a hairdryer is necessary: direct the jet of air from the root to the tips, parallel to the hair. At the end of laying it is necessary to use the cold air mode, to give the hair extra shine and fixation of the styling.

  • Protective equipment

When using a hair dryer, ironing hair or curling iron, you need to use thermal protection products that form a protective film on your hair and can have a small fixing effect.

  • Styling products

Do not overdo the application of styling products, which can unnecessarily weighed hair and make them look dirty. Especially it concerns a foam, gel and wax for hair.

  • Use the hairspray

It is best to use a hair spray. With its help you can perform a strong fleece, fix both smooth hair, and curls, as well as braids and any other types of packing. Surplus varnish can be easily removed by comb. We advise you to read: