detskaya-odejda Modern children's fashion is not much different fromhis adult "sister" - the same lines, the same style, the same colors and shades. The clothing made of denim was not an exception, it is enjoyed by adults, teenagers and even kids under 5 years old. In the collections of leading designers, there must be a pair of dresses made of denim for boys and girls. And children's jeans can be a variety of colors and shades, warmed and light, the usual length and capri, shorts and overalls. However, many young mothers are wondering - will the clothes from such dense material harm her child?

Why do children need jeans?

Buy baby jeans for your childcertainly. After all, it is not only always fashionable and stylish clothes, but also a guarantee of comfort and even safety. In this outfit you can go to the matinee, and to classes, and for a walk. Heavy fabric will not allow injuring a child in the fall, protect it from moisture and wind, and lightweight cotton jeans will be protected from ultraviolet radiation on a sunny day. The low cost of such clothes allows you to have several outfits at once, and the high strength of the fabric and its durability rarely replenish the wardrobe. Another advantage of denim children's clothing is that almost all kinds of contaminants are easily removed from it, and the dense structure of the material does not allow deep penetration of fatty or coloring substances.

Children's Denim Fashion 2015

In the new season, fashion trends for children are fewchanged, and still at the peak of popularity dresses, jackets, skirts and shirts from denim. But the most actual children's clothes are jeans trousers. Their cut is as close as possible to an adult, but there are much more prints - this is geometry, flowers, animal figures, cartoon heroes. Stores of children's jeans are literally full of an abundance of this garment of various colors and unusual combinations - yellow and red, green and blue, burgundy and orange, beige and caramel. Especially original look pants from denim with inserts from fabrics of other texture - knitwear, leather, satin, lace and even silk. Such models look more childish, delicate and unusual. Their similarity with the parents' clothes is somewhat smoothed by unusual prints and inserts.

How to choose jeans

Children's clothing is different from adults not onlydimensions, but also manufacturing technology. Every parent should know this. Before choosing this or that thing, you need to not only determine its size, style and finish, but also carefully examine it from the front and the underside, carefully read the labels and labels. For the summer, babies will come with a tight denim pants, but 100% cotton. Synthetic additives can harm tender baby skin, as they retain moisture and can be heated in the sun. For the off-season and winter period children's warm jeans are suitable. But the insulation gasket should be as light as possible, it should not make stitches stiff. The optimal option - trousers with a lining of natural, breathable and soft fabric. Pay attention to this point: jeans for toddlers should be on the elastic band, so that they can be easily removed and dressed. Especially carefully it is necessary to choose warmed children's jeans on fleece for the winter period. They should not be rigid, the fleece lining should fit tightly to the fabric of the top over the entire area of ​​the trousers. Very often under the guise of a fleece insulation, unscrupulous manufacturers use a high-quality bike or flannel, and the label is labeled "microfleece" on the label. To distinguish them is very simple - the texture of fleece is much more airy, even if it is its "micro" version, it feels like a natural fur with a very short but dense pile to the touch. The bike and flannel are thin, the pile on their surface is "liquid," or there is none at all.

How to care for children's jeans

Gentle care will help significantly extend the termservice of any thing. Caring for children's things is a very special and very responsible thing. It is important not only to clean the fabric of dirt, but also to preserve its appearance and bright colors. By jeans children's things need a special approach - for washing, you need to use gentle washing machine modes and special cleaning products with the mark "for colored things." If the jeans are very dirty, then it is better to replace the wash at high temperature by soaking for 40-60 minutes. The water temperature during both soaking and washing should not exceed 40 ° C, and the speed regime for spinning - 800 revolutions. Based on materials