transportation of children under 12 in the car Nowadays there is a car in almost everyfamily. So, with the need to transport in the car of the child encounters a huge number of people. And if not so long ago transportation of children did not cause any questions, now, fortunately, this problem began to be approached with much greater responsibility. And in many respects because of the introduction of new requirements of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and considerable fines for violation of the rules of transportation of children. And it's mainly about the problem of transporting children under 12 in a car. With older children, no difficulties arise, since they can be carried as well as adult passengers. But with the kids have to tinker. And we will begin the story with the children's car seats.

Baby car seat

Most of all discussions and indignations of parents -drivers calls the traffic police to use special restraints - car seats - to transport children under the age of 12 years. Often drivers are trying to avoid buying a car seat by hook or by crook. And almost always you can hear the same excuse: "paying a fine is much cheaper than buying a car seat". This is partly true. However, for some reason these parents do not take into account the fact that it's not about money, but primarily about the safety of the child. Again, it is possible to foresee a huge number of objections, and the most common is that the child is held by an adult. However, in order to disprove it, you can make a simple mathematical calculation: if a child weighs 10 kilograms, and the car moves at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, the impact or sudden braking of the child's weight increases about 15 times. And believe me - no one adult can withhold 75 kilograms. In addition, there is a very high risk that an adult can pinch a child with his weight, which also sharply increased at times. And what can happen as a result of such an emergency situation, one can only guess. At best, the child can get serious injuries, and at worst even die. In the same case, if the child is in a child car seat, the risk of injury will be ten times lower.


For the youngest children, unfortunately,parents buy car seats extremely rarely, preferring to keep a crumb on their hands. What is fraught with such a transportation is already mentioned above, therefore, the smallest crumbs should also be carried only in special chairs - cradles. This car seat is fastened with seat belts, thanks to which the child is very firmly fixed in it. In the same case, if for some reason you are forced to sit in a car without a car seat for children, choose the safest position - the transportation of infants in the car always requires special attention. Sit on the rear seat, located behind the driver, sideways, back to the passenger door. Keep your child to your back - this will greatly reduce the risk of injury to the child in emergencies. However, still try to transport the child in the car. The child in it is in a prone position, and a soft wide strap, passing through the tummy, securely fixes the crumb in the cradle. The child is in a comfortable position that will not harm his spine, and the child will not get tired during the journey. It is recommended to fasten such autoworks perpendicularly to the movement of the car or, more simply, along the rear seat. However, in recent years, manufacturers of children's car seats produce much more car seats for the smallest than the cradles. These chairs belong to the group 0+ and are designed for a weight of 3 to 13 kilograms - about one year old. In a similar chair the baby is located in a semi-sitting position, which, if necessary, can easily be transferred to a bed. The child is fixed in an armchair either three-dot, or, that much more often, a five-point seat belt. This chair will serve you and your baby for about a year, until the child grows out of it. Almost all such chairs have an anatomical shape and a special comfortable headrest. In addition, it is very convenient when the car seat for the youngest is equipped with a special carrying handle, which can also be hung toys, so that the child is not bored on the road. Thanks to the fact that these car seats have a semi-circular base, they can be used as a chaise longue or even a rocking chair that will please the baby. It is also possible to lower the handle down and lock in this position - you will get a kind of low chair for feeding. Agree - not such a bad option. And more expensive models of car seats for the youngest can be equipped with a frame with a chassis and easily transformed into a baby carriage. Similar chairs can be installed in the front seat, next to the driver, the passenger on the rear passenger seat. Incidentally, this chair becomes simply irreplaceable in the event that the mother of the child is driving, and there are no more adults in the car. However, regardless of which seat of the car - on the front or the rear - this car seat is installed, it can only be secured against the movement of the car, that is, its back to the windshield. This requirement is explained by the fact that children under the age of extremely weak vertebrae of the cervical department. rules for the carriage of children in the car

Children from a year and older

The next group of children's car seatsIt is intended for children weighing from 9 to 18 kilograms. In appearance, these chairs resemble the above, but they can be attached both in the course of the movement and against it. Such car seats require a particularly careful choice. First, before going to the store, you must weigh your baby - the chair must match the weight of the child. Otherwise, the child will not only be uncomfortable, but there will also be no defense as such. By the way, the convenience of the child is also an important factor in the so-called passive safety. In the event that a child during the trip will experience uncomfortable feelings, he can almost always be capricious. And it does not matter who is driving - mom or dad of the child, the driver will still be involuntarily distracted by a whining kid. That is why it is so important to put the child in the car seat before buying. Look, whether the spine is twisted at the same time, whether its head is comfortable, whether the seat belts are tight. In addition, do not forget that children often fall asleep in the car, so the best car seats allow you to move your child to a reclining position. As already mentioned above, the child in the car seat is securely fixed with special five-point or y-belts. They protect the tummy and chest of the baby from those characteristic traumas, which are usually received by the kids who got into a car accident. However, it is necessary to pay special attention to these seat belts - the buckle lock must be provided with a special soft cloth strip, which is designed to protect the crotch of crumbs from injury in case of emergency braking or collision. Especially this moment is relevant for those drivers who have a male child. Recently, more and more popular purchases on the Internet, including children's products. However, experts say that the child seat is one of those goods that it is better to buy during a personal visit to the store. First, it was already said above that before buying it is desirable to put the child in the car seat and make sure that the child feels comfortable. And, secondly, before you buy a car seat, be sure to make sure that it fits the size and method of attachment for your car. If the chair is not properly secured, there can be no question of any child safety. Moreover, an improperly and unreliable child car seat can further injure a child. In addition, remember that you often enough to pull out and strengthen the chair, so it must be done without any work.

Optional Accessories

In addition to the children's car seatyou can purchase various additional accessories that will greatly facilitate the life of your mother and help to provide extra safety to the crumb. Below we will describe a few of them:

  • Collar for sleep

Surely all parents know that children are veryquickly fall asleep in the car. And very useful will have a special collar, securely fixing the neck and the head of the crumbs during sleep. If the child falls asleep in a semi-sitting position, the head falls on the chest during sleep. And with a sharp braking under the influence of inertia, the head jerks back sharply. This is very fraught with damage to the muscular ligaments and fragile cervical vertebrae. A collar for sleeping is worn in front, like a breastplate, thus securely fixing the head of a sleeping child in an absolutely safe position for him.

  • Cover for baby legs

Another good thing is the cover for the legschild. Especially it will please those drivers who very carefully monitor the cleanliness in the cabin. This cover is exactly the same as a wheelchair case - it is worn on the legs of the baby and does not allow you to dirty the car's upholstery.

  • Baby feeding table

Often on sale there are specialtables that are attached to the car seat. The thing is very convenient for long trips - you can feed the child with comfort. However, to feed the child is only during a stop. Firstly, the child will not choke or get drunk, and secondly, it is recommended to remove the table during movement so that in case of accident the plastic does not injure the child.

  • Front seat pocket

No less useful may be a specialpocket with multiple compartments, which is attached to the back of the front seat. There you can put a whole bunch of little things for the child - pencils, toys and other things. However, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that these pockets have their opponents who say that these items in an emergency situation can also injure a child.

Children over the age of six

Separately, it is necessary to mention and about children6 - 7 years. In this case, if the rules for transporting children in a car are violated more often than with children. Often parents mistakenly believe that in order to ensure the safety of the child, it is sufficient to put a blanket or pillow under the ass, and fix it with a regular seat belt. However, this is not so! By fixing the child in this way, you put him at an even greater risk than if he were not fastened at all. In the event that the driver will have to resort to emergency braking, the pillow, which is not fixed absolutely anything, very quickly under the influence of inertia will significantly shift forward. And the lower part of the child's body will also move forward after the pillow. The child will automatically slide down, and so the seat belt will be right on the child's neck. Agree, it is easy to imagine what could happen in this case - the risk that the child will not receive a serious, and often fatal injury. That is why such children, who are already fully able to sit on their own, but do not yet have the right seat belt to fasten yet, should be transported using a lifting seat. It is called a similar seat "booster", and it is much cheaper than a normal child car facility. This chair raises the child to such a height that it allows you to properly fasten it with regular seat belts. The booster's service life is long enough - it suits both six-year-olds and twelve-year-olds. This booster can serve the child until its growth is not 150 centimeters - this is the lower bar, stipulated in the rules of the road. Buying a booster, parents should pay attention to the fact that he had special restraints, which are worn on the straps of the regular seat belt of the car. And the booster is installed, of course, only in the course of the car. In principle, this type of car seat does not in any way limit the freedom of the child. Also, parents often argue about where to install a children's car seat - in the front seat, or in the back. Traffic rules do not prohibit either one or the other. So, it's up to the parents. But do not forget that the safest place in the car is behind the driver's seat. But the most dangerous - the so-called place of "suicide bomber" - it is the front passenger. And in any case, do not forget about the need to disable the airbags located near the place where the child car seat is secured. And it is not necessary to disconnect them independently, but in a car service. In the event that parents approach the issue of transporting children responsibly and acquire car seats, the risk that a child in an emergency on the road will receive one or another trauma, is reduced by dozens of times. But nothing can be more valuable than a child's life!