simple hairstyles for short hair Long hair for a girl - it's always beautiful. Some moms get upset and grab at the head, if their daughters do not have them. They mistakenly believe that with short hair the baby will look monotonous. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. Short hair does not limit the possibility of your imagination. In addition, a short length of hair has many pluses. Firstly, it is easy to take care of, which you and the child will feel, as the children's hairdresses are created very simply. Secondly, creating a new image every day will not take much time (5-10 minutes), you can spend it for other interesting activities with children. We will tell a little about the most simple children's hairdresses on short hair. fun hairstyles for short hair for children's hair

Raisin for loose hair

Very beautiful look loose hair anylength. In our case, it is possible to emphasize the individuality of the hairdress with a simple parting. It can be either direct or in the form of a zigzag. Interesting and flirtatious will be the image of a baby, if the hair is combed on one side, and on the temple to fix the strand of some bright cheerful little barrette. A win-win option for a hairstyle supplement will be a bezel with various rhinestones, beads, colored butterflies, bows of various sizes or beloved flowers of a little princess. You can make a visual bezel. To do this, divide the hair into small strands. Then twist a flag from each strand, fix it on the vertex with a small crab. Do this from one ear to the other, the hairstyle is ready. If your princess does not have enough hair, you can adjust it with various accessories. For example, collect hair on the back of the head using volumetric bands. The most suitable option for such a hairstyle is an elastic band with a large bow or with feathers. In a pigtail it is possible to weave volumetric tapes with pomponchikami on the ends, usual ponytails wonderfully dilute bright elastic bands in the form of springs. simple hairstyles for short hair


For restless robbers suit hair,which is called the "fountain". It is done very easily. We disassemble the hair into several bundles, fix it at the base with elastic bands. Get fussy, sticking out to the sides of the tail. If the length of the hair allows, you can twist the tips. Thus, you will get a luxurious holiday hairstyle. Another important plus of short hair is that it is easy to curl, and the curls keep the shape longer, since it is much lighter than the long ones. There is no less interesting cheerful version of the children's hairstyle, called "snails." With small elastic bands we tie two ponytails, of which we make flagella. We twist the flagella clockwise, we get "dumplings", reminiscent of the snail's house. The ends are fixed by invisible ones. Very original it will turn out, if from each "pampushka" you let out on one small prjadke, they can be curled. Similarly, the hairstyle "hedgehog" is made, which is recommended for girls with thin rare hair. The actions are the same, only the tails are tied as much as possible over the entire head. Even the usual tails can be turned into a wonderful hairstyle, it is only necessary to add a zest in the form of different hairpins or along the entire length of the tail at an equal distance, distribute several different colored rubber bands. A great advantage for the mother will be the ability to weave braids, from which you can create real masterpieces, even from short hair. Even if you do not know how to weave exquisite types of braids, with the help of several small braids for the night, you can create the effect of magnificent hair. Do not be afraid to experiment, give vent to your imagination. A small fashionista will feel confident and every day will please you and all around her with her positive mood.