on what month you can find out the sex of the child The appearance in the family of a young child - alwaysjoyful and long-awaited event. Perhaps all mothers or dads want to find out who they will be born: sonny, who urgently needs to buy a helicopter, or a daddy-daughter. Or even "twinned"? And can this be done in advance so as not to languish the next nine months in anticipation? Of course! There are many methods for doing this. Each method has both pluses and minuses.

Determine the sex of the baby in the hospital

  • Ultrasound

Identify sex with a high probability percentageit is possible with the help of ultrasound (shortly it is called ultrasound). This is the most famous scientific method, which is used by almost all modern inhabitants of our planet. At the 15th week you can already find out the answer to the question that interests you. But you can get a 100% result only in rare cases. On what month is it better to do this? At week 22, ultrasound gives an accurate result.

  • Chorionic biopsy

Another scientific method for determining sexchild - biopsy of the chorion. Biopsy is the most accurate, one hundred percent method. And it can be done starting from the 6th week of pregnancy, naturally, depending on the medical indications. Of course, such a procedure is unsafe and can cause a threat of abortion (ie miscarriage). The whole point of this method consists in extracting the cells of the future placenta from a woman's uterus with a special needle. This procedure is not prescribed to pregnant women for the sake of curiosity.

  • Amniocentesis

The sex of the child can be determined in the earlyusing amniocentesis. This is a modern method, which is carried out to determine genetic abnormalities. For him, the analysis of amniotic fluid is taken. In normal life, do not recommend to resort to it, if you are all right.

  • Hormonal research

Doctors also use the modern methodhormonal studies. The sex of the child can be determined by the level of hormones that is contained in the blood of the mother. Find out who will be born, you can already in the earliest months of pregnancy. how many months you can know the sex of the child

Folk methods and observations

  • Even-odd days

There is an opinion that if the age of the mother is even andconception of the child was done in an even month, then, then, a girl will be born. If the age is odd and conception happened in odd months, a girl will also be born. This is not only a common opinion, but also a certain pattern. But to conceive a boy it is necessary that a woman has an odd age, and the months are even. And vice versa.

  • Sexual life

There is another theory that has been developedscientists, is the theory of sexual life. Carrying out numerous studies, it was found that the sex of the child depends on the activity of his father's sexual life. These experiments were carried out on animals, constantly increasing or decreasing the male's sexual activity. The same thing happens to people. Rare sex contributes to the conception of the girl, but the boy must work, forgetting about rest and entertainment.

  • Statistics

The sex of the child can be recognized in advance usingstatistics. For this method, you need to know the woman's age, the number of births, the status and much more. This option is good if the sex of the future child is planned. The main role is played by the age of the mother. So, for example, the older a woman, the less likely that a boy will appear. The same applies to the number of births: the more births, the less the chance of conception of the future conqueror of ladies' hearts.

  • Palpitation

Previously, even physicians believed that from 12 weeksyou can determine the sex of the baby with his pulse. A pulse of 140 beats per minute and higher indicates that a girl will be born. At the moment, this theory finds no evidence. But, if you are interested, you can still try. Suddenly, guess.

  • Food

The most well-known technique for planning the futurechild - French diet. A special diet should be observed in the last cycle of menstruation. Scientists have proved with an 80% probability that if they take foods with a lot of calcium, magnesium, sodium before they conceive, a boy will be born. So, meat, fish, seafood, bread, beans, sausage, salty foods and vegetables are ideal for planning. For the birth of a girl it is desirable to eat spices, greens, a little fish and meat, sugar, eggs, vegetables, honey, etc. So, in order for a boy to be born, one must eat foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium, and for a girl these minerals should be in limited quantities.

  • Ovulation

One can not but mention one more popular methodrecognition of the sex of the unborn child. It is calculated by the date of ovulation. This method is based on the difference between the so-called "male" and "female" spermatozoa. In laboratories, a medical examination of the husband's semen is carried out, and semen is analyzed. But, since it has not been scientifically proven, this method also applies to "amateur".

  • Blood type

The blood group also affects the conception of the child. Therefore, be sure to find out what kind of blood you and your husband have (do not forget to clarify and Rh). As some experts assure, with a certain group, either a boy or a girl can be born. For example:

  • if the father and mother have 1 blood group, then a girl will be born.
  • if the father has 1, and the mother has the 2 group - the boy.
  • if the father has 1, and the mother 3 the group is a girl.
  • if the father has 1, and the mother has the 4 group - the girl.

It is believed that the Rh factor of blood can alsoaffect the sex of the unborn child. If both parents have a positive or negative Rh factor, then there is a probability that a girl will be born. In other cases a boy is expected.

  • Blood Update

Another old "grandfather", but widelyA common method that helps determine sex in the early stages is the method of blood renewal. As you know, a woman's blood changes approximately every three years. The representatives of the stronger sex, this process occurs every four years. Find out when the blood change occurred, you can do this: you need to divide the age of your mother by 3, and your dad's by 4. If the rest of the number is obtained from the father more than the mother, the boy will be born. And vice versa. Since ancient times, any woman wanted to know the sex of her unborn child. Therefore, grandmothers and great-grandmothers used various folk methods. And if in most cases the sign came true, it was classified as a sign. For example, the most famous method that many people use today is the shape of the abdomen. The round belly speaks of the birth of a girl, and the sharp one speaks of a boy. But this is not a scientific method. Remember that doctors deny it. Sometimes the sex of a child is predicted by the state of health of a woman. It is said that a girl is born with a toxicosis, but an increased appetite and good health predict the appearance of a future defender of the Fatherland. This method is also not confirmed by scientific research. How often it happened that the lady ate everything, and she had a beautiful daughter. So you will not be able to know the sex by appetite. Many women say that the appearance of a pregnant woman can also give out the sex of an unborn baby. If a woman starts losing beauty, it is believed that the girl takes it. And vice versa. This method is based on a reasonable grain, as during the formation of the girl female hormones are being wasted, and this, naturally, affects the appearance of the mother. It is interesting that our ancestors determined the sex of the child, referring to the power of the love of the spouses. If a man loved his wife more strongly, then a boy should be born, and if a woman, then a girl. But how many cases when parents love each other the same! But it does not matter which method for the determination of gender will be chosen by future parents. Yes, there are a lot of options in the modern world, even in the early stages of pregnancy. The main thing is that a small miracle will appear. And the child should be loved and long-awaited. When you take the baby in your arms, it will no longer matter who it is: a boy or a girl. After all, children are our everything.