how to properly make hair styling Our ancestors also said: "Spit is a girlish beauty." And this, of course, is correct. Hair has always been one of the main female virtues - the very "zest". Of course, times have changed. But groomed hair is still a dream for almost any woman. True, our contemporaries are much more difficult. After all, now the braid is only one of many possible hairstyle options. And any woman wants to look stylish and unique. How to properly style your hair? How to do so to emphasize their natural beauty? Of course, the easiest option is to go to the salon. Professional masters are capable of doing miracles. Sometimes, after the work of such a wizard, you look at yourself in the mirror and sincerely wonder: "Who is this luxurious beauty? Is it really me? ". But, unfortunately, most women, for one reason or another, can not visit the hairdresser daily. That's when the question arises: "How to make hair styling at home?". And is it possible? In fact, of course, it is possible. Simply to everything, - and especially to such responsible business! - it is necessary to approach thoroughly. Let's start?

Mine and comb my hair

Before you lay your hair, you need themprepare. How? Yes, it's very simple! First they need to be washed. Disputes about how often you can wash your head, do not stop until now. And everyone remains at his own opinion. Therefore, perhaps, do not rely on someone's recommendations - all of a sudden, in the end, this person is not right? It is better to listen to yourself. Or rather - to their hair. They will tell you everything themselves. Wash your head when your hair starts to look stale - and you definitely will not go wrong! How to do it right? To ensure that the hair is clean and you can then easily lay them, you need to wash them twice. First, wet your head and apply shampoo. Wash it off immediately. Then, with the next application, try not only to wash your hair, but also to massage your head. The water temperature should be comfortable. If you have to wash your hair often, then it is recommended to use special products marked "for frequent use." After washing, do not keep a towel on your head for a long time - this can lead to dandruff. In no case can you dry your hair with a hair dryer, as it overdoes them and makes them more fragile. It is better to allow the hair to dry naturally. Combing wet hair is also undesirable. If possible, do not use ordinary tap water to wash your hair. Ideal option is rain or melt. Of course, the residents of megacities this option, most likely, will not work. A block of flats is not a suitable place for putting out water tanks. And the snow in the city, as a rule, is not very clean. But there are other ways. For example, you can defend or boil water. And you can just add some baking soda to it. Hair clean? Now we need to comb them. What is the best way to do this? Of course, the best option is brushes with natural bristles. You can also use plastic combs, but metal should be avoided. In any case, the teeth should not be sharp, otherwise the scalp may be damaged. In general, combing hair is very useful. It's not for nothing that great-grandmothers were advised to brush on hair in all directions 100 times, in the morning and in the evening. This massage improves blood circulation, which allows the skin to be saturated with oxygen faster. In addition, bulbs of hair are strengthened and they start to grow faster. Did you manage? Then you can go directly to creating a hairstyle. However, before making hair styling, it would be nice to check whether you are ready for this exciting process. how to make hair styling at home

"Combat package" of beauty

In order to properly lay your hair,It is necessary to get home with your own "arsenal". Conditionally, the whole "combat kit" can be divided into two parts - accessories and cosmetics. What is included in each of them? Cosmetical tools

  • Lacquer

This is perhaps the most popular means forstacking. It can be applied on hair of any length. As a rule, lacquer is used even when the hair is completely ready and you just have to fix it.

  • Gel

It will suit the owner of medium length hair or short haircuts. With the help of a gel, you can achieve the effect of wet hair, or you can, on the contrary, make a smooth styling, applying it to the radical zone.

  • Mousse and Foam

These tools will help not only to lay your hair, butand give your hairstyle extra volume. Usually mousse or foam is applied to damp hair at the roots, and then the hair is dried with a hair dryer. Just do not overdo it - too many of these funds will give your hair a messy and untidy look. Styling accessories

  • Hairdryer

That's what we can not do without! Of course, everyone knows that the hair dryer spoils the hair. But it's very difficult to lay hair without it. The most sparing option is the use of a hair dryer with an ionizer.

  • Curlers of various diameters

The correct size of hair curlers is determined based on the length of your hair.

  • Comb with a long handle
  • Plait and ironing

With these accessories you can both straighten,and curl your hair. Everything will depend on your mood. And most importantly, you do not have to go anywhere for this. Everything can be done at home. True, you should not abuse these devices - use them no more than twice a week.

  • Brushes

As already said, it is better if they are withnatural bristles. All is ready? Excellent! Then we proceed. It is obvious that the method of laying will depend on the length and structure of your hair, as well as on the effect that you want to get "on the way out." Let's consider several ways.

Long hair

Long hair is very beautiful. Who would argue? But for them to look spectacular, you have to tinker. How to properly style long hair at home? In fact, there is nothing complicated here. But here patience to you, really, it is necessary to be reserved. Let's try to make a styling with the curler. In addition, you will need a comb with a long handle. Apply foam to slightly damp hair or any other styling product. It must be spread over the entire length of the hair. Carefully separating the fine strands from the comb, wind them on the large curlers. Try to wind up to the very end - in such a way as to raise the roots. Keep the curlers until the hair dries completely - usually it takes about an hour. Gently release the curls and comb them with a comb with sparse teeth. If desired, lightly sprinkle your hair with varnish. Done! how to properly make hair styling

Curly hair

Lovely curls causing an attack of acute envyat girlfriends, often they are delivered by the owners of many problems. They simply do not want to lie in any way as they should and continue to "live their lives" persistently. How do you need to style curly hair to tame their obstinate character? And is it possible to do it yourself, at home? Of course! In this you will help the hair dryer with a diffuser. He will not swirl the curls and, as a result, you will get natural, beautiful curls. Are you afraid to spoil your hair with a hairdryer? Well, maybe you're right. Then we can do without him. After you have washed your head, apply a special mousse for curly hair. He will help fix the curls in the right one - not them! - position. Now gently and patiently wind each strand on the index finger, giving it the desired direction. Allow hair to dry completely. That's all. And girlfriends let them puzzle how to achieve the same effect.

Thin straight hair

This type of hair, as a rule, delivers a lotunpleasant minutes - the laying practically does not hold. How to properly lay them? Before laying, apply foam or mousse. To stack hair it is necessary from below upwards. To do this, lift the main mass of hair up, fixing them with hairpins. Leave a small part of the hanging freely on the sides and at the back of the head. Divide them into strands and take a round brush. Screw one of the strands on the brush, turn on the hairdryer and place it 5 cm away from the brush. The jet of air should be perpendicular to the strand. Slide the brush down the hair, while blowing them with a hair dryer. Gradually releasing curls, lay all your hair. As you can see, in order to make a beautiful styling does not necessarily visit the salon every day. If you want, you can put your hair beautifully at home. Nothing complicated in this. A little patience and your hair, indeed, will look amazing. And you will feel like a real Woman. And this is so cool! We advise you to read: