wedding shoes for the bride Any woman dreams of such a significant dayin her life, like a wedding. On this day everything should be perfect, and in particular - the dressing and well-being of the bride herself. The culprit of the celebration spends most of the time on its feet. That is why, so that the bride does not suffer to the end of the festivities from fatigue and pain in the legs and lower back, special attention should be given to the selection of wedding shoes. Let's consider what options are relevant at the moment. Wedding shoes for the bride, a photo of which can be seen in fashion magazines, usually represents shoes-boats or boots with heels.

With a flying gait, you left the registry office

If you are not shy, and you do not mindthe fact that you will spend about twelve hours on a hairpin - feel free to choose this type of shoes. Heel will perfectly emphasize the grace and grace of your image, but will make a lot of work for this. The larger the heel, the more visually the length of the dress will decrease visibly. Do you plan a rich dance program and a lot of different contests? And maybe you want to get out on the nature or on the shore of the reservoir, which is typical for the spring-summer season? If you decide to play such a wedding comfortably, then your choice is wedding shoes for the bride without a heel or ballet shoes, which will save you from thoughts of fatigue and will allow you to fully enjoy all the delights of the holiday. If you are accustomed to always wear shoes with heels and its absence will adversely affect the condition of the legs, then the alternative to the two previous options may be shoes on the platform. This is ideal when you wonder how hard it will be to spend a whole day in shoes on your heel, but do not want to give up the opportunity to emphasize the grace of your gait. If you choose a short wedding dress for yourself, then it is worth considering the option of buying shoes on a wedge. Low brides will look great in such shoes, they will visually become taller, and slender ones will emphasize the lightness and elegance of their figure. In this spring and summer season, fashionable extravagant combinations. Designers are advised to pick a white wedding dress to pick up shoes of red tones. The tandem of these flowers always looks very impressive, especially since red symbolizes love, and white symbolizes purity of feelings. wedding shoes for the bride photo

How to make a choice?

  • The color of shoes should be combined with the color of the dressbride, but do not be darker than the wedding dress. To select a shade of this attribute, you can take with you a flap of the material from which the dress will sew, or draw your attention to the tone of the dress trim.
  • The texture of the attire and shoes for the bride mustbe in perfect harmony with each other. For example, lacquered boats can be combined with a satin gown. But along with the rhinestones it is better to choose shoes with shiny inserts. Laces fit to openwork shoes.
  • You can use stockings in your attire toemphasize the elegance of the female legs. They are perfect for shoes and boots. But do not use them with sandals.

The choice between fashion and comfort will always standjust in front of you. Therefore, when making a decision, try carefully weighing the pros and cons. After all, any pursuit of fashion trends should not interfere with your good spirits in such a wonderful day. We advise you to read: