Wedding Dresses Wedding fashion, however, like any other, notstands still. Every year she adds to the wedding bride's attire all the new items and accessories. But no matter how the wedding fashion changes, it still remains conservative, without any surprises and shocking changes. What wedding dresses have the famous designers and famous brands prepared for the autumn and winter brides?

Fashion Trends

In the collections of this year, as in previousseasons, there are a variety of styles of wedding dresses for every taste - luxury and chic, vintage and romance. In order to better understand the trends of the wedding fashion of the autumn-winter season, we suggest to consider the most actual models of wedding dresses 2016 on the photos published on our website. In principle, autumn trends differ little from the spring-summer season. The same unchanging length, modest neckline, traditionally open shoulders, elegant simplicity, tight corset and a small crinoline. Most designers tend to persuade brides to abandon the traditional veil, which, in their opinion, hides the sparkling eyes of happiness and a smile. Lush wedding dresses gradually give up their positions, giving way to fashionable catwalks with refined, tight-fitting clothes that emphasize all the dignity of the female figure. We go to draw your attention only to the most important trends in wedding dresses of the autumn-winter season 2016.

  • Silhouette of the "Mermaid"

Here is a consecutive season wedding dress"Mermaid" does not come off the fashion podiums, attracting attention and maddening a huge number of brides all over the world. The popularity of this model of the wedding dress that has not gone out over the years is easy to explain: like any other, it emphasizes the female silhouette: waist, hips and, of course, the chest. Perhaps, this version of the wedding dress somewhat hamper the movement of the bride, but it allows you to effectively demonstrate to the people all the dignity of the figure and look irresistibly in such an important day for her. In autumn 2016, wedding dresses are especially fashionable - "Mermaids" strapless and sleeveless with multilayered, lush, satin, colored and asymmetrical skirts. wedding dresses 2016 pictures

  • Long A-Line Dress

Long A-line wedding dress is anothertrendy trend of the season. Such a simple and at the same time exquisite wedding dress will be a wonderful decoration of a modest and innocent bride. Moreover, such a variant of the wedding dress (a tight corset bodice and an expanding skirt) is suitable for any figure. fashion wedding dresses 2016

  • Mini dress

So popular in the hot summer is a small whiteThe dress of the classic cut in the fall of this year is still at the peak of wedding fashion. And a small amount of used fabric in no way begs the dignity of this wedding dress. In the new collections you can find mini dresses of various silhouettes: fitted, loose, with lush skirts, decorated with flowers, lace, bright belts. In combination with a white fur sheepskin coat or a cape, a veil and high-heeled shoes, any girl will look simply irresistible. fashion wedding dresses fall 2016

  • Long light dresses and overalls

Fashion trend of the season - long dresses andoveralls from light streaming fabrics. Perhaps, such a wedding dress, just like a wedding pantsuit, looks somewhat extravagant, but certainly not beaten.

  • Dresses with plumes

Another fashion trend of the new season - dresseswith trains. They are present in almost every model, with the exception, perhaps, of a dress in Empire style. Fashionable wedding dresses of 2016 of this style can be either long or not, decorated with transparent chiffon or ruches. wedding dresses 2016 with train

  • Cutout in the form of a "heart"

The neckline is the "heart" of this autumn and the coming winteragain in a trend. At the same time, the style of the wedding attire, which can be absolutely anything: in Greek style, mermaid, asymmetrical, ball, with an overstated waist or A-silhouette is not so important - everything depends on your imagination and taste. The bodice also can be chosen depending on personal preferences: with sleeves, on straps or a decollete. The main thing is to have a cutout-heart. Dress with a similar cutout will nicely emphasize the chest and give the image a little sexuality. sexy wedding dresses 2016 pictures

  • Lace Wedding Dress

Lace bodices, capes and skirts todayare present at all shows without exception. They entered fashion in 2010, since then their popularity has not subsided, but, on the contrary, is gaining momentum with new strength. Apparently, this trend will last in fashion for at least a couple of years. And the blame for all is the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Now in exact copies of the royal wedding dress they can afford to marry the bride of the whole world. In this outfit, any girl will look very feminine and charming. fashionable wedding dresses 2016 lace

  • Pantsuit

Perhaps many of you find it hard to imaginea wedding attire in the form of a trouser suit, but in our time this is no longer an isolated case. More and more brides in the modern world, especially the mature age, prefer to go under the crown in a similar outfit. The white color suit, the white clutch and the various accessories, selected with taste, will not only perfectly complement the bride's outfit, but also will allow her to stand out against the general background.

  • Spirals

There was a place in wedding fashion and pleatedskirts, models with a lot of frills, turning into waves. Pay attention to how the wedding dresses of 2016 look original and unique: a photo of models with cascades of pleated frills and ruffles from the last shows amaze the imagination. And the silhouette of this dress can be made in two versions - direct and magnificent. fashion wedding dresses fall 2016

  • Wedding dress in Greek style

The last few years, wedding dresses inGreek style in the collections of leading designers occupy a leading position. The right choice of fabrics, skillful cut and the exquisite simplicity of this dress make it truly divine. This autumn and winter the wedding dress in the Greek style competes very successfully with the magnificent outfits on the crinolines. The main adornments are all sorts of draperies made of fabric, brooches and belts from beads. Also, as an additional decoration, many couturiers prefer to use matt semi-precious stones. A characteristic feature of this dress is a coquettish armhole on one shoulder.

  • Tunic

For the second consecutive year, they are not going to surrender theirpositions and tunics that have come to suit many brides. The advantage of such a dress is that he is able to present in the best light the sculpted figure of a young girl, and at the same time emphasize her innocence and freshness. With such a dress, absolutely any hairstyle looks great.

  • Dress in Empire style

Girls who are preparing in the near futurebecome mothers or want to hide some of the shortcomings of his figure, the ideal option may be to choose a wedding dress in the style of "Empire." The dress, decorated with stylish ribbons, passing under the chest, and small details in the form of pearls, rhinestones and stones will give the girl a charming look and create a fairy-tale image. wedding dresses 2016 in Empire style

  • Wedding dress with sleeves

Medieval wedding dress with long sleevesor three quarters - this is perhaps the hottest trend of the winter season of 2012. Such a wedding outfit is highly appreciated for its antique look. In addition, it looks just great and is an ideal option for a winter ceremony. If you prefer this type of arrangement, you will look elegant and stylish. wedding dresses 2016 fashion photo

Fabrics, colors, decor and accessories

  • Fabrics

Fabric composition for sewing wedding dresses innew season as always traditional. This satin, silk, satin, chiffon, gas, organza, lace, lace and soft tulle. Although this season already much less wedding suits will be decorated with lace stuffed fabrics that can turn any bride into a real snow queen, you do not need to think that a white fluffy wedding dress made of this kind of fabric is a bad taste and a nonsense. Not at all! They are also able to decorate the bride and create a unique image.

  • Fashionable colors

Almost all designers in creating their ownNew collections did not miss the opportunity to experiment with color. In addition to the white classic color, which never goes out of fashion, you can meet many exquisite models of milky, smoky blue and pale pink shades. Also relevant in autumn 2011 are golden, pearl and silver wedding dresses.

  • Decor

Instead of decorative embroidered patterns fashionablewedding dresses in the fall of 2016 will decorate miniature creases and drapes. Also as a decor, many brands prefer to use three-dimensional details, such as, for example, fabric flowers reminiscent of the marvelous jungle. And this autumn can expect the demand for large bouquets, as well as single copies. Actual wedding dresses, the skirts of which are decorated with light feathers, embroideries with silver thread, appliqués, translucent gentle print, similar to the watercolor drawing. Recently, more and more often to the wedding room designers offer decorated belts, which, undoubtedly, makes the dress even more elegant. As for the corsets, they can be strict and ornate, decorated in every possible way: paillettes, stones, rhinestones and other decor elements, but especially attractive looking bows and drapery.

  • fashionable accessories

Wedding accessories - an integral part of the toiletbrides, they are called to emphasize the beauty of the bride: Fata bride. It is this accessory that makes the image of the bride romantic and elegant. Particularly beautiful and elegantly looks like a veil in combination with a diadem. Fur coats, fur coats, stoles, boleros. All these accessories are simply irreplaceable in the cold season. Each of them perfectly complements the image of the winter bride and will warm her with warmth. Wedding gloves. Elegant wedding gloves - a special element of the bride's attire, which emphasizes the beauty and harmony of women's pens and gives them elegance. This accessory looks very romantic, especially when the bride is holding a bouquet of bride in her hands or launches pigeons into the sky. Hair ornaments. As an ornament of a wedding hairstyle both artificial, and alive flowers, small twigs, hairpins with pastes and other elements of a decor are used. The bride's diadem. This wedding accessory fits any girl, under any hair and almost any fashionable wedding dress 2016. In addition, a diadem or tiara allows each bride to look like a real princess at her wedding ball. Handbag for the bride. Without such a beautiful, and most importantly necessary accessory, today can not do any bride. And since this thing is special - it should not be too cumbersome. Ideal - elegant small handbag in the form of an openwork or satin bag on thin long handles-ribbons. This model does not divert attention from the dress and does not take the bride's hands. Stockings, garters for the bride. Openwork white stockings and a thin or wide elegant garter - another spicy, but at the same time necessary accessory, without which nowadays no wedding costs. Shoes of the bride. Shoes or boots are chosen for the color and style of the wedding dress. But in any case, they must be as comfortable as possible so that the girl could easily dance and have fun during the whole wedding celebration. In the cold season, a great alternative to wedding shoes can be white boots. The knowledge and observance of the fashion trends of the season will allow each girl to worry less when choosing a fashionable wedding dress for the autumn of 2016 and it's quite easy to become the most stylish bride. You can be sure what style, style and color of the wedding dress you give your preference, in any of them you will look irresistible at your wedding celebration. We advise you to read: