artificial sheepskin coats When the winter is rapidly approaching,thermometer outside the window appears frost, and the cold wind, like a janitor, sweeps everything around. I want to be sure that when you go out into the street you will not turn into a snowman. When it comes to outerwear, each woman is given a choice between a down jacket, a fur coat or a sheepskin coat. The fourth is not given, and if given, then this is the likeness of one of the three. Today, artificial sheepskin coats are becoming more popular thanks to the efforts of the "green" - the defenders of nature. This is an excellent option for those who are used to comfortable and affordable clothes.

Which style to choose?

  • Let's pay attention to the fact that the sheepskin coat must be free. Remember - this is outerwear, and it should warm you, but not tighten.
  • Sleeves should be wide enough.
  • It is better to avoid narrow, "eternally embarrassing" options, since you simply will not put under your coat a loose sweater, a warm sweater or an office jacket.
  • Give preference to models of full length, they are more functional and much warmer than shortened ones.
  • In order not to get wet in the future, we advise you to buy a sheepskin coat, the surface of which is treated with a special compound with water-repellent properties.
  • The trendy colors of this season are black, brown,white, cherry, orange, gray. But you must remember that fashion is not always on your side, so you need to choose the color for the characteristics of physical data - skin tone and hair color.

artificial sheepskin coat Now manufacturers offer a large selectionsheepskin made of artificial materials. Modern technologies for the production of artificial fur allow the creation of such materials that, in all characteristics and appearance, are not inferior to products made from natural fur. Often artificial female sheepskin coats even surpass natural ones. Each of us always wants to look attractive. Of course, smart fur, which so "smell" of femininity and beauty, leave no one indifferent. But let's remember about precipitation in the form of rain, wet snow and similar vagaries of nature. And if you walk in these furs along the streets, then soon, to put it mildly, they will look unpleasant and untidy. But the artificial sheepskin coat is not afraid of rain or wet snow, nor terrible frost. And at the price it is always more attractive. Therefore, you must remember: "Sheepskin" worth the candle! During socks, any thing requires care. Observing a few simple rules, you can save your favorite thing as long as possible in its original form. So:

  • Sheepskin should be cleaned from time to time from contaminants on the hem, for example, from a dried slush or from salt solutions, which in the winter are abundantly watered by roads.
  • Try not to put your hands in your pockets and not to carry a bag on your shoulder.
  • Do not hold a sheepskin coat next to batteries or other sources of heat.
  • We also recommend using various sprays for artificial materials.

With these simple recommendations, the sheepskin coat will serve you more than one season, perfectly retaining its appearance. We advise you to read: