American style clothes America is still a country for manydreams and unfulfilled hopes, which in the minds of Soviet people acted as models of complete freedom in everything: in thought, behavior, morals. Today, it has both adherents and opponents who abuse the US leadership for aggressive foreign policy, who oppose American culture, its norms and lifestyle that they impose. However, however, if you look at its native inhabitants, you will see people who are free from prejudices, not complexed, relaxed, engaged in what they like and brings pleasure, and not imposed from the outside. The mentality of Americans is manifested in music, in history and, of course, in clothing. A simple cut of sweaters, worn trousers and denim shorts, sports shoes, voluminous hoodies can be seen both in boys and girls. Is not this freedom from the habitual division of dresses into women's and men's and imposed by society prejudices? A typical inhabitant of America to go to the store will never long choose a suit - she will put on the first thing that comes to her by the arm: comfortable jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. In this country, girls do not tend to emphasize their sexuality, dressing in elegant dresses, bright blouses, strict skirts. Perhaps all this is a consequence of the feminist movement developed here, or it simply reflects the true essence of American women, for whom freedom is above all else. At the same time, mind you, they, just like the residents of the post-Soviet space, create families, give birth to children, build a career, and all this in simple outfits without any frills. Today, the American style of clothing has become popular far beyond the United States. He is preferred by boys and girls around the world, choosing for themselves comfortable and comfortable images for everyday life. If you also follow the principles of simplicity and practicality in the wardrobe, you want to dress like the heroes of youth Hollywood movies, we recommend you learn more about the features and characteristics of modern American fashion. beautiful American style clothes

The origin and transformation of the American style in clothing

To the main features characteristic of the Americanstyle in clothing, you can relate convenience, practicality and simplicity. He is often confused with the "western", remembering the brave cowboys and severe sheriffs of the Wild West. However, these are two absolutely different directions in fashion, the American image is first of all the outfits for every day, for work or parties, united by a common idea of ​​freedom and equality of the sexes. Let's take a closer look at the conditions under which this style originated. The Great Depression fever that engulfed America in the 1930s, and afterwards the Second World War inflicted great damage not only on the moral foundations of society, but also on the material situation of citizens. At that time, there was no time to think about fashion, and there was no need to think about it, because people did not have enough money to satisfy even the minimum requirements for food and shelter. So that to dress well, there was no question - the outfits sewed with their own hand from curtains and curtains, who saw kinds of bed linen, worn skirts and suits. After experiencing many years of deprivation and need, the Americans came to the conclusion that clothing is not an important and decisive factor in the life of society. It was from this moment on that the style of US residents began to differ from others by the lack of pretentiousness and simplicity of silhouettes. However, everything is temporary - in place of a black strip in the history of America comes white. Now people tend to forget about the years of deprivation and want as quickly as possible, plunging into luxury and abundance. Thus, a new society is gradually emerging, which will later be called the "generation of consumption". At the beginning of the 1940s, many girls were not particularly feminine and looked more like men: they had broad shoulders in combination with a thin body, short haircuts, behaved decisively, aggressively, sometimes even aggressively. However, after recovering slightly after the war, they again wanted to feel like true ladies: weak, beautiful and elegant. And gave great opportunity to women Christian Dior, who turned over all the ideas about fashion, showing the world his collection called "New Look". The main secret of her success was a completely new image of girls, radically different from the style of the 40s. The outfits demonstrated by the models on the podium were incredibly feminine, tender and elegant - dressed in them, even the most fat lady instantly turned into a sweet and elegant young lady. Dior said about the work he had done: "I decided to leave in the past the era of war, universal labor service, uniforms with wide" boxing "shoulders. When designing models, I drew women who looked like flowers. That is why for my outfits are characterized by smooth curves, a rounded line of the chest, a thin waist and wide-spreading skirts that look like rose petals. " This collection made a real sensation in the fashion world, returning colorful bright materials, pads for hips and breasts to the wardrobe of American women. Thanks to Christian Dior, the first bustier and a new kind of waist-stretch elastic corset appeared. For sewing only one skirt, the designer took up to 40 meters of fabric, and the design of the silhouette, which he kept in a rigid form, developed by him, still remains a mystery for all to seven seals. The pacifist and feminist sentiments in society that started in the early 1960s gave rise to fashion for thick, stretched sweaters and sweaters, velvet sack pants, and the popularization of jeans. Boys began to prefer trousers with a low waist hips, which were called "hipsters," and most girls wore mini skirts. The American style of the 60's was characterized by straight silhouettes, materials of psychedelic colors with geometric patterns depicted on them. This decade has turned into a victorious procession of youth fashion, devoid of the usual, already all-boring contours, cuts and textures, and, most importantly, a genuine spirit of freedom that has revealed to the world. This was naturally reflected not only in the outfits of young people, but also in their way of life, musical preferences, behavior. The moods that prevailed at that time can be described as rebellious - this is a period of protests against the foundations of society, the customary value system. Thanks to the emerging and gaining popularity of performers, a new trend in music is emerging - a rock that naturally influences the American fashion. So the legendary guys from the Beatles and Rolling Stones groups introduced elegant men's suits, and the hippies, who protested against the war in Vietnam, gave birth to clothes in the style of "military". African-American communities have also contributed - the traditional ethnic elements inherent in their culture have been added to the style. At different times, due to various events and the emergence of new moods in society, the American fashion gradually developed, transformed and broke into various directions and types. On top of all the neoclassic of the 80's changed the existing trends in clothing, bringing them to the state of grotesque. bright American style of clothes

Fashion of modern Americans

Passing through a kaleidoscope of fashionable currents,insane design decisions, as well as excesses of youth protest, the American style found itself. Now he is imitated, bowed before him and inherited by his boys and girls far beyond the United States. Modern American fashion is a simple unintelligent outfits in which every detail is thought through to the smallest detail and takes its place. The defining mood of such clothes is freedom, equality and convenience, manifested in everything - silhouettes, fabrics, accessories. Consider the main features of the wardrobe of a typical US resident:

  • No luxury in outfits - simplicity and convenience come first.
  • Preference is given to adjacent andsemi-fitted silhouettes, as well as natural fabrics: cotton, linen, cotton, knitted fabrics. Of course, it's impossible to ignore the non-passing trend - denim material. As for the color, then the fashionista and fashionista of America choose bright saturated shades.
  • On T-shirts, jumpers and T-shirts are welcomevarious prints: images of heroes from cartoons, positive, original and unusual inscriptions. Recently, many well-known brands began to produce clothes with a photo of a black American president painted on it.
  • To see an American on high heels, inelegant dress or a strict suit, of course, you can, but most of the "live" these ladies in business quarters. And the inhabitants of the so-called one-story America, which makes up most of the country, prefer comfortable and practical outfits: jeans, shirts, T-shirts, sneakers, sneakers or moccasins.
  • Adherents of the sports style can not do withoutBaseball jackets and sweatshirts depicting your favorite college or university team. Similar outfits are surely familiar to many in Hollywood youth films and serials.
  • American style can not be imagined withouttraditional denim clothing: pants, vests, jackets, skirts of various lengths and jackets. Such things are perfectly combined with products made of leather, natural suede or cotton, so that, complementing them with your wardrobe, you will get a harmonious image of this American Girl.
  • As for accessories, in everyday lifeAmericans rarely use jewelry made of gold, silver and other precious metals or stones, leaving them for more solemn occasions. Going to work, a walk or a party, girls prefer high-quality, but not too expensive costume jewelry - beads, rings, earrings, pendants.
  • The makeup of the American fashionista is often invisible,here the main rule is a minimum of cosmetics, a maximum of naturalness. Therefore, women use a foundation, powder, blush, giving the skin freshness, ink and a soft matte lipstick. However, for special occasions - parties, celebrations, costumed encounters with friends - they reincarnate in Hollywood divas with false eyelashes and red lips.
  • A jacket, a skirt, a coat, a dress or jeans can be bought by a girl at a sale at the funniest price, but the bag and shoes must necessarily be branded and expensive.

It is impossible to say with absolute certainty thatAmerican style is something specific. Rather, it is a collective image, consisting of different directions in fashion. So, a modern resident of the US may well appear in society in tight jeans and a stretched T-shirt, on top of which a stylish jacket of "male" cut will be thrown. Similarly, girls combine elegant dresses with coarse "cowboy" boots or, for example, light summer sarafans with leather short jackets. Add to this sunglasses, an abundance of accessories, an expensive bag and quality shoes, and you will get an answer to the question about what is the American style of clothes. We advise you to read: