acne on the back Acne and acne on the back occur no less than onface. But they are remembered about them, as a rule, with the arrival of heat - because you want to wear sundresses and swimsuits all. And how to do it, if on the back of the rash? Hence, they must be disposed of as quickly as possible. And start fighting with pimple beforehand, and not when the sun starts to burn, because the treatment will take a lot of time - from several weeks to several months. Also remember - visit to the doctor-dermatologist is simply obligatory, even at the beginning of treatment. First, in some cases, acne on the back can arise due to this or that disease of the internal organs. And in this case, getting rid of them will simply be unreal until the disease itself is cured. And secondly, the doctor can help to choose the program of care for your skin, and also the optimal course of treatment. However, the doctor is a doctor, and very much depends on you - proper care of the skin of the back, adherence to the optimal diet, medical procedures. And, incidentally, do not forget about the recipes of traditional medicine - often they are very, very effective - just as good as the ready-made cosmetology medications. The main thing is to choose those funds, which do not contain components that can provoke the development of an allergic reaction. eels on the back

Causes of acne on the back

So, before you start treating acne and acne,It is necessary to find out the cause of this misfortune. As already mentioned, for sure it can only be done by a dermatologist, but the general information will not hurt you, because who knows your body better than you? It is often enough to analyze your condition, reconsider your habits and the cause becomes clear.

  • Problems with digestion

The appearance of acne can be provokedalmost any disease of the digestive tract. But it is especially important for problems with the intestines - acne in such cases are almost constant companions.

  • Problems with the hormonal background

Any change in the hormonal background can causethe appearance of pimples on his back. Not firsthand know about it teenagers, pregnant women and nursing mothers - it is during this period there is a strong imbalance of the hormonal background. And accordingly, acne and acne occur most often. And, of course, we must not forget about the diseases of the endocrine system, which also inevitably entail a failure of the hormonal background of the body.

  • Improper diet

Very many people suffering from acne, andnot only on the back, but also on the face, do not even guess that their usual diet is the fault. Fatty and fried dishes, smoked meats, salines, spicy seasonings, sweets, chocolate, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, coffee - all this increases the risk of developing rashes at times.

  • Incorrectly selected clothing

The cause of the appearance of acne can be even thisa trivial thing at first glance, like clothing made of synthetic fabrics, especially chosen not for the season. First, the body in such clothes warms up too much, and, accordingly, sweats more. And secondly, air does not let out synthetic fabrics, which also does not contribute to the health of the skin in any way.

  • Allergic reaction

In some cases, rashes on the back canbecome a consequence of a banal allergic reaction. However, the rashes themselves are specific in this case - they resemble traces of nettle. In addition, allergic rashes in most of its quite itch. Yes, and one back does not do it - pimples appear and on the back, and on the stomach, and on the hands with a face.

  • Bacterial infection

The most unpleasant cause of acne onback - a bacterial infection. In this case, acne inflames, rot, hurt. and in especially severe cases, even the temperature can rise. In this case, it is impossible to do anything by yourself - it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible. acne on back treatment

General rules to facilitate the treatment of acne

If you are serious about removing acne onback, you can not do without a number of rules. Of course, you can ignore them, but do not be surprised then why the pimples and do not think to disappear. These requirements are fairly simple, so special efforts will not be required.

  • Timely treatment

The first and most important requirement - starttreatment of acne immediately as soon as they appeared. The earlier you do this, the easier it will be to cure and the less time it will take. So do not think that two or three pimples do not deserve attention, if you do not want then protracted battles with a whole army of acne.

  • Power Adjustment

It is very difficult to successfully treat acne on the back, ifIn your diet there are prohibited foods. Above we have already listed the list of prohibited products - read it carefully again. Well and instead of them add in the menu sour-milk products, groats, vegetables and fruit. By the way, this diet will have the most favorable effect not only on the condition of your skin, but also on the figure, which also can not please the fair sex.

  • Drinking regime

Proper nutrition is a very important componenttreatment of acne. But no less important is the drinking regime - ideally you should drink at least a liter, or even a half-liquid. It is best to give preference to pure still carbonated water or unsweetened compotes. By the way, do not forget about the broth of dog rose - this drink is extremely useful for the whole body.

  • Hygiene rules

We will not repeat and once again talk aboutthat cleanliness is the guarantee of health. But to do without proper skin care will not succeed. At least twice a day, take a shower, and always with soap. In the evening, before going to bed, be sure to treat acne and acne on the back with a weak solution of potassium permanganate - it perfectly disinfects the rashes and dries pimples. But do not overdo the solution should be pale pink. Yes, and it must be properly prepared - dissolve several crystals of potassium permanganate in a cup of water, and then pour into a deeper container, using a gauze cloth. Thus, you exclude the ingress of a non-dissolved crystal onto the skin, as this can lead to a burn. In the resulting solution, moisten the cotton pad and wipe the entire surface of the problem area. The result of such a procedure you will notice very soon - in just one week, acne will become much less.

What is not recommended?

So, with the recommendations, we figured it out. It remains to remember what can not be done in the event that you have pimples on your back. If you ignore the prohibitions, you can aggravate the situation several times.

  • Do not take any medicine

The biggest mistake you can make- is to start taking any medication yourself, without prescribing a doctor. Even if this very tool has perfectly helped your girlfriend, friend or colleague at work - absolutely not the fact that it will help you. There is a very high risk that such medical treatment for acne will not relieve you, but you can earn problems with the liver, kidneys and other internal organs with a very high probability.

  • Do not abuse the sun's rays

There is an opinion that sunbathing helpsquickly get rid of any skin rashes. Moreover - often women specially begin to visit the solarium. And as a result of improvements and is not observed. Moreover - acne on the back can also become inflamed. Of course, you should not completely abandon the sun, but you can not abuse it - no more than 15 minutes a day. A solarium at the time of treatment is better to exclude altogether. Well, or at least, be sure to consult your doctor.

  • Do not damage the skin

The skin in the rash is very sensitive,so it is very easy to injure. A skin injury will inevitably lead to the development of inflammation, which greatly complicates the treatment. Therefore, try to avoid this - in the shower do not use a stiff washcloth, choose clothes made from soft fabrics, free cut.

  • Refuse cosmetic means

Shower gels, foams, body creams - fromuse of all these funds is best abandoned for the duration of treatment. Take a shower with the most ordinary baby soap, without any venting. This ban is simply explained - the skin is extremely sensitive, so irritation can occur when using even the usual means. acne on the back treatment

Folk methods of acne treatment

Your doctor will definitely pick up a suitable course for youtreatment. But it is also not necessary to forget about folk remedies, as they are also very effective. However, with the attending physician to consult still worth it.

  • Baths with salt

The evening shower can be replaced with a bathroom with salt. For its preparation, you need 50 grams of ordinary iodine and a kilogram of large table salt, although if you want you can use already purchased sea salt - just dissolve salt and iodine in warm water. The duration of such a bath should be at least 15 minutes. Incidentally, ideally after the bath do not rinse the skin with clean water and do not wipe - let the salt stay on the skin for another 10 minutes. Well, then you can take a shower.

  • Blue clay

Acquire a dry blue clay in the pharmacy - shealso very successfully dries pimples on the back and helps to eliminate them. To prepare a therapeutic mask you will need a nonmetallic small capacity, five to six tablespoons of blue clay and any mineral water. Add water to the clay and mix thoroughly so that you get a mixture that resembles sour cream in consistency. Mask of clay apply to the problem areas of the skin as thick as possible, leave until it is completely dry. Then rinse it with warm water, pat the skin, lubricate with baby cream. If you make this mask every day, after a week the pimples will dry up and gradually disappear.

  • Honey with aloe

In the event that the pimples began to inflame, onhelp comes aloe and honey. The main condition is that the plant is older than three years. Five aloe leaves are placed in the freezer for 5 days, then defrost and pass through a meat grinder. In a water bath, melt the five tablespoons of any natural honey, add crushed aloe and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. As soon as the mixture boils, turn it off, lightly cool it and put it in a glass jar with a lid. Ready medicine should be stored only in the refrigerator and not more than two weeks. Every evening, before hygienic procedures, lubricate with a mixture of aloe and honey all redness. The mixture must be applied in a thick layer, covered with a gauze cloth on top and left for 15 minutes. By the way, it's not very convenient to do this on your own, so it's best to ask for help from the household. Repeat this procedure every evening, until the inflammatory process completely fails. Pay attention to the fact that honey is a very allergic product. Therefore, carefully monitor the reaction of the body. Getting rid of acne is quite realistic, but only on the condition that you follow all the recommendations and follow the doctor's instructions without fail. But in this case, do not expect a quick result - most importantly, do not despair and do not stop treatment. And all of you will definitely succeed. We advise you to read: