medicinal herbs and plants Medicinal herbs and plants a long time ago andfirmly took place in the life of man. Moreover - for centuries they were the only drug available to humans. And despite the fact that modern pharmacology abounds in a variety of medications, many people still prefer to treat many diseases with the help of various herbs. This method of treatment has both opponents and supporters. In this article we will consider one point of view, and the second. After all, in order to decide on the acceptability or inadmissibility of such treatment for themselves and their loved ones, it is necessary to have an objective assessment of all the positive and negative sides that have medicinal herbs.

Minuses of medicinal herbs

Often you can hear that treatmentmedicinal herbs can be dangerous for the state of human health and even for his life. And it really is so - the effect of many herbs can be more intense than the action of some pharmacological drugs .. And this is true, because even in pharmacological medicinal preparations, extracts from medicinal herbs are often used. Everyone knows everything that can happen with improper use of medicines. And medicinal herbs are fraught with the same - if you use them uncontrollably, the same thing can happen. Overdose can have a very negative effect on various human organs and systems, and primarily on the liver and kidneys. In addition, drugs have a number of contraindications. There are many diseases in which herbal treatment can lead to a number of different complications, often very serious. And the age of the sick person depends very much - often some medicinal herbs can not be used by adults and the elderly, pregnant women. By the way, pregnant women should be especially careful with medicinal herbs - many medicinal herbs contain biologically active substances that can provoke the development of increased uterine tone, and in especially severe cases - spontaneous termination of pregnancy or premature birth. Of course, pregnant women should not completely abandon the treatment of herbs, but you need to be very careful and pre-agree phytotherapy with your doctor - a gynecologist. In addition, no less careful to treat the herbs of the child. Children very often react to herbs in an absolutely unpredictable way. Therefore, a preliminary consultation with a pediatrician is absolutely necessary. Do not ignore it and hope for a chance, otherwise the consequences can be very sad. In addition, there is another problem of herbal treatment - an allergic reaction. This is an individual reaction of the organism of a particular person to one or another herb, and it is impossible to foresee this reaction in advance. That is why before taking this or that medicine in its entirety, it is necessary to make sure that the sick person does not have an allergy to these medicinal herbs. To do this, he should drink a very small dosage of infusion or broth, and carefully observe the condition of the body. In the event that a person has such symptoms as itching and redness of the skin, shortness of breath and so on, it is necessary to take an antihistamine medication as soon as possible and not take this herb any further. Otherwise, the risk of developing pulmonary edema is high. medicinal herbs

Positive aspects of medicinal herbs

However, despite some negativehand treatment of herbs, do not abandon their use. Moreover, often medicinal herbs have the greatest impact on the human body than pharmacological drugs. And side effects of medicines have much more than medicinal herbs. However, in order to treat herbal medicines effectively, you need to know quite a lot of different nuances. In addition, one of the features of herbal treatment is that their effect on the human body is almost always prolonged - treatment takes not one or two days. Yes, and instantly get rid of the headache with the help of this or that herbal collection is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, a sick person should be prepared for the fact that the treatment can last for more than one month, and sometimes even more than one year, especially if the disease is started, or in a chronic stage. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of each particular sick person. However, note that sometimes only a few weeks of treatment is enough to completely get rid of the disease, most often the first time that has arisen and is in acute stage. It is also very important to strictly follow the recommendations for the duration of the course of treatment. Despite the fact that often the symptoms of the disease disappear quickly enough after the beginning of taking a decoction or infusion of herbs, in no case is it inadmissible to stop treatment immediately after the improvement. Otherwise, there is a very high risk that the disease will simply go deep into the body and take a chronic course. Therefore, before stopping treatment, be sure to visit a doctor and make sure that the disease is cured, completely and completely. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the same medicinal herbs affect the body of different people in absolutely different ways. Therefore, the same prescription, in which medicinal herbs are used, can ideally help one sick person, but it will be completely ineffective for another. Therefore, no doctor - phytotherapist can not guarantee you the effect of this or that remedy. Therefore, as a rule, the doctor prescribes treatment and after about a week necessarily assesses the condition of the sick person and the course of the disease. If the improvement does not occur in about a week, the doctor may suggest a different way of treating herbs. This is how you can find a real effective tool that will help you. medicinal herbs

Other features of medicinal herbs

Also, the quality of the medicinal herbs will prove to be effective. It depends on a lot of factors:

  • The place where medicinal herbs are collected. The quality of herbs is largely influenced by where they were harvested. It is necessary to avoid such gathering places as motor roads and railroad tracks, areas around petrol stations and various factories, houses, power lines. That is why it is extremely not recommended to collect medicinal raw materials on their own - medicinal herbs of inadequate quality can cause irreparable harm to the human body. It is much safer to buy ready-made medicinal herbs in a pharmacy, certainly of the proper quality.
  • The time of collection of medicinal herbs. Equally important is the time when this or that medicinal herb was collected. After all, many herbs have healing properties only in a certain phase of their growth. Some herbs should be collected only during the flowering period, and other herbs - only before or after they bloom. Therefore, in order to engage in the collection of medicinal herbs, you need to have some knowledge.
  • Conditions of storage of medicinal herbs. Equally important are the storage conditions of herbs. They must be stored at a certain temperature and humidity. It is not so easy to provide these conditions independently, so, again, it is much more reasonable to purchase medicinal herbs in a pharmacy.

Finally I would like to repeat it again -no matter how attractive the treatment with medicinal herbs does not seem, be sure to consult your doctor and a doctor who specializes in phytotherapy. Only in this case, treatment with medicinal herbs will have a truly beneficial effect on the human body. Otherwise, you risk at best just lose time, and at worst - lose time and get the disease in neglected form. And in this case, you will hardly manage to get by with "little blood". Most likely, a much more serious treatment with the use of serious pharmacological drugs will be needed.