without water a person can live Water does not have color, smell, taste and calories, andyet it is a vital element for all forms of life. No man, animal or plant can live without water. Both a huge elephant and a tiny bacterium need water equally, and nothing can replace it. Absence of water means absence of life. It is the second most important compound after oxygen, in which the human body needs to survive.

Why do we need water?

Without water, a person can not live very long. Our body consists of muscles, bones, organs and liquids, and the functionality and longevity of the body depends on certain factors, in particular, on the consumption of water and food. Each body needs water to continue to function normally. In general, the human body is about 70 percent water; In children, the proportion of water is even greater - 85 percent. Water has many vital functions. It contributes to detoxification, transportation of minerals and trace elements, utilization of degradation products in the process of metabolism, regulates body temperature. For a day, through our brain, there are almost one and a half thousand liters of water, and through the kidneys during the same period there are two thousand liters. About two and a half - three liters of water a day a person allocates from the body. Together with the liquid, people lose the necessary minerals and trace elements. If these losses are not restored, then the person will not be able to live long. How much water should be consumed daily to maintain the optimal balance of fluid in the body? Typically, a person needs about two liters of fluid. However, this figure may change if you are physically more active than usual, or when the weather gets too hot. In such situations, you and the later lose much more fluid, and you need to replenish what you have lost. how long will a man live without water

How much can you live without water?

Without food a person can manage quitea long time. True, after a few days without food, you will feel completely different. You will have symptoms of lack of nutrients - weakness, lethargy, irritability, inability to concentrate, you will lose the ability to make the right decisions. But, nevertheless, without food a person can live from four to six weeks. But without water, how much can you withstand? On average, a person lives without water for no more than three days. Under certain circumstances, this period may increase to five days. There are cases when the body struggled with dehydration up to ten days, but at the same time irreparable damage was caused to health. Survival of the brain, kidneys and heart, the density of blood directly depends on the amount of water consumed. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body and transports the waste of their vital functions, so the level of its fluidity is extremely important. The absence of water means for the body the transition from life to death. That is why without water a person lives much less than without food. Sometimes it happens when a person gets into an extreme situation, and drinking water becomes inaccessible to him. In this case, the ancient technique of survival can help: you just need to find a rounded pebble and put it in your parched mouth. Start sucking this stone, while inhaling and exhaling air only through the nose, keeping the mouth closed. Sucking a pebble will stimulate salivary glands and help distract from the intrusive thought of thirst. And breathing through the nose will help to combat the sensation of dry mouth and increase the time during which the pebble will "quench" thirst. This is a very effective way of surviving if water is not available. A pebble, of course, will not replace water, but it will help reduce the suffering from dry mouth and prolong the person's ability to look for water. In addition, the stone itself contains some minerals, and this too can help the body. You can not even imagine how many people still live by this method! how many people live without water

How does water affect us?

We have already mentioned how much liquid is needed formaintenance of health - about two liters a day. And we are talking about clean water, without taking into account the liquid that enters the body with food. And what other effect, besides eliminating dehydration, can the water have on the body?

  • Stimulates the digestive system. A glass of water on an empty stomach improves digestion;
  • It invigorates better than coffee. If you feel tired at work, drink a glass of water - it will refresh you and give strength. And if you are cold, drenching hot water will increase blood circulation, and you will warm up;
  • Water is a cheap and affordable elixir of beauty. If you consume the right amount of fluid, your skin will never look flabby, tired and pale;
  • Water colors the skin not only from the inside. When applied externally, it invigorates and refreshes the skin, stimulating the blood vessels. Rinse the face, neck and décolletage area with cold water, and the skin will immediately become fresh and radiant;
  • Suppresses hunger. A glass of water before or during water extinguishes the appetite and leads to a more rapid saturation. This is particularly effective if you add a little apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to the water.

Survival experts say that there is"Rule of the Three". A man lives without air for three minutes. In the cold, you can survive without shelter for three hours. After three days without water, a person will begin to die. You can endure three weeks without food, but no one can promise that it will be fun. Let fate keep you from extreme situations! We advise you to read: