food allergy What is food allergy and how is it right?Unfortunately, not only ordinary people, but also those who have encountered this repeatedly, can not eat at this disease, unfortunately. According to specialists, only a few adhere to the correct diet, which allows to avoid relapse in the future. And some allergy sufferers even attribute the symptoms of poisoning or normal fatigue. Therefore, it is so important to understand such a sensitive issue as soon as possible in order not to suffer from severe consequences.

Why there is an allergy

Causes, because of what exactly in your specificcase there was an intolerance of certain products, there may be many. Starting with heredity, poor ecology, ending with the wrong way of life. Let's consider all these factors in order:

  • Heredity

If any of your parents were allergic(mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather), it could be passed on to you by inheritance. And it's not necessary that you will not carry the same products as your parents. Allergy in this case can appear on anything.

  • Wrong way of life

Again, in the occurrence of allergies are to blameparents who drank or smoked during conception. If the mother did not abandon addictions during pregnancy, it led to a disruption in the immune system of the baby. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done about this.

  • Problems with the digestive tract

If there is an allergy for nothing,it is urgent to visit a gastroenterologist. The problem can be in the work of the digestive tract. And timely treatment will help get rid of this disease once and for all. Often, the appearance of allergies can provoke poorly chewed food, which is long digested in the stomach. All this gives a load, which is quite difficult to cope with your body.

  • Lack of balanced diet

Eating two kilograms of cherries every day, you, inafter all, provoke the appearance of allergies. Of course, seasonal products are a real temptation, because you want to eat in reserve. But in all you need to know the measure. The same goes for ordinary food, which is available to us all year round. As much as you do not like meat, you also need to eat vegetables and fruits.

  • Quality of products

Preservatives, dyes and other chemicals, toUnfortunately, it is present in every second half-finished product, mayonnaise, ketchup. Despite the wide awareness, we continue to buy similar products, not even looking at the composition. And such supplements irritate the gastric mucosa, increasing the ability of protein absorption. Over time, our immune system begins to react even to healthy food.

Symptoms of food allergy

Many mistakenly believe that a food allergymanifests itself after some time after the person has used the harmful product. In fact, the symptoms can appear at the very moment when the allergen gets into the mouth. For example, there is swelling of the lips, tongue. This is followed by a selective dislike of food, when some ingredients are disgusting. All this can be accompanied by acute pain in the abdomen, general weakness, muscle spasms, vomiting, upset stomach, constipation. food allergy treatment

Than allergies to food are dangerous

If you encounter one of the abovesymptoms, immediately contact the clinic for the delivery of all necessary tests. Your first priority is to eliminate the effects of allergies (itching, rash, swelling, etc. on the list), and then - to identify the allergen. Otherwise, if you do not do it in time, you may encounter a similar problem again. And the consequences will be sad, up to a lethal outcome or the appearance of chronic diseases.

  • Acute allergic gastritis

This disease occurs ifthe patient occasionally consumes foods containing an allergen. It, in turn, negatively affects the mucous membrane of the stomach, irritating it. This causes the occurrence of a local allergic reaction. The first symptoms of an acute allergic gastritis may not appear immediately, but after a couple of hours. This is a usual nausea, severe pain in the navel, increased salivation. Often, food allergy is accompanied by pallor of the skin, a general weakness. After vomiting, such a person experiences considerable relief. A couple of hours after emptying the stomach, the patient's condition stabilizes. Therefore, it is so important in the occurrence of such symptoms to induce vomiting in an allergic patient. You can either give him a special drink, or physically affect the tonsils by thrusting a finger in his mouth.

  • Lesion of skin

Food allergies may manifest as aeczema. The location of the location is a person, hands. It is characterized by severe burning, itching. All this can be accompanied by Quincke's swelling. Symptoms usually go away some time after you stop eating allergens. In the hospital, you can appoint a dropper to quickly cleanse the body of the pathogen.

  • The defeat of the pancreas and liver

Such consequences of food allergies occurrarely, so they are often confused with other diseases. In this case, the diagnosis can only be made by a specialist, so do not rely on luck or trust your seventh sense. If you do not guess, start to drink medicine incorrectly, it will be more difficult to diagnose an allergy. Only during the examination the doctor can find out that the patient has enlarged the size of the spleen or liver. It is unlikely that you will be able to establish this independently. So, urgently go to see a doctor if after each meal you have a sharp pain in the right side of the abdomen, namely - under the ribs. This is due to the fact that due to the allergen the work of the bile ducts is disrupted, which leads to the appearance of spasms. Allergen in this case can be any products, from strawberries to fish. To determine the cause, you will have to make a biochemical blood test.

  • Allergies and ulcers

Frequent reception of products that cause allergicreaction, can lead to ulcers. Therefore, the patient first thing should be once and for all to exclude from the diet harmful food. Otherwise, the ulcer can develop into a cancerous tumor. If everything is done on time, the allergy symptoms will quickly pass and will not entail serious consequences. So, how to diagnose food allergy? The first thing that should alert you - the appearance of acute pain in the stomach, and immediately after you eat. If the ulcer is a duodenal ulcer, the symptoms may appear after two or three hours. Pay attention: it is impossible to get rid of ulcers in this case, if you do not stick to the first time of a strict diet. In this case, ulcer diets can only worsen your condition, if there are dangerous to health allergy ingredients. Ie you have to exclude from the diet of dairy products, eggs, fish, some vegetables and fruits, sweet. About half-finished products and fast food even speech can not be.

  • Allergic enteritis

After a couple of hours after taking the products,containing an allergen, serious aggravation begins. In some cases, deterioration may occur on the second-third day. The symptomatology will be the following: the temperature is raised (to 37.5), the quickened chair. A feature of allergic enteritis is that the general condition of the patient does not change at all. There may be a decrease in enzyme activity. The human body ceases to perceive, for example, dairy products, cereals, mushrooms, etc. So do not be surprised if you used to tolerate this or that food before, and one day you had an allergy to it.

How to treat with food allergy: diet and proper nutrition

In this case, we talk about how to get rid offrom food allergy to people who are over 18 years old. Food allergy in adults and children manifests itself in different ways, and therefore treatment is completely different. If problems arose with the baby, then this should be done by a pediatrician, namely a pediatrician. So, first you need to identify the substance that causes you allergies to prescribe a full treatment. There are two ways to do this. The first is to take tests. However, there is a small chance that the tests will not show anything. And then you have to act by trial and error. Ie at first go to completely safe products, gradually in small doses introducing the rest of the prohibited ingredients. This method can be used only if the allergy sufferer does not have acute manifestations of the disease (choking, spasms, sharp pains, as in poisoning, etc.). The next step is to choose the right diet. During an exacerbation, the doctor can prescribe a diet that excludes virtually all allergens. This is necessary in order to completely purify the body of foreign protein. At first you can eat only porridge. The specialist menu is developed based on your diagnosis, analysis and diagnosis. In ordinary life, allergy sufferers are shown preventive nutrition. Ie you are not completely banned from eating normal food, and recommend eating animal protein, vegetables and fruits in limited quantities. So, what you need to exclude from your diet for the coming years:

  • Easy-to-replace products

This category includes food, without whicha man can normally feel himself. This is chocolate, citrus, honey, berries, pomegranates, seafood, nuts and mushrooms. With individual intolerance, some vegetables and fruits can be added here: cherries, tomatoes, etc.

  • Main products

As for this category, this includesproducts that we used to use almost every day. They are very difficult to exclude from the diet, since they have high nutritional value. If, for example, you are allergic to eggs, dairy products, you will have to give it all to additional processing. For example, buy ultra-pasteurized cow's milk, cook eggs for more than ten minutes, etc. Blue yolk, of course, does not look very appetizing, but you can eat it normally. With fatty meat, sour cream, cereal products, the situation here is slightly different. You will have to stop completely for a while, and then, after a couple of months, you can re-enter the diet. But in small doses, of course. A maximum of 50 g per day. Soups are prepared only on vegetable broths. We do not even use dietary chicken meat. As it is impossible by the way in this case a steamer is useful. Since frying vegetables and meat is strictly prohibited, you will either have to bake the food, or cook them for a couple. In this case, the amount of oil should be minimal. Forever you will forget about seasonings, salted and peppery dishes. By irritating the gastric mucosa, they increase the permeability and absorbability of allergens. The ideal food option will be oatmeal and rice porridge, cooked on the water. They have enveloping properties, so that protein molecules will not practically penetrate your body through the stomach. Please note: oil and seasonings should not be added here. Under the ban remain smoked meat and all kinds of canned food, including homemade. In the store products contain too many dyes, flavors, stabilizers and other additives, which adversely affect our health. In house pickles are also a lot of extra and harmful elements, contraindicated allergic.

  • Alcoholic beverages

It should be noted that in our time quite oftenthere is an allergy to alcohol. The problem can be covered either in intolerance of alcohol, which is a rare phenomenon, or in a low quality of alcoholic beverages. In the first case, the patient does not tolerate even drugs that contain alcohol. In the second, people can use expensive alcohol, in which there is no chemistry (dyes, fragrances, etc.). food allergy in adults

How to compensate for the shortage of useful elements

Excluding certain products from the diet, wedeprive ourselves of vitamins, minerals and substances, which our body needs so much. As a result, we begin to get sick more often, there is general fatigue and weakness, fatigue, there are sharp mood swings. To avoid this, you must adhere to the basic rules of dietary nutrition.

  • Use in dishes

People who do not tolerate boiled or friedeggs, can use them for cooking some dishes. For example, you can bake buns, add yolk to minced meat for cutlets. But in salads it is better not to cut them, because the allergy will not keep you waiting. The same goes for dairy products. It is not necessary to drink a glass of kefir every day to saturate your body with calcium. Ultra-pasteurized milk can be boiled and added in puree, from which then cooked vareniki, zrazy and similar dishes.

  • Thermally process

To make up for the lack of animal protein,which is contained in beef, you can once a week pamper yourself with cutlets, steamed. Sometimes you can use dietary chicken meat, which should be cooked or baked in the oven.

  • Temporarily replace

During the period of exacerbation, it is recommended thatmeat dishes for vegetable and fruit. It can be stew, mashed potatoes, casseroles. By the way, here operates the rule, which was mentioned earlier - the food should be boiled. You can not fry French fries or make home-made chips. The situation is more complicated with the sweet. Allergy can cause almost any product containing sugar. But whence to take then a glucose, without which our brain can not function normally. The output is simple - to use dried fruits. To make up for the shortage of carbohydrates, eat cereals. Of course, if you do not have allergies on them.

  • Drink more water

A typical person should not eat a dayless than 1.5 liters. liquid. Otherwise, dehydration may occur, and slags, toxins and other "garbage" will cease to be excreted normally from our body. Allergies should always remember this! Therefore, drink light tea, home-made compotes, mineral or filtered water (but not carbonated). As for juices, everything depends on the tolerability of the ingredients. Naturally, drinks should be prepared only at home. Store products contain dyes, flavors and other substances. If a fair sex member suffers from puffiness, she will need to monitor both the amount of liquid consumed and the intake of salt. The latter just delays the water in our body. Try at least the next six months to cook lean and completely fresh dishes. After a while you will notice how your body will transform. Even bruises and bags under the eyes will disappear.

  • We drink multivitamins

Sometimes allergies can occur on vegetables andfruits, which contain the necessary vitamins. And without them, our body simply can not fight against viruses and infection. In such cases, you can buy a pharmacy multivitamins. However, they are taken only according to the doctor's prescription. Self-experimenting with this is not worth it.

Precautions for food allergy

People who are diagnosed with "Nutritionalallergy "should be very careful. The protein can be contained in the dishes that you are accustomed to eating in cafes and restaurants. And not always waiters know about what the salad or garnish consists of. Therefore, in such establishments, it is necessary to alert maintenance personnel that you can not tolerate, for example, fish or mushrooms. Wear a bracelet on your arm, which should not only indicate that you have a food allergy, but also detail what you do not specifically tolerate. In the event that there is a serious deterioration or worsening, doctors will be able to provide first aid and prescribe treatment faster. They will not have to wait for the results of the tests, which will show what the problem really is. And, as you remember, hospitals do not always have the right equipment. In this case, every minute is decisive. It is also recommended to take a small first aid kit with all the necessary drugs. You should tell your doctor about what is best to buy. At the same time, inform and explain in detail all of your relatives, acquaintances and friends about what they should do if there is an exacerbation. Visit the doctor every half a year, even if the food allergy has not manifested during this time. The gastroenterologist should examine the gastrointestinal tract to rule out serious consequences. If, because of an allergy, gastritis or an ulcer develops, the doctor will prescribe a full-fledged treatment. Having done all this in time, you will quickly get rid of the problem.