causes of bladder disease Very often people observe the urge tourination at short intervals. Of course, you can connect this with the stress or the use of diuretics or medicinal teas for weight loss. But how to understand that, when the hyperactivity of the bladder occurs for no apparent reason and lasts for more than a month? Then you may well have a syndrome called a hyperactive bladder. Its symptoms are such that a person constantly wants to go to the toilet, as if he drank a lot of liquid. Although in fact nothing like this was not. And with urination there is such a small amount of fluid at which a healthy person does not want to go to the toilet. diagnosis of the disease

Causes of frequent urination

The causes of rapid urination, which in the endcan lead to this syndrome, there can be many. Common causes for all are: hormonal breakdowns, impotence in men, shock in children after severe fright, as well as diabetes or cancer that affect all people. One of the reasons for frequent urge to go to the toilet is overexcitation. But, as a rule, it manifests itself only after sexual intercourse or before its onset. By and large, this can not even be called a syndrome, since such a state can not last more than a few hours, if for all other parameters the person is healthy. In addition to these reasons, a hyperactive bladder can be temporary. In this case, it is not due to any serious violations. It is simply perceived as a natural phenomenon in certain situations. To such situations it is customary to refer the period of menopause or pregnancy. It is clear that this can only be for the female half of the population. treatment of the disease

During menopause or pregnancy in women

During menopause, significantchanges in the hormonal sphere, as well as in the microflora of internal genital organs. As a result, a woman may have frequent urinary urges associated with active processes that occur in her body. Usually soon, when the climacteric period enters the normal course, everything settles itself. But if such a syndrome causes very much discomfort, you should contact your doctor. He will write out certain vitamins, which will certainly help to cope with such a problem. And now with regard to pregnancy. Syndrome of a hyperactive bladder is manifested in 95% of pregnant women. This is not a disease, and most of it is not hormonal reconstruction. Here the main emphasis is on physical changes in the size of the uterus. After all, the syndrome manifests when the uterus is already beginning to increase in size. Accordingly, there is pressure on the internal genitals and urinary organs, which only increases with the development of the fetus. This is the reason that the bladder simply has to constantly shrink.

Treatment of the syndrome

In the event that this type of syndromepersecutes you constantly and you can not live with it normally, you should consult a doctor, since it is useless to treat it yourself. It is necessary to overcome fear, especially since this disease is not terrible, and it is not always considered a disease. The doctor will prescribe you a drink or vitamins, or appoint a simple treatment. And it should be noted that serious medication treatment is prescribed only in the case when the walls of the bladder are weakened and require an increase in tone. In other cases, if you do not run, everything is much easier and faster.