pimples on the chin Probably, there is no such woman who does notwould try to look perfect. But alas, there is always something that interferes with this very perfection. For example, acne and acne on the chin. And all the rest of the skin of the face can be simply flawless, but the chin ... But do not despair - in most cases, get rid of these pimples is quite possible. Although, of course, you can not do without certain efforts, because beauty, as it is known, requires sacrifice. But why do not you go for beauty? But enough lyrics - let's get to the bottom of the question.

Causes of the appearance of rashes

It's easy to guess that acne and acne are just like that,without cause, do not appear. In fairness, we note that it is almost impossible to pinpoint the cause of the rash on the chin - it's the same as guessing on chamomile. Especially if you do not have medical education. But you can still assume, so you can try to eliminate these reasons. If you eliminate them almost all, there is a high probability that the real reason will fall into the list.

  • Hormonal disorders

Changing the hormonal background - most oftenthe occurring cause of acne and acne on the chin. And the causes that lead to a change in the hormonal background are also numerous. This is adolescence, and pregnancy, and breastfeeding - by the way, it is in these cases that acne and pimples appear on the chin especially often. In addition, we must not forget that the violation of normal hormonal background can be caused by various diseases.

  • Improper care

In a special group of risk, those womenwhich are oily and mixed skin type. Enough even a small error in care and acne and pimples on the chin will not keep you waiting. By the way, in this case, getting rid of acne is not so difficult - just just the right skin care.

  • Unbalanced nutrition

Few people think about the fact that productsnutrition directly affect human health, including the skin condition. And so the diet of modern Homo Sapiens makes you doubt this very Sapiens - well, there will not be a sensible person to drag everything in your mouth!

  • Low-quality cosmetics

Cosmetics can also become a source of problems withskin - for example, means that do not match the type of skin, inadequate quality. Or just not washed away at night makeup. And this is seen at least periodically, almost every woman. In a word, we are creating our own problems with our own hands.

  • Diseases of internal organs

If all listed reasons are excluded, and acnestubbornly do not want to disappear, you can suspect a more serious reason - the disease of any internal organ or system. In this case, you will not be able to do without a doctor. pimples on the chin causes

What do you need to remember?

So, you decided to "throw a glove" to pimples andtry to get rid of them? Remember a few immutable rules that you need to follow scrupulously. If you do not do this, it will be almost impossible to exterminate pimples on the chin.

  • Changing the diet

The very first thing you need to do isradically change their approach to nutrition. Strictly exclude from the menu spicy dishes, spices and condiments, sauces. Sweets and especially chocolate will also have to say a solid "no", however regrettable. It is not superfluous to minimize the use of fried fatty foods. Alcoholic and carbonated drinks, coffee, you are also contraindicated. So what is there? In principle, the choice is quite extensive - low-fat varieties of meat and fish, cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, and sour-milk products. From sauces you can leave sour cream and mustard, from fats - vegetable oil, preferably olive. Sweet soda water replace the mineral, packaged juices - freshly squeezed juices or unsweetened compotes. It is best to completely abandon alcohol or, at the worst, give preference to dry red wine.

  • Proper skin care

Skin care should also be given specialattention - especially with respect to purification, which must be comprehensive. In the morning, enough simple warm water - it will eliminate the secret of the sebaceous glands, developed overnight. In the evening, you can not do without a cleanser - it is very important to carefully remove the contaminants accumulated in the day in the pores. If you have oily skin with enlarged pores, you need to use a tool that helps them narrow down. At least three times a week, you need to do scrubs - they maximally cleanse the pores and eliminate the dead skin particles. And it is not necessary to use ready-made scrubs - there are many recipes for their preparation in the home. Below we will talk about some of them: perhaps you will pick something up for yourself. In addition, once or twice a month, you need to do a deep cleansing of the face - the pimples on the chin look not very aesthetic, so they need to be removed. It's not worth doing this yourself, because you can bring the infection. And as a result of such self-activity - the inflammatory process.

  • Consultation with a dermatologist

Before you start to remove acne on the chin,not superfluous will at least once go to a dermatologist, or at least a cosmetologist. Only a specialist is able to objectively assess the condition of your skin. He, if necessary, will choose the optimal skin care program for you, and even the course of treatment. blackheads on the chin

Preparation of scrubs in the home

Before using the scrub,be sure to make a steam bath for the face. Such a bath well expand the pores, which means that cleaning will bring much more benefit. For a bath it is best to use a drugstore daisy or, at worst, a string. Place two or three tablespoons of herbs in a bowl, pour boiling water and insist for at least an hour, then strain. During this time, the infusion cools, so immediately before the bath, heat the broth, but not too much - the steam should not burn the skin. The duration of the bath should be at least 20-30 minutes. Of course, the steam bath is the best way to steam your face. But those people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system and / or hypertension, it is better to refrain from the baths. Replace the steam bath with warm compresses - prepare the same infusion as for a bath, soak a small napkin in it and attach it to your face. Remember that it cools very quickly and constantly moisten the napkin in warm infusion.

  • Scrub with sea salt

This scrub is very effective, but at the same timeis quite aggressive. Therefore, it should be used only for those women whose skin type refers to fat. For combined and especially dry skin, this scrub is contraindicated, since it can provoke the development of severe irritation. So, for the preparation of scrub you need one tablespoon of sour cream and half a teaspoon of sea or ordinary table salt. Mix them thoroughly and immediately apply on steamed skin. Leave the mass on the face for about three minutes, then gently massage the problem areas and rinse with running warm water. After the skin dries, be sure to lubricate it with a moisturizing cream - otherwise there is a high risk of overdrying it. This scrub should not be carried away too much - just once a week. Other times it is better to use another recipe.

  • Scrub with oat flakes

A scrub with oat flakes is ideal forsensitive skin prone to inflammation. True, with its preparation will have to tinker. To begin with, you need to look for real oat flakes - oatmeal porridge for quick preparation for this purpose is not good. Found? Great. Remarkably - place in a preheated oven a few tablespoons of oatmeal and leave for 20 minutes. Then, when the flakes cool down, grind them - the easiest way to do this is with a coffee grinder. If you reserve for future use, place powder from oat flakes in an airtight container. Scrub yourself immediately before applying to the face, since it is not stored for a long time. The basis for scrub can be either sour cream or natural yogurt. If the skin is very sensitive, then as a basis you can use a cream for children. Mix the oat powder with the base in equal proportions, apply a scrub on the face and massage it carefully, paying special attention to the areas with rashes. Then leave the scrub for three minutes and rinse with water. Pay attention - if you used baby cream as a basis, you need a soap.

  • Scrub with buckwheat flour

This scrub is neutral enough, thereforeideal for almost all skin types. It is prepared almost in the same way as oatmeal - only buckwheat must be burned not in the oven, but in a frying pan, until the croup acquires a dark shade. Then chop the buckwheat and pour it into a jar with a lid, which should be stored in a dry place. The basis for scrub is the same - sour cream or yogurt. But if the skin is oily, you can use kefir - it nicely narrows the pores.

Anti-inflammatory masks

Proper care will avoid such aan unpleasant phenomenon, like pimples on the chin. But what to do with the already existing rashes? Correct, treat. And the easiest way to do this is with anti-inflammatory masks. Which, by the way, can also be done independently, rather than spending large sums on ready-made cosmetology masks.

  • Banana mask

Today there are bananas in almost everyfridge. Here they can be successfully used to treat rashes on the face. The mask is very simple - smash one ripe banana with a fork and spread evenly the face of the resulting mass. The mask should be on the face for at least 15 minutes - a wonderful occasion to rest a little. Then remove the banana gruel with a napkin and do not wash your face for an hour. The redness around the pimples will disappear after the first mask, and the general condition of the skin will improve in a week. The mask is completely harmless to the body, so you can do it every day. And for as long as necessary.

  • Mask from aloe

Aloe has a powerful anti-inflammatoryproperty. Therefore, the mask of aloe is ideal in cases where acne on the chin begins to become inflamed. Just peel a few twigs of aloe, chop them and apply on problem areas of the skin. To enhance the effect, you can add a little natural honey, but only if you are sure that the allergic reaction will not develop. And one more very important nuance - the mask before applying to the person must be cool. To do this, just put it in the freezer for a few minutes. The mask should remain on the face as long as possible - at least 30 minutes. But to wash it off is best with warm water. By the way, such a temperature contrast affects the skin condition in the most favorable way: pores become narrower, elasticity appears, and the complexion improves.

  • Strawberry mask

In the summer, when you can buy strawberries,eliminate pimples on the chin is not a problem at all. Vest several ripe strawberry berries, add a third of a teaspoon of sour cream and stir thoroughly. The resulting mass is applied a thick layer on the pimples and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water and apply a moisturizer to your skin. Despite the fact that the mask seems completely harmless, it should not be abused - it is enough two or three times a week. This limitation is explained simply - in strawberries there is a lot of fruit acid, which can damage the skin.

  • Protein mask

This mask anti-inflammatoryit is impossible, but without it it is difficult to manage, as it perfectly narrows the pores. To prepare a mask, you will need one egg white - with a mixer or a regular whisk, whisk it until you have a dense, uniform white mass. Apply this mass to the problem areas of the skin and leave until it is completely dry. Then wash the protein off the face with a moist cotton swab and leave the skin to dry without wiping it with a towel. The first few hours you will feel the tightness of the skin - this is completely normal phenomenon, which will soon pass. And keep in mind - this mask can be done only if the skin of the face is thoroughly cleaned. To achieve the effect, it is enough to do a protein mask only once a week. If you comply with all the conditions, properly take care of the skin, make masks, and acne categorically do not want to give up their positions, it makes sense to go to the doctor. Perhaps you are doing something wrong. And the possibility of having a disease is necessary. Believe in yourself, do not let go of your hands and you will succeed.