what causes thrush Thrush is a rather unpleasant womana disease that delivers to the fair sex not only physical, but also moral discomfort. According to statistics in our days, almost every second lady at least once in her life was treated for candidiasis. And every year the number of those who apply to the hospital grows several dozen times. What can we do to avoid confronting this disease or avoid relapse? That's right, you need to take all the precautions. And for this you need to know what exactly can provoke the appearance of candidiasis. Agree, prevention costs us much cheaper than treatment.

Why does thrush appear?

  • Sex

Have sex with an unfamiliar partner, notusing a condom is a big risk. In addition to thrush, you can get infected with other, more serious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Remember that you always need to be protected and should be legible on the intimate level. By the way, in spite of the fact that illness can be transmitted to you during sexual intercourse, it is still not considered venereal. Do not forget that you can re-contract from a permanent partner, if before the illness were engaged in sex with him. Remember that in this case both men and women should be treated. At representatives of a stronger sex the given disease at times proceeds completely asymptomatically.

  • Food

Our health depends on what we doeat. Of course, if you eat only harmful food, it will not only strengthen us, but will lead to the appearance of candidiasis. In this case, to provoke and accelerate the development of thrush, there could be flour, sharp, salty, smoked, sweet dishes, as well as food, which includes yeast. The chain of the appearance of the disease is quite simple: in the beginning, such a representative of the fair sex has serious problems with the stomach, causing gastritis, ulcer, etc. As a result, the lady is disturbed by the intestinal microflora. Then follows a banal dysbiosis. And it ends with a milkmaid. That's why even in everyday life you need to adhere to proper nutrition, watch out for what you still eat. Try to eat as much as possible vegetables and fruits, cereals and salads. Cooking meat, fish is better for a couple or in the oven. Also, for example, you can simply boil a piece of fillet in slightly salted water. It's tasty, and useful. But to exclude from the diet will have all the products and ingredients in which there is sugar, fructose, glucose, etc. simple carbohydrates. Of course, you will not be able to completely stop using them, but you can minimize them, especially if it concerns your health. And, finally, in no case can you refuel dishes with mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, vinegar. Provoke a deterioration of the state can and alcohol, especially dangerous beer, because it also contains yeast.

  • Hormonal disbalance

Calling the appearance of thrush could evenhormonal disbalance. Of course, to confirm the guess, the fair sex will have to take tests. But the first bell can serve as an aggravation, which occurs in the second half of the cycle. During this period, our body begins to produce an increased amount of the hormone progesterone, and the immunity in this case by an order of magnitude decreases. Since the microflora is also changing, there is practically no protection, therefore, the fungi of the genus Candida just occupy the territory. Pay attention: exactly the same happens in pregnancy, and when taking oral contraceptives, which are hormonal. Such tablets also affect our immunity, and negatively. Of course, a completely healthy person is unlikely because of this problems begin. But candida fungi and bacteria can be present in your body, naturally, in a small amount. It's enough to give them a boost, so that they activate and start multiplying. By the way, if you have a thrush, be sure to undergo a full medical examination to make sure there is no diabetes, AIDS and other diseases. If something happened to the endocrine system - do not play with your health. Only an expert will help to identify the cause of such instability and prescribe a treatment to bring everything back to normal.

  • Antibiotics

As you understand, antibiotics are not exactlyharmless drugs. Yes, they destroy bacteria, but both harmful and useful. In this case, lactobacilli also suffer, which do not allow fungi to reproduce in the vagina. When they die, women have thrush. Plus, antibiotics adversely affect immunity, because of which the body simply can not cope with such a load. By the way, how many times it was said that you can not take such drugs not for the doctor's prescription. But many believe that one or two tablets will not be bad. Remember, even if antibiotics are sold in a pharmacy simply (without a prescription), this does not mean that they are safe.

  • Douching

Ladies of old hardening prefer not to use,for example, condoms, to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and do after syringe douching. People believe that it is possible to get rid of many diseases. Unfortunately, it is not. In fact, such brave women simply wash off useful bacteria, than change the flora of the vagina. One procedure is enough to get sick with candidiasis. Therefore, without the appointment of your doctor, you can not do syringing, baths and other manipulations with the body. what causes thrush in women

Who is in the risk factor

In fact, thrush can appear in anyrepresentatives of the fair sex, regardless of her age, status and place of residence. But most often this disease occurs in pregnant women (due to hormonal failure), in those who have undergone stress or mental shock, lovers of self-treatment, women taking OC. You fall into the risk zone if you plan to move to another locality. For example, you lived in an ecologically clean city with a dry climate, and plan to relax in Thailand, where high humidity, other food, etc. In this case, try the first day less to eat "exotic" dishes, do not go on a trip on the water. Acclimatization can take from 1 to 3 days, consider this.

How is thrush manifested?

You can distinguish between candidiasis and another disease,but still you should not rely solely on your feelings. It can be both genital herpes, and gonorrhea, etc. by the list. In the initial stages, the symptoms are similar. Therefore, always, so that you do not worry, contact a specialist. And only on the basis of analysis and examination can you make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. So, you can have a thrush, if the genitals start to not just itch, but burn. In this case, this symptom is always worse towards the night. After a warm shower you can become temporarily lighter, but after half an hour everything repeats itself again. If you take a hot bath, you will immediately feel very bad. Remember: in heat, Candida mushrooms multiply faster. When urinating, there is a burning sensation and pain when urine gets on the mucous membrane. During menstruation, the ladies are so bad that they are ready to run to the bathroom every five minutes. Sex organs with thrush become bright red, highly inflamed, and mucous begins to ache and tingle. From the vagina, a pulp of white or yellowish color is formed. But a pronounced smell in this case is absent. Sex with the thrush is the last thing a fair sex woman would like to do. Even the usual touch to the genitals and mucous brings an incredible pain. What to say about full-fledged sexual intercourse with deep penetration. from which there is a thrush in the girl

Treatment of thrush in the hospital

Now you know what makes thrush,so in most cases you can prevent the occurrence of this unpleasant and rather dangerous disease. But what if you are faced with this problem? The answer is one - go for a checkup to a gynecologist. If you do not treat thrush, the consequences can be sad. Firstly, during pregnancy, you can infect your baby. And then you have to suffer from both you and the newborn. Secondly, such negligence leads to the defeat of the bladder, cervix. In this case, the infection will rapidly spread to other organs that are near. Plus, from a chronic thrush get rid of an order of magnitude more difficult. During the treatment period you will have to give up many pleasures, you will need to adhere to a diet, avoid visiting places with high temperatures (saunas, bathhouses). But after taking the first medicines and applying special antifungal ointments, it will be easier for you on the second day. You will be able to work normally, without being distracted by itching and pain in the genitals.