Fashionable lace Lace is not a treasure from a grandmother's trunk,This is the fashion of the 2011 seasons. What to choose among these beautiful lace things, filled with tenderness and beauty? Dress and gloves, shoes and bags, advises in reviewing this abundance of lace the most fashionable things, among which will necessarily be yours and be sure to suit you. They simply can not not be approached, since not one century of lace is a symbol of femininity and luxury. The presence of lace in one way or another is celebrated in the fashion of each season.

Transparent lace

This year, lace with an easy romanticstroke decisively made their way into the hit of the season. They are present in business suits of everyday life, they will necessarily be in the form of a luxurious evening dress from black guipure at the next party. Moreover, a black dress made of black and transparent lace is an absolute classic. Such dresses are available in any collection - Dolce & Gabbana and Antonio Marras, Givenchy and Antonio Berardi and many others not named. There is nothing more erotic, showing through the delicate smooth skin through the transparent black mesh of lace. The outfit is certainly risky, and one must have the courage to appear in it at a party. As a compromise, a tight black cover under the dress may look like, but the charm will already be lost. Fashionable lace

Body shades

In the fashion collections have already metproducts made of flesh-colored lace, but in the season - winter 2011, - this is an undeniable hit! Unlike the black classic, the bodily and gentle creamy shade is more romantic. And finishing with black lace of a flesh-colored thing gives the last shade of a cabaret. This can be seen among the very same - works of art from Valentino. Lace flesh tones can fill even everyday things. An example is a long tunic from Moschino Cheap & Chic, dressed with leggings. Fashionable lace

Lace of gold color

This season lace fabric is stitchedgold and silver threads, which creates a unique "metallic" effect. In fact, it's a thin brocade in a lightweight version, but it's a pretty, bright and festive version from Balmain or Marc by Marc Jacobs of course not for the office. Such a fitted outfit only for a party, there it will be appreciated. Fashionable lace

Maxi Length

And if we started talking about holidays, thenperfect dress choice, - a long dress in the floor of a lace fabric. Such a dress will be beautiful regardless of the style of the collections. Black solemn lace from Valentino for a social event, and the choice of a young fashionista is a wide layered dress from Roberto Cavalli. Evening dress can be made entirely of lace as Christian Dior or have small lace inserts like Ralph Lauren. Fashionable lace

Linen style

There are trends that were born last year, butremain relevant in this season. These are cocktail dresses made of lace with lace trim, dresses-combinations from Antonio Marras and Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Alexander Wang. Such outfits require courage and determination, they wear with long stockings and are addressed to young and young. Fashionable lace

Lacy Tops

Also for young and young people are worksmasters of shocking Elie Tahari and Alexander Wang. They are very different from the classic luxurious outfits of lace for secular lionesses. In black lace tops, one can see a gloomy Gothic style or the influence of heavy rock. These are mood suits that require certain accessories. In the winter fashionistas lace tops are offered to be worn with fur vests. If this outfit is to your liking and you feel comfortable in it, why not go to a party like this. Fashionable lace

Lace skirts

This season the designers are pretty organicmixed different styles, having in a denominator fabrics from a lacy cloth, lace skirts, as well as tops, can be attributed to a shocking style, as a business lady in such a dress is difficult. But nevertheless, this new trend does not cause negative emotions. Just need to have a little bit of determination and courage to wear such things. Lace skirts from D & G, Lanvin or from Diane Von Furstenberg offer to wear with fitted short shorts of black velvet. Fashionable lace

Lacy Blouses

Experiments with individual parts of clothesThis season smoothly go into the business options of lace blouses. A modern business woman wants to look smart and in a business suit. She went to meet, making a business wardrobe of glamorous and romantic material. Dolce & Gabbana presents a narrow skirt made of satin with a floral print, and a lace blouse of a new type. Marc by Marc Jacobs showed to the blouse wide trousers, Celine - leather skirt. Even Burberry Prorsum realized themselves in a tunic from a dark guipure in a military style. Fashionable lace

Lacy finish

If you liked the lace, andpresented dresses look unnecessarily provocative and catchy, no one interferes with decorating your things with lace inserts or frills. Such as wide ruffles or rims from Betsey Johnson or Marc Jacobs on any items of the women's wardrobe. If you combine a dense texture and transparent fabric, then this ensemble looks very affectionate and touching. Dolce & Gabbana this combination in the new season presented on jackets and coats. Fashionable lace

Lace on bags

Lacy style in this season is reflected in theladies' bags. He adds femininity to even very busy and businesswomen. In general, lace trim handbags - quite a pretty sign of the new fashion season. There are quite traditional bags in the form of Valentino, Louis Vuitton and Moschino, whose skin is covered over with a dense, specially processed lace fabric. Fashionable lace And for solemn occasions, there are lacy handbags on long chain handles, for example, as from Roberto Cavalli. Fashionable lace

Lace on shoes

Shoes this season can not help but like,These are masterpieces on high heels and with lace inserts. She brings us back to those times when the female foot was the object of worship, and from women's shoes drank champagne. Fashionable lace Fashion houses Elie Saab, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana,Christian Dior presented a sharp classic hairpin, an elegantly shaped traditional boat with lace inserts and a moderately narrow spout. Classics, but how beautiful! Fashionable lace

Gloves made of lace

Dress in lace - so to the end! We could not ignore the elegance of lacy gloves. As designers fantasize on a lace theme easily, then things from under their hands turn out elegant, with a slight ironic and frank love. Fashionable lace Black lace mittens from Betsey Johnson or lace made of black leather in the form of long gloves from Donna Karan is really impressive. We advise you to read: