what men want Unfortunately, many problems in the relationshiparise from the fact that there is a significant contrast between the fact that each of the sexes thinks about what the opposite sex wants from him, and what the opposite sex really wants. In particular, women, as creatures more emotional, often feel resentment and anger towards men. Well, how not to be offended: you try for him, you try, but he is still dissatisfied! Well, just complete hopelessness! And the man, as it turns out, does not pay much attention to our efforts, because what's important to him is not what we think. Therefore, he can not appreciate our efforts, so it seems to him that our image is far from ideal. So what do men want from women, what do they want to find in each of us? Let's get to the man's vision of the ideal woman. what men want

What men want from women

Now we will try to reveal to you what they thinkmen on this or that occasion. In addition, we will show you how to act correctly in each case, to give the man exactly what he wants, and this will help you create an excellent relationship.

  • Honest and open communication is the highesta priority for men. They want a woman not to cunning and not resort to vague hints, but speak directly and frankly. They want a woman not to go around the bush, but confidently ask if she needs something. They want a woman to respect the truth and not distort facts. And men dream of seeing next to them a woman who would treat them without excessive criticality and who would be able to care for the preservation of not only her own, but also their personal dignity when communicating. Unfortunately, most often women act exactly the opposite. It seems to us that men like it when we are silent about our needs and do not ask for anything. We are afraid to show that we need something, we are afraid to show our feelings. Better once again to scold, than to praise or say how much it means to us. How, because a man can use our weakness to take over us ... And how we know how to criticize every word and action of a man, believing that only we know how it really should be! But it is precisely this kind of behavior that averts men the most. Advice for women: anyone likes to be talked with simply, frankly and without any criticism. But men want it especially strongly. One of the best ways to attract a man and build a good relationship with him is to learn how to calmly talk about his needs and respect his personality. And never, under any circumstances, do not infringe on his male ego!
  • Men always want to deal with a self-sufficientand a confident woman. Any man wants a woman to choose him among others only for his personal qualities, and not guided at the same time by an attempt to escape with his help from want and despair. To any male partner, no less than we women want to be loved and desired. It is very important for a man to have a woman and she was an active and independent person with interests, friends and social circle. We, women, think that a man should like it when we completely dissolve in it. All the deeds and thoughts - only about him and only for his sake ... And at the same time, the minutes spent together, the man does not appreciate at all - he would to the TV faster or to friends. And if we try to impose our society on him, he will look for an excuse to run away from us as far as possible. So, yes not so. A man is quite capable of appreciating the time spent with a woman. But at the same time he wants to see in his half is not a reflection of himself, but a full-fledged personality, an interesting person. And he will not want to run away from you if he knows exactly what you need and that you appreciate and respect him, too, as an interesting person. Advice for women: men want the same as women: have a reliable and interesting partner close to you. And if you want to build strong and vivid relations, then try to live a full life, develop your inner world and treat your partner with warmth and respect.
  • Men always want a relationship without manipulationThey do not tolerate manipulation of any kind. They do not want to guess the thoughts of their partner or try to interpret any signals. They do not want to be forced to move faster in the development of relations, if they are not ready for it yet. They do not want to be misled and to seek something from them in a fraudulent way. Men do not want to play games, the rules of which they do not know. Women think that men themselves do not want anything, therefore, the needs of others are not clear to them. And the only way to get the desired from them and satisfy their needs is to influence the man through manipulation. As we often think, a man does not understand that relations need to be developed, and we want to push him to the next step! Advice for women: people do not tolerate manipulation of any kind, and men are extremely angry when they try to control them. If you want to build a good foundation for your relationship, learn to be tolerant of the desires and needs of your partner.
  • Men always want emotional stability andpersonal responsibility in a woman. Guys want to have a woman next to them who can make fun of themselves, and treats life with humor. They do not like hysterics, they like women who are able to show courage and spiritual strength. This does not mean that a woman should be masculine; it may well be fragile and defenseless, but it must be emotionally stable. Men appreciate the woman who is responsible for her personal development and emotional experiences. It seems to us that men, communicating with us, only think about how to have a good time. Still it seems to us that men are interested only in our external data, and in any case they will give preference to a young girl of model appearance. But this is not all that men want from a woman. Of course, they always turn their heads after a beautiful girl, but choosing a couple will give preference to a woman emotionally mature, kind, loving and able to support. Advice for women: Emotional maturity does not mean lack of emotion. This means the ability to cope with their emotions. If you want to cause sympathy for a man, then learn to control yourself and control your experiences and their expression.
  • Men always want to see a woman in loyalty anddevotion This is an absolute necessity for normal relationships, and this is perhaps the most important thing that a man wants from a woman he loves. Relationships get stronger when the guy has confidence that his beloved will not flirt with everyone in a row, and give all his attention to one of them. He will appreciate a woman who is able to fully commit herself to building relationships with him. Many define such an obligation as loyalty and the desire to work on relationships - even when not everything is going well. It seems to women that all men want only sex, and the development of their relationship is of interest only until the intimate intimacy comes. Like, what else can you want if the main goal has already been achieved? It seems to us that men can not be trusted, they are always ready to change; so why should we remain faithful? Many of us are sure - when in the relationship there is even the slightest discord, men flee from us without looking back. Advice for women: betrayal will never find excuses. Good news for those women who have reconciled themselves to the myth that all men cheat: infidelity and deception to men are just as unpleasant as for us women. It is not necessary to consider all men as thoughtless males; they are able to appreciate good relations and will protect them from unnecessary shocks. They also have an idea of ​​how to build an excellent relationship, and they also understand that loyalty is the main ingredient of such relationships.
  • Men always want to see next to them aa woman who understands how much he needs praise and encouragement. Many women treat a man in a way that as if they consciously try to infringe on his ego as much as possible, making him feel inadequate. The guys would prefer that they be praised as much as possible, recognize that they are doing everything correctly and flawlessly, and that they are constantly told that they are wonderful guys who simply can not be disliked and not appreciated. And we are confident that men do not need us, nor in our praise. It seems to us that men do not care about things that are incredibly important for us, and we start to saw them, instead of encouraging them each step towards solving our problems. And where there is no recognition, there are easier offenses are born. Advice for women: do not be afraid to spoil and dilute your boyfriend with praise. Do not think that he will eventually take a nose and begin to believe that you are not worthy of it. This is not true. Unfortunately, very rare women who understand the importance of recognizing the merit for every man. Therefore, he will especially appreciate you for what you see and encourage his dignity, achievements and successes. Yes, he just dust particles will blow off for this! Most men most want recognition and gratitude from women. If you learn to turn a blind eye to insignificant shortcomings, see good and praise more often, then you will master one of the most powerful tools for building lasting relationships.
  • Now you know what men want from us,women, and it will be easier for you to understand your partner and it's easier to find a common language with him. But in order to be absolutely good at orienting in male preferences, we will try to make a list of those features that men look for in their girlfriends. Generalize something from what was said above, consider new facts, build a harmonious list - and we will know what we need to navigate! what does a man want

    10 features that men want to see in their women

    At once we want to make a reservation that this list is based on long-term researches of a group of women psychologists from America. So, what is really looking for in a man's women?

  • She has her own life - and that makes herinteresting Dear girls, it means that you have to look after yourself, have some interests and find time to communicate with friends. Do not miss the opportunity to embark on a journey or go for adventure, take from life the opportunity to experience the joy - from eating your favorite dessert to walking in the park on a sunny day. A woman who lives a full life and enjoys every day, will not poison the existence of others, and a man understands this perfectly.
  • She never takes the first step to the beginningThis issue has always been subject to heated discussion, and a real consensus has not yet been reached. But watching men say that they do not like it too much when a woman starts to take initiative and chases a guy. Men are simply not programmed by nature to behave like prey. They prefer to hunt themselves.
  • She is sexy, without being vulgar anddismissed This means that at the beginning of courtship for her a woman should refrain from any statements and comments that are openly sexual. But this man will be very pleased if a woman flirts with him through seemingly non-sexual fleeting touches. You can, for example, put a hand on his shoulder or even on his knee - but not for long. And you can touch your knee with your knee; this game will have a guy to taste.
  • She does not hurry up with sex. Yes, sexythe revolution has long thundered over the world, yes, a man always seeks to move more quickly to sex. But if he intends to build a serious relationship, he will never rush his chosen one. Many women do not understand how sex changes the dynamics of relations. And if we go to it too early, it will significantly impoverish those relationships that could develop outside the bedroom. Therefore, psychologists advise you to wait at least one month before you have sexual intercourse with a new person. A man will appreciate your legibility and in the future will be confident in your decency.
  • She always takes care of the man And at alldo not necessarily do some grandiose things: for example, daily wash and starch his shirts or every day to prepare dinner, as in a restaurant. The bottom line is that you have to be careful even in small things that will allow him to understand what you think about him, without forgetting his individual needs. He will do the same for you, believe me! Well, he cleaned in the winter from the ice windshield of your car! And, every morning and without any reminders. Would he do it if he did not spare your tender hands?
  • It should be the best mastermind of its ownboyfriend Remember the folk saying? The man, of course, is the head, and the woman is the neck, which supports this head and turns in the right direction. Help him with advice, laugh at his jokes, help him show his best. Of course, he will try to do the same for you.
  • She never exerts pressure on a man.it is very important, we have already talked about this. Men are disgusted with any kind of pressure. This also applies to the development of relationships. Guys do not like it when a woman tries to keep a hand on the pulse of a relationship. They do not like to analyze, at what stage are the feelings, they like to just enjoy them.
  • She does not fall into bad stories, because a decenta woman will never commit evil deeds. You should not disturb married men or those who already have girlfriends, should not deceive anyone, should not let themselves be humiliated. If you respect yourself, then the man will respect you.
  • She must share his views on life. Thoughthey say that opposites are attracted, but any person will think twice before approaching those who are capable of unacceptable words and deeds.
  • She knows that love is the greatest.the term in a happy marriage formula Some women are guided by selfish motives, building their relationship with a man, and are not at all interested in him as a person. But love includes a unique feeling of spiritual comfort and a feeling that someone else's happiness is as important to you as your own. The desire to love and be loved is the basic need of man, and men understand this no less than us women!
  • We told you how to understand what a man wantsFrom a woman he could have loved all his life. And it does not matter if you are at the beginning of a relationship, or you have been married for a long time; correct mistakes, if any, it's never too late. We women are naturally endowed with a special wisdom that helps us to smooth out the acute angles in relations with men. This, by the way, is another quality for which men appreciate us. And how to foresee where these "corners" can arise, we now know! We advise you to read: