Techniques for working on yourself To date, more and more peoplecomes the understanding that all our problems, all our troubles and incidents, failures in personal life or career, health problems, we create the whole heap ourselves. And if you understand that the source of all your problems is yourself, then you took the first step to freedom from these problems, to freedom in general. What is freedom? Freedom is an internal category, and no material wealth will give you freedom. Internal freedom means independence from our own complexes, beliefs, values, fears, limitations and other delirium that we have accumulated over our lives. Freedom from yourself. And now the good news)) Now there are a lot of effective techniques to solve all their problems INDEPENDENT. You will not need either , no teacher, no guru. Everything can be done by ourselves. All you have to do is find the book (just enter the name of the technology in any search engine), read it and work on yourself. For a start, such techniques as: ETF - the technique of emotional freedom, will work well. It is based on the principle of influence on the meridian points on the body. Solves problems of a psychological and physiological nature. BSFF - Be Set Free Fast (become free quickly) is a technique of deprogramming. The author of this technique is psychiatrist Larry Nimes. Well used in the early stages of working on yourself. It solves the problems of a psychological and physiological nature. Turbo-Gopher is a new technique that leads to a complete transformation of personality. The author is Dmitry Leushkin. By taking any of these techniques into operation, you take responsibility for everything that happens to you, so before you apply it with any technique, think carefully)) We advise you to read: