how to find inspiration Do not wait for inspiration. He must be pursued with a club. (Jack London) Any creative person knows that there will always be days when inspiration leaves him. It's good if creativity is just a hobby; in this case, you can just wait for the tide of the necessary ideas and emotions. And if this is a job, and the absenteeism of the Muses can hurt the authority and the wallet painfully? For writers, journalists, artists, designers and people of many other professions, inspiration is not just a desirable thing, it is an integral part of the creative process. And how to find inspiration in such a situation, when a creative idea is urgently needed, but nothing comes to mind? If you are devastated, ideas will not come to you. Artists or writers, even staying at the zenith of their glory, sometimes for months and even years are in a state of creative crisis with complete lack of inspiration. What can be done to as soon as possible to approximate the state of wingedness, where you can take new ideas that will help create a masterpiece?

In search of ideas and inspiration

First of all (and this, perhaps, is the most important thing!) it is necessary to fill the formed spiritual emptiness. We must begin to look at the world with different eyes. Every day you need to keep your eyes wide open to notice something that you did not pay attention to before. One must be open to every possibility; and they appear, if we learn new interesting things that expand our horizon and lead us beyond the usual comfort zone. There are so many ways with which you can do it. And first of all - turn off the TV at last; this will be a good start. And then you can do a lot! We just had inspiration, and we were able to find so many ways for you to find creative inspiration, that we will list them right now:

  • Reading books. Reading fiction, you will not only draw inspiration from the greatness of the skill of the artists of the word, but you will also be able to learn from them this mastery. So, William Faulkner encouraged young writers to read as much as possible, and read not only the classics and books of famous authors, but also any other literature. "Read one and the other, read everything, - and compare how they do it. And write yourself, write as much as possible. If you do well - you will feel it. It does not work out - throw it away and start writing again, "the famous writer instructed. Follow and you advise him!
  • Viewing good films. Sometimes you can be inspired by hearing a character's phrase. The events of the film can also awaken feelings and a desire to express them in their work. Even the beauty of the pictures taken can inspire us.
  • Music inspired people at all times. You can concentrate on listening to music, or you can have music playing in the background when you're working. Especially well affect the intellect and feelings of Mozart's work, but any music that you like is suitable.
  • Sculpture, paintings. When a creative person strives for heights, there is no better source of inspiration than great art. You can go to the museum, you can browse through the album with reproductions, or you can put a picture of your favorite sculpture or picture on your computer desktop.
  • Quotes and aphorisms can inspire anyoneartist, but especially one that works with the word. Try, read - and you will quickly see that the power of the minds of great people can ignite the spark of inspiration and you.
  • Travel, whether it's cruises around the world or a tripin the next city, allow you to change the situation and see new places, new people, new customs. All this will open up new horizons and new ways of seeing the world around you, and this in itself can be the best way to enter a state of creative inspiration.
  • Listening to people's conversations in anypublic place - in a park, in a shopping center, in transport, at work - sometimes you can hear very interesting dialogues. If you are a writer or journalist, then such dialogues will serve as a rich source of themes and stories. It is useful even to carry a notebook to immediately record the heard and all the ideas that you have in connection with this.
  • Observations of people can also give a lotan interesting material for any writer, artist, artist. You can just sit somewhere in a crowded place and watch, watch ... It will entertain, fascinate, cause you a creative impulse. There is nothing more inspiring than humanity!
  • Walking in the nature helps not only to get ridfrom fatigue. Have you experienced a soulful rise for a long time? Exit the house and go away from cars and sidewalks, go to where there is open land, grass, trees, fields, hills. Appreciate the beauty around you, relax - and the flow of inspiration will pour on you with a blessed rain. By the way, about the water: the observation of its movement in rivers, lakes, streamlets affects a person magically, inspiring and creating the desire to create. And sunsets and sunrises! And the stars! As Vincent Van Gogh said: "As for me, I do not know for sure, but the kind of stars makes me dream."
  • Exercise stress. Sometimes banal fatigue does not allow us to concentrate and come up with something new. Therefore it is very useful to alternate work with walking in nature and with physical exertion; it stimulates the brain very well.
  • Sometimes your own dreams can also servepush to the emergence of ideas. And do not be surprised, it really is! When we are looking for a new topic, we are working on creating an image, we come up with words, silhouettes and colors - the task that we set for ourselves is postponed in our subconscious. And when we peacefully sleep, our subconscious mind continues to work on the task. And very often the solution comes in a dream. (We will not remind you of Mendeleev and his table, this is already a classic example!) And sometimes it happens that you can not "pull out" anything out of the dream, but it really impressed you. Therefore - get a special notebook and write down your bright dreams there. And then leaf through it from time to time. You will see for yourself - a lot of unusual ideas will arise when you watch this notebook!
  • The same role as the recording of dreams canplay a diary. This really could be very strongly recommended to any person of a creative profession. Write down thoughts and quotes that inspired you; all the ideas that come to your mind, but you still can not formulate them to the end; all their feelings and emotions, which left a special mark on the soul. After all, as Leo Tolstoy wrote about what art is? He believed that it begins when the artist is able to convey to others those feelings that he experienced himself, and make others experience the same emotions. Therefore, keep regular records in such a diary and from time to time revise them. So you will have a lot of new ideas.
  • Sometimes creative inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources. The main thing is to believe that it will come to you! We advise you to read: