how to overcome the fear of failure Fear of failure haunts some people,blind them without letting them take any measures to achieve success. One can not learn a foreign language, because he is embarrassed to pronounce out loud words while others are practicing pronunciation. Another is afraid to invite someone to a meeting, in advance of fear of refusal. The third one does not dare to accept the offer to change jobs and continues to work for a meager salary. How to overcome the fear of failure to such people? Gloomy thoughts and emotions about a possible failure, which occur even before we started to do anything, stop us from trying to act. Such inaction alone can lead to failure, because it does not allow us to achieve success. What is failure? It is hardly a mistake to call an error that we can admit. Errors are inevitable, and there are no mistakes that could not be corrected. They simply need to be honestly acknowledged and corrected on time. An unsuccessful attempt brings us experience, by applying which we can get a good result. It seems to some people that confident and successful people never experience any losses. It is not true. Successful people are also mistaken, they are simply not afraid to go further, using an unsuccessful attempt as a lesson. They perceive loss as part of life, and they know from experience that the more fear of a possible failure, the more likely it will happen.

How to get rid of fear?

Pursued by fear of failure, people do not know howto resist their phobia. We are ready to suggest how to handle our fear of failure. First of all, work on yourself - you need to get rid of self-doubt. If there is such an opportunity, talk with a specialist who will help you cope with your depression and heightened anxiety. Always adjust to the action. At least if you try to do something, you will at least know for sure that you have not been idle. Any, even unsuccessful attempt has a big advantage - you can learn from your mistakes. You do not think that you can live your whole life without making any mistakes? If your first attempt was unsuccessful, then at least you will know what happened. If you decide to make a second attempt, you will already know what needs to be done to increase your chances of success. If you have to do something very important and you are afraid of failing - there is a very good way to get rid of the fear of an unsuccessful outcome of an important matter. Develop a backup action plan for yourself in case the first attempt fails. If you can not achieve a positive result the first time, you will know how to proceed. Such a plan prepared in advance will reduce stress; you can calmly make a decision and act thoughtfully. Fear of failure evaporates without a trace, when you are sure of what you are doing. "Build" the belief in your luck literally on the brick. After thinking of doing something, try to visualize the successful outcome of the case the previous evening. Do this before you go to sleep. Close your eyes and imagine that you have already started to do what was planned. Everything you do - you do calmly and confidently. Imagine the joy and pride in yourself that you will experience when you achieve success. You will certainly succeed, even if you have to make several attempts! After successfully completing this case, your self-confidence will increase many times. Completely immersed in positive emotions, stay in this state for a few minutes, then try to sleep. Your subconscious mind will remember this emotional state and will try to recreate it again, setting you up for success and suppressing the fear of failure. Change your attitude towards losing. Take for the rule - loss is not a tragedy, but an opportunity to get a new experience. Just think about what you did not do so next time to avoid such mistakes. Never avoid doing things that cause fear in you. As soon as panic starts to overpower you, start taking deep breaths. Deep breathing will relax you and distract you from panicky thoughts. You will be surprised to find that your fears are greatly exaggerated. And if you really can not overcome yourself this time, be sure to try again and next time to bring it to the end. If the steps you have taken have not worked, the fear of failure is not rushing to retreat - do not despair. It's just that you need some more time to change your attitude to a possible failure. The main thing - believe in the fact that you can overcome yourself. Continue to work on yourself, and luck will smile at you! We advise you to read: