madonna biography In 1958 on August 16 in the US stateMichigan in the small town of Bay City was born future singer named Madonna Louise Ciccone. She was born after the two brothers Martin and Anthony. In the family circle the girl was called Little Baby Nonnee, so as not to confuse her with the older Madonna. And in our case this name is not of Italian origin, as many believe, and the French-Canadian name of the mother of the singer led her family from the Canadian French. For her more than twenty years of career, Madonna has achieved what has become one of the most inimitable and popular stars in world pop music.

The first steps on the way to a dream

At the age of fourteen, the girl began to studydances, which were fond during the school life, and then in the university. In 1978, following her dream, she moved to the largest city in the United States of America - New York - and took private dance lessons from the virtuoso of the choreography of Alvin Ailey. To at least somehow feed themselves and save a little money for life, the future star earns a model. In 1980 she was invited to participate in the show of the disco singer Patrick Hernandez, where she meets Dan Gilroy. Upon their return to New York, they form a group called the Breakfast Club. A year later Madonna comes out of her composition and together with her boyfriend Steve Bray writes a couple of dance compositions. So gradually her career develops, and in 1982, with the help of Mark Kamins, a famous New York DJ, she releases the single "Everybody" and signs a contract with the recording studio Sire Records. A year later, her first debut album appeared on the shelves of the stores, and the song "Holiday" (in English "Holiday"), presented on the CD, gained immense popularity and subsequently entered the top twenty singles in America, and then in the best European top ten . In order not to lose only the acquired fame, in 1984 the singer released the second disc with the original name "Like A Virgin", the title track of which (was written by Tom Kelly) brings her the eleventh place in the hit parade of the United States of America. On the next song "Material Girl" a clip is shot, and Madonna appears before the fans in her probably brightest and most spectacular image - Marilyn Monroe. The public applauds, singles singles begin to twist on all radio stations, in clubs, so in a year the Madonna becomes a super-star of national scale. Perhaps her role in such an unprecedented and rapidly growing popularity was played by her marriage to Sean Penn (the American actor), which, however, did not last very long. biography of the Madonna

The long-awaited popularity: successes and falls

From 85th to 87th the singer gets even morefame: now her songs are sung all over the world. So, the single "Crazy For You" is the leader in all the US charts, and the disco, windroad melody "Into The Groove" takes the first position in the UK. Also successful were such tracks as "Live for Tell", "Papa Do not Preach" and "I'll dress you up" ("Dress You Up"). In 1986 she released her new work - a video of "True Blue" for the song of the same name, as well as "La Isla Bonita" and "Open Your Heart", which by popularity are not inferior to the previous creations of Madonna. The singer always wanted to develop and conquer new peaks, so in 1980, before her stunning popularity, she was first shot in a small episode in the film "A Certain Sacrifice". So begins her film career. Later, in 1985, there are two more pictures with her participation, and then together with her husband Sean Penn she plays in the "Shanghai Surprise". However, this film did not have much success with the viewer. It did not work out with Sean Penn himself - in 1988 Madonna filed for divorce. By her behavior, extravagant image and ambiguous lyrics, the adult Louisa Ciccone has generated a lot of debates and conversations around her. So, the video for the song "Like A Prayer" was greeted with enthusiasm by its fans and at the same time received a sharp and harsh rebuke from Catholics. As a result, not wanting to spoil its name, the company Pepsi severed the advertising contract with her. However, this only plays into the hands of the restless singer: the excitement around the eponymous disc only fuels the public interest and makes the album an unconditional best seller. A new wave in the career of the Madonna was commemorated by the movie in the film "Dick Tracy", where she starred with Warren Beatty. Then came an extravagant world tour called "Blond Ambition", which, according to critics, became a free and evocative mix of songs, religion, wild sexuality and incendiary dances. Among the well-known hits of the beginning of 1990, one can note the recorded together with Lenny Kravitz "Justify My Love", "Vogue", "Rescue Me", and also "Hanky ​​Panky". In 1992, it becomes clear that Madonna is not only a singer, but also a talented, grasping businesswoman. She organizes Maverick and signs a long-term contract with the Time Warner brand for $ 60 million to publish her books, release films and albums. So, her printed creation with the screaming name "Sex" sent the girl to the top of the charts and became an absolute best seller. However, at the end of this year there is a small decline in the career - the album "Erotica", unlike its predecessors, does not take the first place in the charts. Despite this, Madonna, along with the popular television presenter of America, Oprah Winfrey, were named the most successful show business ladies. In some sources it was reported that, since 1986, the singer earned about twenty million dollars annually. And recently its income has increased significantly.

Return of the pop queen

Return to the top of glory occurs aftercollaboration with producer Nell Hooper and the release of the album "Bedtime Stories", the title track of which was written together with Bjork. The track "Take A Bow", consisting, according to Madonna, of hip-hop, pop, and also rhythm-n-blues, takes the first positions in all the charts and brings lost for a while popularity. In 1995, a new disc entitled "Something to Remember" appeared to the public and to the audience, which became successful thanks to the song "You Will See". A year later both in personal and in professional life of the singer there are two significant events - the birth of the first child (a girl named Lourdes Maria) and work with the famous film director Alan Parker. The result of the collaboration was the main role in the film "Evita", based on real events. Another success Madonna brought with her collaboration with William Orbit. Thanks to him, as the singer repeatedly noted, she was able to find a completely new sound and expand her musical horizon. So her new creation "Ray Of Light" (1998) is born, and the tracks "The Power Of Goodbye", "Frozen", "Nothing Really Matters" become world hits. In tandem, all with the same producer Madonna writes the soundtrack to the film "Best Friend", in which she plays the main role. The next musical work is the disk "Music" that has received an incredible popularity. Despite the constant employment and active creative activity, the singer's personal life does not stand still. In 2000, her second child, Rocco's son, was born, and in December of the same year she was married to Guy Ritchie, the English-born director. After a while, Louise Ciccone goes on a grand tour of "Drowned World" to promote the album "Music". In 2002, according to a survey of one famous American television channel, the singer was named one of the greatest divas in the history of music. In collaboration with producer Mirwe Ahmadzai in 2003, Little Nonni, as Madonna was called in her childhood, releases the album "American Life". As she admits, this is her most personal and frank work. However, despite this, the disc is sold much worse than its previous work. His singles are such songs: "Nothing Fails", "Love Profusion", as well as "Hollywood" and all known "American Life". And "Die Another Day" is the soundtrack to the eponymous film about the agent James Bond. The singer organizes world tour "Re-Invention" in support of the album and goes with her concert to America, Portugal, Britain, France, Ireland and Holland, collecting, as always, the sea of ​​the public. Madonna singer biography

New Madonna

In 2004, Madonna dramatically changes her image -begins to dress more democratically and with restraint, writes a children's book with the fragrant title "English roses", which became the most sold out debut of the beginning author. Then five more of her works were published, and the second and third world saw less than twelve months after the release of the first book. In the winter of the same year, the singer performed at a charity concert organized to help people affected by the tsunami that occurred in Southeast Asia. And in July 2005 at another similar event - the London part of the "Live 8" show. At the end of summer 2005, marking her 47th birthday, Madonna lost her balance and fell off her horse. She was taken to the hospital with numerous fractures - ribs in several places, hands and clavicles. However, despite the rather serious damage, the singer was discharged the next day. Shortly thereafter, she had to take a major part in filming the video for the song "Hung Up" from her new album "Confessions of a Dance Field". Later, when giving interviews, Madonna commented on the work process: "I could not dance because of the pain, because the broken collarbone still did not grow together. So I was given a blockade of novocaine. Of course, many believe that it was not necessary to torture yourself like that. But it's not in my style. As it is, I record a dance track, but I do not move at all in the video. " This CD became one of the most successful works of the singer. For a few months, he sold five million copies and flew to the top of the charts in forty countries around the world. Produced and oversaw work on the album Stuart Price - a famous musician who specializes in disco music and performs under the fictitious name of Jacques Lyu Comte. The song "Hung Up" was used by the melody of the band Abba "Gimme", recognized by everyone from the first sounds. This was a huge rarity, as its rights holders and former soloists of this collective very scrupulously approach the issues related to licensing of Abba songs. In numerous interviews, they noted: "We always respond with a refusal to requests of this kind. But in this case they reacted positively. Otherwise, it just could not be. Madonna's assistant came to us with an already ready single, we listened to him and understood - we must agree. It was so perfectly recorded. " The world tour, which the singer planned to organize in support of the disc, was postponed until 2006. And all because ahead was a painstaking, but incredibly interesting work - to "give" your voice to one of the heroes of the animated adaptation of the children's book written by Luke Besson - "Arthur and the Minimoys." The biography of the Madonna is contradictory and versatile. Then she appears in the image of a sexy, sometimes even depraved pop singer, then with the birth of children becomes the correct and exemplary mother who writes books and voices cartoons. But, despite such reincarnations, one thing is obvious: it is an unlimitedly talented, eccentric and bright personality. We advise you to read: