styling of long hair at home Happy owners of long luxurious hair, according toidea, they should be satisfied with them - a lot of options for styling and hairstyles, use of various accessories and application of a million ideas - everything is possible here! But most often you can see a banal pigtail or just loose hair - in general, no creative. Meanwhile, learning to lay beautifully and genuinely long hair even at home is not so difficult - the main thing is to get a little patience and really want to learn how to create original and stylish hairstyles.

Hairy hairstyle

In order to create a long and long hairstylish hair, you need to put very little effort. So, you will need: curling irons, cosmetic wax and comb. Styling begins with combing and stripping. We take a string and wind it with forceps, while holding them vertically. Remember - the thinner will be the original strand, the more magnificent will be the hair "at the output". And so, step by step, curl behind curl, we form a hairdo. The rod of forceps should be kept no more than 10 seconds, otherwise damage the hair. As soon as you get the curls all over your head, comb them and sprinkle a little with lacquer, and apply a little wax to the ends of the hair - this way they will last longer. This laying takes quite a lot of time, so count it correctly - rush to nothing. how to put long hair at home

Strict luxury

Healthy, long and shiny hair alwayslook beautiful. You can make a haircut that will reveal all their beauty, and will correspond to the strictest conditions of the dress code. This laying involves the use of ironing. Clean hair just straighten ironing, strand behind the strand, along the entire length - will get a strict hairstyle that will not fly apart and loach. For a more reliable fixation, you can use a varnish or wax, applying it to the tips, as if attaching them. Consider two factors: you can not use the iron on wet hair, you can not heat it more than 12 degrees.

Graceful waves

Sometimes you want something creative, unusual,"Enchanting", but there is absolutely no time and no desire to mess around with the styling. There is an exit and from this situation - make waves! Of course, this will require some skill, but the result will be stunning. So, on wet hair we put a little foam or gel, in general, any fixing agent. Now we make a parting and with both hands grab the strands on the left and on the right. Fingers form waves. Hair is damp, so it's easy to "create" waves in the right direction. Now we pin them invisible. Next, we distribute the remaining hair to strands and curl on the hair curlers, and even better on the hairpins - so you get vertical curls. All, now we just comb the curls, and we remove the hairpins from the waves - during this time they have already become firmly entrenched and dried up. The tips of the hair can be fixed with wax, and apply a little varnish to the entire hair. Only very slightly, the hair should remain alive. How can I put long hair


Well, there's nothing complicated at all - we combhair from the forehead to the back of the head and collect in the tail, fix the elastic band. Now we separate one strand and wrap it around the base of the tail, fasten it with invisible or stilettos. If you do not want to mess with the strands, then use the ribbon to decorate the tail. Now comb the strands and fix with a small amount of varnish. Everything, you have got a fashionable and beautiful styling for long hair, with which you can go on a date, and to work.


At home, you can weave the mosta variety of pigtails: spikelet, French and ordinary. We can start the weaving from the temple and, after walking along the bangs, finish on the opposite side. You can lower the braid on your chest, or you can pin it from behind. You can divide the hair into a parting and braid two plaits on opposite sides, collecting them on the back of the head. Stacking braids at all does not represent something ultra-serious and complex, you just need to have a certain skill and then you can put even the most naughty hair in a few minutes. how to put long hair at home beautifully


In fact, long hair allowsexperiment with yourself and create sometimes these masterpieces, and sometimes simple modest hair. No time to mess around with complicated laying? Time left very little and it's time to run to work? The simplest thing you can do is comb your hair back from the forehead and grab it with a hair clip on the back of your neck. The lower strands lie freely on the shoulders and shoulder blades, you can release several strands along the temples and fix them with gel or wax. At home to do this - it's five minutes, and look will be elegant and neat.

Russian style

Despite all the modern methods of laying,still popular with Russian spit - the most common and simple. You can, especially without straining, just plait the braid and throw it over your shoulder - that's the image of a Russian beauty. And you can braid two braids and with bagels fasten them with hairpins, or spill the braids across the entire head (around). Only for such hairstyles are the released curls or locks, since such laying is considered strict and uncompromising. As you can see, even at home you can create a unique image and shine with originality. Stacking can be complicated or simple, done in five minutes or in a few hours, but it's always a creative process. So put maximum imagination and effort and shine with its beauty and irresistibility! We advise you to read: