what hair extension is better For a long time already women began to build up hair -at first they were just artificial strands and curls, and now this industry has become more natural and natural. Now there are many different options for building up, and it is sometimes difficult to determine which of them is the safest, which would be appropriate in your particular case.

African build-up

By the way, the kind of build-up, in whichartificial braids are used - this is the most ancient way of decorating hair. Just on the top of the small pigtails are growing - you can make colorful, and you can depict dreadlocks. Hair is used for this is artificial, and the main drawback is that in a month you will have to change everything and carry out the procedure of building up again.

Hot technology

Recently widespreadthe Italian technology of hair extensions is a hot way. This species is absolutely safe and very high quality. Only natural hair is used, capsules with keratin are used. All the hair, in the end result, looks just luxurious. It is better to apply for such a procedure in the beauty salon, where experienced hairdressers can do everything at the highest level. The build-up of this type is done by the following method:

  • All hair is divided into thin strands;
  • Additional strands are applied, distributed throughout the head, moreover, it must be done evenly;
  • Now keratin capsules are taken and with their help natural hair and strands are attached together;
  • Fixation of accreted strands occurs ironing - the capsule simply melts and glues the hair.

This type of hair extension guarantees a stronggluing, nutrition of the scalp (keratin begins to form from the capsule) and a fairly stable result. Such strands can be worn for up to 4 months without correction. what is the best hair extension

Tape build-up

Tape type of hair extension for a long time with successused by hairdressers and stylists. In the process, the following happens: strands of hair are attached to the roots, and it turns out something like a "sandwich": augmented strand - its own - accrued. It is better to do the procedure with the help of a good master. Actually, it is unlikely to be able to build hair on its own in this way. Advantages of tape expansion:

  • You can do perm;
  • This method of building allows you to dye your hair and apply various balms and lotions;
  • This kind allows you to use straightening irons and curling irons;

Of course, what kind of hair extensions are better orit's worse to choose only you, but know that a hot way is a direct way to expensive and luxurious hair that can not be dyed and curled. But tape build-up can not disturb at all - almost everything is allowed here. There are certain rules for the care of hair extensions:

  • Always wash your head while standing in the shower - you can not tilt it down;
  • To comb hair it is necessary a wooden massage brush and not less than 3 times a day;
  • Before going to bed, dry your hair;
  • You can use both a hair dryer and curlers, but whichever method you choose, you know that it's impossible to "torture" hair daily;
  • Do not use hair care products containing alcohol;
  • Once a month, you need to use a firming and restoring hair mask.

what is the best hair extension

How to determine the type of building up

It is necessary to choose such kind of escalating, at whichall hair will look natural. Refer to a specialist, and he can perfectly match the color of the build-up buckles - then there will be no differences at all. Sometimes you choose a method in which you just need to do a preliminary haircut. It is best to contact a professional master, for example, on the advice and recommendations of friends or relatives. You can not entrust your hairdo to a new hairdresser: he can not only make mistakes in building up, but also damage his hair. If you are going to soon a celebration, then think your hair in advance - go to a consultation with the master, "try on" on yourself long hair (for example, work with a computer program or measure a wig). Build-up - a great way to change cardinally. Try on yourself any hair, see which of them you look better, more attractive. The method should be selected especially carefully, it's unlikely you want to lose your hair and look really expressive. But professionals can fulfill any of your wishes and offer the following options:

  • Expansion of the bangs and temporal parts, possibly a partial build-up along the circumference of the head;
  • Increase the volume of hair along the entire length, and the procedure does not depend on the initial length of the hair;
  • Growing rhinestones, braids and feathers - yes, strange and unusual, but very extravagant;
  • Elongation of hair at 70 cm - longer simply do not.

Incidentally, hair extensions can be painted andtoning - they absolutely calmly withstand this procedure. For the process of building it does not matter what your hair is - short, long or medium, painted or melted, curly or straight. In general, it does not matter what value it is - a professional can make beauty from any source material. Just do not try to build up too many strands at the same time - as a result, the whole "load" will fall on your own hair and, as a result, it will become brittle and thin. Very beautiful looks colorful coloring of strands, you can make and chemical perm - creative, fantasize and improvise on health! Take care of yourself, do the most incredible hairstyles and hit others with your gorgeous look. Believe me, compliments, and the admiring looks of others are worth it to spend 4-5 hours on hair extensions. Consider only one point: any type of hair extension has contraindications. They should be known in advance, so as not to harm yourself:

  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia;
  • Heart diseases (eg, strokes and heart attacks);
  • Allergic reactions to different stimuli;
  • Diseases of the skin or pustular rash.

In general, we can say that any kind of building upHair is safe and effective - with rare exceptions. You just need to find the master of the highest class and completely trust him - he will make of your hair a luxurious mane! Only carefully study the rules of care for hair extensions and strictly adhere to the restrictions. We advise you to read: