color contact lenses In pursuit of beauty, women do not stopnot before. For many years, the popular saying "Beauty requires sacrifice" is extremely relevant. But sometimes these same victims in pursuit of beauty are forced to bring health to women. High heels, light clothing, solariums. And recently, color contact lenses have become increasingly popular. Women in search of diversity and ideal image began to experiment not only with the color of the hair, but also with the color of the eyes. Not so long ago, contact lenses were only corrective eyesight. However, recently in the free sale appeared colored contact lenses for people with perfect vision. They are designed to change the color of the iris, while not deteriorating the quality of vision. Short-term wearing properly chosen color lenses will not, in general, cause any particular harm to your vision. However, in no case should we forget that the misuse of any contact lenses - both corrective and color, is able to have an extremely negative impact on the woman's vision.

Common myths about contact lenses

There is a huge number of very different misconceptions regarding the wearing of contact lenses. And as a result, the sight of a person suffers. So:

  • Term of use of contact lenses

Very many women believe that they can wearcontact lenses are much longer than indicated on the package. However, this is not at all the case - as contact lenses are used on their surfaces, accumulation of deposits on their surfaces inevitably occurs. A large number of such deposits leads to the emergence of various inflammatory processes of the eyes.

  • Continuous contact lens wear time

Sometimes women for some reason do not take picturescolored contact lenses for the night, mistakenly believing that nothing terrible because of this will not happen. However, studies by ophthalmologists speak otherwise. The eyes of a person, like any other organ, need enough oxygen. During sleep, the flow of oxygen to the eyeballs and so decreases due to closed eyelids. And if also contact lenses are not removed, the amount of oxygen entering the eyeballs is even less.

  • Carnival contact lenses

In addition to simply colored contact lenses,designed to change the color of the iris of the eyes, there are so-called carnival colored lenses. They change not only the color of the eyes, but also its structure - different patterns on the iris. Eyes can be turned, for example, into a cat. And very many women, striving for shocking, wear such lenses almost all the time. However, this can not be done in any case, since similar lenses are much thicker than conventional lenses, which means that oxygen is missed much worse. And the sight in these lenses is much worse, because they reduce the clarity and contrast of perception.

  • Colored contact lenses for brown eyes

Very many women think that for brown eyes there are no lenses. However, in fact it is not so - they are sold on a par with all the rest.

Problems associated with wearing colored contact lenses

In the event that you decide thatcolor contact lenses still be, remember that you may face a number of problems. For example, the inflammatory processes of the eyes and allergic reactions. As a result, frequent conjunctivitis and edema of the cornea may occur. To reduce the risk of such complications, you need to carefully and properly look after contact lenses. Incorrect selection of contact lenses can also lead to quite serious consequences: decreased vision and even almost total blindness. In no case risk your eyesight and do not choose contact lenses on your own, without the help of an ophthalmologist. If you work in a room with a very high level of dust, smoke concentration, or other chemicals, you should stop wearing colored contact lenses during working hours. This fact is easily explained: the material from which contact lenses are made has the property of absorbing any impurities very quickly. As a result, inflammatory processes and allergic reactions are almost inevitable. Of course, sometimes you can use colored contact lenses. However, in order that they did not cause the body any harm, do not forget that first of all contact lenses, colored or ordinary, are a medical device. And their wrong, uncontrolled use is unacceptable under any circumstances. We advise you to read: