whiteheads Acne is a nuisance that is familiar to so many people. Black and pink acne are common, but so-called whiteheads are also found. They look rather peculiar - they resemble a millet seed. And, as the name implies, they are painted white. In its essence, whiteheads are nothing but a banal blockage of pores. Clogged pores sweat, keratinized skin particles and fat secretions. Similar acne occurs equally often in adolescents and adults, so doctors believe that their appearance is in no way connected with the hormonal background. Unlike the rest of the acne. The exact cause of the occurrence of whiteheads is unknown to doctors today. But it is most likely that bacteria enter the pores, which begin to multiply actively there, as a result of which a white head forms in the pore some time later.

Proper skin care

White acne on the face does not please anyone, so fromthey are tried in any way. And most often begin treatment, which is used for simple acne and acne. However, there is very little use for such treatment. that, however, and it is not surprising - to treat whiteheads should only a dermatologist. All independent attempts can lead to the development of various complications, up to the formation of scars on the skin. Especially if you have a bright idea to squeeze out a white eel. However, the success of the treatment, of course, depends not only on the doctor, but also on you. And from you - in the mountains much more, mind you. After all, you must not only strictly follow all the recommendations of your treating doctor, but also observe a number of certain rules, without which you will hardly be able to cure these acne. This is exactly what we are now talking about.

  • Regular cleansing of the skin

It is very important that the skin is always clean. At least twice a day, cleanse the skin with products suitable for your skin type. It is best to give preference to agents that include effectively cleansing pores of alpha hydroiodic acid and salicylic acid, which has a powerful antibacterial effect. Regular use of these drugs can reduce the clogging of pores at times. Do not be redundant and tonic, narrowing the pores - ideally it should be used after washing. Than already pores, the less dirt gets into them. And, accordingly, the less they clog. Watch your hands - they should always be clean. It is inadmissible to touch the skin of the face with dirty hands, as it is very easy to infect. As a result, in addition to blackheads, a furuncle can also be added, the treatment of which will take a lot of time and effort. And in some cases, it may be necessary to resort to medical treatment. The same goes for hair, especially long hair - they should be clean. And ideally, it is necessary to select such hairstyles, so that the hair is as little as possible in contact with the skin of the face. Very many women have a bad habit of going to bed without cleaning their skin from makeup. This even affects the healthy skin is very detrimental, and if there is a tendency to the formation of acne, then do not speak. Not washed away at night cosmetics clogs the pores at an amazing speed. Lose yourself only once - get a bunch of blackheads, from which you will then have to get rid of.

  • Exfoliation

Be sure to exfoliate several times a weekdead skin cells - they most of all clog pores. For this purpose, you can use soft scrubs. On a pre-steamed face, apply a small amount of scrub, gently massage the skin, paying special attention to the problem areas of the skin where acne occurs most often. To wash off a scrub it is necessary a plenty of water, necessarily cool - it promotes narrowing of pores.

  • Deep skin cleansing

Once a week, be sure to arrange your skinbath day. To help in this difficult matter you will come to the steam bath. To prepare the decoction you can use chemist's chamomile, string or peppermint. By the way, mint is best used if, in addition to whiteheads, there are acne on the skin as well. Decoction for the bath is cooked the same way, no matter what grass you choose: put three tablespoons of chamomile, string or mint into the pan, pour water and bring to a boil. Boil for about 10 minutes, then turn off and cool slightly, pour into a small deep bowl. Check the temperature of the steam so as not to get burned. Then lean over the steam and cover the head with a towel. The duration of such a bath should not exceed 15 minutes. In that case. if you suffer from lung or heart disease, or from hypertension, or simply can not breathe with steam, replace the tub with hot compresses - they also steam your skin well. Just make sure that your baby's napkin does not cool down - change it in time.

  • Moisturizing the skin

The skin needs moisturizing,she is dry or fat. Do not forget about this - dehydrated skin will never be healthy, whatever you do. Choose the most suitable cream for you and use it regularly. Keep in mind that the optimal time for moisturizing the skin is evening hours. Therefore, it is best to apply moisturizing cream after cleansing the skin before going to bed.

  • Cosmetics

Women suffering from acne are neededchoose cosmetics very carefully - it must be of exceptional quality. It is unacceptable to use cosmetics on an oily basis - with acne they only aggravate the situation. In addition, cosmetologists recommend that girls with problematic skin completely abandon the use of foundation and powder, since they very tightly clog pores.

  • Drinking regime

Successful treatment of acne becomes verydifficult if the sick person does not receive a sufficient amount of liquid. Water is necessary for the body in order to effectively remove toxins through the urinary system. Otherwise, toxins will be eliminated from the body through the pores. As you understand, getting rid of blackheads does not exactly help. whiteheads on the face

Visiting cosmetologist

All of the above measures will help to avoidnew acne. But the old ones will not go anywhere! What to do with them, because you can not catch them? And the only way out is to go to the beauty salon. Doctors-cosmetologists perfectly know the technique of deep skin cleansing from whiteheads and will not harm you. Just one visit - and your skin will be clean. Yes, and this procedure is not so expensive - it can afford any woman. First, the doctor carefully dilates the pores of the skin with a steam bath. Then there is a thorough antimicrobial treatment of the entire surface of the skin and only then the doctor will proceed directly to the removal of acne. Some of the acne is removed with fingers, previously wrapped in a sterile bandage. Well, to remove those blackheads that are located most deeply, special needles are used. At first glance it may seem that this procedure is no different from the usual deep cleansing of the face with acne. But in fact it is not at all - firstly, the technique of removing blackheads is different. It is very important to observe extreme caution, because otherwise the risk of scars is high. In addition, it is necessary to observe complete sterility, so that the inflammatory processes and the further spread of acne develop. All used tools and gauze should be sterile, and without antiseptic drugs can not do. how to get rid of whiteheads

Folk remedies

Do not forget about the treatment of blackheads meanstraditional medicine. Of course, they will not be able to replace the treatment prescribed by a doctor, but as an improvised remedy they will do the right thing. Just make sure that you do not get any component that your body can react to with an allergic reaction.

  • Soft scrub

Skin affected by white eels is very vulnerable. And to clean it is best to prepare a scrub yourself. Preheat the oven and place a few tablespoons of oatmeal on the baking sheet, distribute them evenly and leave for 20 minutes. After this, allow the flakes to cool and grind with a coffee grinder. Keep the powder in a tightly closed jar so that it does not get damp. The basis for this scrub is better to take natural yogurt without additives - it will additionally moisturize the skin. Mix yoghurt and oatmeal so that you get a mass, a consistency reminiscent of sour cream. Apply the scrub to the pre-steamed skin, massage for a minute and leave for another five minutes. To wash off the mask is cold water, since it stimulates the constriction of the pores.

  • Mask from aloe

Aloe well removes inflammation,which often accompany acne. To prepare a mask, you will need half the average apple and three leaves of aloe from a plant that is more than three years old. Leave the leaves in the freezer for at least two hours. Then defrost the leaves, peel them and cut them, grate the apple and mix with the aloe vera. The resulting mask is applied to the problem areas of the skin and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse. Do this mask is necessary until the complete disposal of acne. Now you know how to get rid of whiteheads and you will necessarily succeed. But only in the event that the treatment will be systematic, not a one-time phenomenon. Be healthy and beautiful!