Good afternoon or evening, I do not know what you have there. In general, not such a special problem for me, it is quite bonal, I know everyone I know - it's the opposite sex, men. How sometimes they are difficult to understand what they expect from us, what they want. I'll tell you my story, I need to express myself, and not someone, or rather I have, but I can not, I can not overcome myself and tell my mother or my close friends about my experiences. I'm such a person, I keep everything in myself and often suffer from this. When they see me loaded and ask what happened, I want to, very much want to speak out, but it turns out to be only "normal." Well, perhaps I will. The usual day was then, educational (in college I study), I do not remember which day of the week, but it is not so important. On pairs there is nothing special to catch, but you have to sit somehow, you may be lucky to get a positive evaluation or write off successfully from a neighbor. And after a long wait, the bell rang, change. My friend and I went to climb the floors that would somehow warm up, went down to the first floor, went to the schedule, I somehow watched .. thought ... I hear somewhere from behind the cry of a friend "come soon!" I turn around, take a step , and I feel something soft under my feet ... I raise my head, it's a young man, it's so spontaneous, it quickly turned out that I did not have time to make it out well, I did not even apologize, only slightly pushed him aside and that she mumbled something. I probably would have forgotten him, if not for his deed. He knocked on friends in contact. Initially, I did not recognize him, then during the correspondence it turned out that this is the guy I stepped on to my feet. We talked rather nice, every day he wrote to me, he called me on Skype. But he did not arouse my special sympathy. I still remember how he wished him a pleasant appetite in the dining room, and he nearly choked)) And that's how he managed to get me to the cinema. We went to a comedy, the film was quite interesting and funny. After that we went for a walk, he talked about himself, how he wants to marry, children, I was amazed at this, because he is only 18 years old. The walk ended with the fact that we exchanged a pair of tender phrases, that we spent the evening well, and a hug. Next time we already walked the company, I, my friend, he and his friends. It was good, we threw snowballs, had fun. Then I do not know why we stopped talking. Only greeted in college and all. But I still did not know if he liked me or not. I hinted to my friend that I miss him, guys. I was depressed. As I wrote to him "are you offended?" His answer was passive and cold. I saw him in college with other girls, how they chatted cute .. I was terribly jealous, immediately spoiled the mood .. I began to forget it, to move away from this state, when suddenly .. He again prispchelo me vzbadorit, he then will grab me I'm so shy, I was shivering so much, my hands, my knees were shaking .. And again we kind of started to communicate, I again began to get used to it, and I realized that it was not just friendly sympathy. That's how we gathered to go for a walk with the same company, my friends, his friends. At first we waited for them in the trade center. Oh God, it does not feel sensible, I was so fevered, shaking, my heart was beating wildly, like I awaited the verdict of the court .. friends sat chatting .. and I even could not speak .. Then I hear a phone call, yes it's my phone, his number is displayed .. I pick up the phone, he says something, I'm kind of listening, but I can not hear .. Slowly turning around and seeing they go .... yes the face appears a vague smile and excitement tolko is added. We said hello, we sat for a while and went to climb the city, I calmed down a bit. We found a children's town and began to learn it)) First, we rolled with a roller-coaster ride, then he rocked me on a swing. How much I hurt my hands, I did not really want to fall down and kept my best, but still I could not hold back the last time and fell on him)) There were still a lot of moments that are very pleasant to remember and at the same time it hurts .. because again silence, this feeling does not exist, we still greet .. but as friends, just acquainted ...... Those songs that he threw, I sometimes listen, and I just choke, I do not understand it, why it was all do, why play like this? Initially, I did not like him, but then he managed to tie me to himself so much .. I almost think about it every day and it irritates me, I can not, it pains me to see him, how he walks joyously, like in anything never happened and I'm torturing myself .. Maybe it was love or love for him .. but that it would not be, I want it to be over soon, because almost every place reminds me of it, immediately those moments come up ... nastalgia, and the sadness, sadness, and tears come to him. As soon as I shake it a bit .. it starts to dream me! Well, what ah?! What for ? I wrote a couple of poems about him, I think I'll post it later. Author: