Knitted dresses Knitted light dresses forfor many years remain a fashionable symbol of elegance and an attribute that emphasizes the propensity of their proprietress to sublime romantic moods. Knitwear is a material that favorably emphasizes all the dignity of the figure, therefore the products from it look feminine and mysterious-erotic, not differing, at the same time, obsessive sexuality. Knitwear is made by knitting woven fabrics of synthetic, cotton, woolen or silk fibers. Knitted fabric is soft, stretchable, elastic. This season, especially fashionable dresses of melange yarn, flowing jersey fabrics and iridescent fabrics degradation. , regardless of whether the light or heavy invoicethe fabric from which they are sewn looks very elegant. They give the image tenderness, charm and individual, extremely attractive, charm. Summer dresses made of knitwear with solid stripes look pretty bright and are perfect for relaxing on the seashore. Summer dresses of direct cut are worn with leggings and separately. Knitted dresses Extremely relevant in this season of dresses withwide round cutouts, tunics, small black dresses, "bat" dresses. Very fashionable and knit dresses with a long sleeve, intercepted near the elbow. As the weekend dresses leading designers are knitted , ornaments from rhinestones and a decollete. Especially fashionable openwork dresses, hand-tied. And lovers of classical style, and fans of free style of clothes are perfect dresses from flowing jersey. Classics of the genre - dress with a throat-lapel, which has remained fashionable for many years. This style is suitable for romantic, subtle natures, prone to dreaming. This season is very fashionable wide belts, which are worn on the hips. Dresses of bright warm tones elegantly look with golden and black belts, and with dresses of dark tones - black, blue and so on - silver and white belts look great. As for ornaments, they can be anything, except for too loud or faded ornaments. Fashionable in this season and dresses of mohair, but they are suitable only for slender women, as mohair dresses fill the figure. Women with lush shapes can choose a combined dress that will hide the problem areas, or a short mohair dress. Of course, wearing an easy summer dress made of knitwear, it is desirable to take care of the appropriate hair and makeup. After all, these dresses oblige to adhere to the image of an elegant and exquisite woman! Author: