1 Most of ordinary household userstechnics and equipment do not have sufficient knowledge of a foreign language, in which the instructions for using the devices are set out. Therefore, the availability of a high-quality guide to using the tool for them is a fundamentally important detail in the process of working with a particular device. Competent instructions, executed in full compliance with the rules and regulations for this type of information transfer, guarantees comfort for future owners of the product. Technical translation is a translation of specialized information of a scientific and technical nature. This type of translation has certain technical features, while the specialist is required not only to know specific terminology and narrow thematic vocabulary. To create an adequate text, it is necessary to deeply understand the essence of all technical systems and processes, to have some skills and experience in the use of technology. The term "" means the translation of technical texts, operating instructions for devices, where specific vocabulary and scientific and technical terminology are used. When performing this type of work, it is customary to use a formal style of presentation, to adhere to a correct and accurate translation.

There are several types of technical translation:

  • Written: the most popular type of information transfer from one language to another, the main purpose of which is to obtain a written version of the translated text.
  • Abstract: the technical translator studies the original text by reading and deep understanding of the source material, determines the most significant moments that are filled with the semantic load, and then performs the transfer of information, logically linking together parts of the article.
  • The advisory: the technical translator makes a presentation of the sample material into the translated language for a person who has not been able to understand this part of the text and needs the help of a specialist.
  • Annotation: a brief information about the purpose of the text, the transfer of the main meaning and the subject of the article studied.

Every day, thousands of people use the services of linguistics specialists who are able to carry out full-fledged and high-quality from one language to another. Author: