(about how bad and painful it is when you are changed andpass and do not want to live. altogether) And so start .... Soon I will be 30 years old. thirty?! Yes, already 30. How quickly the sex of life flew by. And what do I have? My main achievement is an adult son - a four-man! A pretty, good, kind, intelligent boy! the brightest thing in my life! Next - work ... Work - normal, but nervous and complex. The salary suits. The enterprise too. Parents. Parents are our everything! You begin to understand this only after a lapse of time, the onset of a certain age. My relationship with my parents is a complicated thing. Then we love each other, then we hate, but I can definitely say one thing - whatever happens in life, we will stand by each other for each other! The apartment ... The apartment, which has got to me with great nerves and long-awaited - at last I have already been half a year living separately from my parents by my family! And, most importantly, and for what I'm starting the hard and fundamental work and fight - my husband. Husband ... I really love my husband. This is my third marriage, but probably the most beloved and most difficult of all. Now, for 2.5 years of my life (I'll tell you in more detail later), I learned not to slander my husband. Do not talk about how bad and vile he is, but I'm unhappy and good. My husband is good! He's just a man with a difficult fate, a broken psyche and lost youth, an undeserved, unhappy, less educated, communicating, loving and, as a result, who he became - a traitor! Yes, my husband - he cheats on me! Yes, I was able to say it openly! To begin with, that the betrayal of treason is different and for each person the definition of treason is different! Someone considers cheating as an easy flirtation, and someone believes that betrayal occurred only when sex took place. For me, treason is a purposeful search for relationships on the side with subsequent physical pain and without it, and casual communications, all the more. Earlier, in a distant youth, like everyone else, discussing with the girl-friends an intersexual relationship, I categorically stated that I will not forgive treason ever! Never say never ! Is a wise phrase. I have forgiven and forgiven to this day. My husband is a regular inhabitant of dating sites, sms chat rooms, but at the same time he is not expelled from the family by anything. It came to ridiculous: when I said that I was collecting his things and that he was going to all sides of the world, he declared that he would not leave even if my parents and police would drive! It is necessary to make a reservation at once, my parents do not know anything about how badly we live! For everyone around us = - a good, strong, loving family. Now I understand how good it is that I grew up and did not complain to everyone around, otherwise it would be simply impossible to restore my husband's honest name. And the relationship between all of us would be ruined irrevocably. And so, my husband constantly gets acquainted with the girls in the virtual, and I know for sure that in reality for him to get acquainted with someone is a very big problem. We do not change the physical, as such, it changed once before we began to live together. Many now start throwing rocks at me and shouting that at that time it was necessary to drive and forget! Well, let's say ... What if I really loved him and did not want to part with him at all? Somewhere I read a very interesting article about the relationship, where it was said that you must love while you are loved! And I agree with this. And so, it is virtual, but it is extremely rare, we can say that several times, but mostly, I stop all before meetings. Every time he swears to me, this is the last time and never again! And he loves only me and wants only with me! Now, to be honest, these words do not find in me a response of faith and trust, but I decided on the last chance. This is the last attempt to change our relationship and correct mistakes. I will talk here about my successes and failures and sum up. What can I say about me? I'm not a beauty, but a pretty, plump, educated girl who was "properly" raised. Recently, I drove myself into a psychological impasse and my hands dropped. There was no desire to watch yourself. But for 2 weeks now I have heard in the morning how beautiful I am today from my husband! And from colleagues. I'm glad that I can still surprise my husband and is not indifferent to him. I'm starting to look after myself strenuously. But not intrusive. I cook well, my husband really loves my food. So I will often surprise him with surprises. And, the last is sex. Sexual relations are not stable in our country, but they are normal. I'm not a clamped, notorious aunt, we have a variety. Oral sex, kunik - too. So I boldly conclude that changing a husband is not lack of sex or its diversity! We decided to start life anew, he long asked for the last chance. I believe, everything will turn out! (To be continued) Day two. False…. How much we deceive, inculcate, and we in turn lie. The boomerang effect of lies. I have lied a lot before, I composed, inculcated, embellished. Now they lie to me. The husband is lying. Always. I understand him, she was like that. But now it's disgusting. It's disgusting to feel all this on yourself. Yesterday, here, it was casually found out, that my husband works at all not on that work on which I think! Stunned, you will say! Yes, and it happens. At first, according to old memory, I began to row, but still stopped, realizing for myself how important it was that he told me everything himself. He who never confesses anything came and told me himself. Yes, I understand that the circumstances prevented him (the working schedule changes) and I would have worried about the question why he began to work differently. But before that he would not have confessed anything, having inverted three more boxes. Yes, I was wrong yesterday, scandalous. Now I understand that not everything in life is lost and he trusts me and wants to share with me, if it happened, that my opinion and my calmness is important to him. Today I will thank him! For the fact that he got courage and was not afraid to admit! Now we will see less often. Maybe it's also for the best, there will be time to think and get bored. Or to see each other anew. Yesterday he told me that even if I do not believe that he will fix everything, he will still do it to prove that he is not a beast))) The new life continues! The husband - well done! Author: