how to make a hairdo for a wedding A wedding is, of course, an event to whichCareful preparation is needed. Selection of dresses and bridal veils, accessories and shoes. And of course, you can not do without a hairstyle. The best option is to entrust your hair to a professional stylist. But not always time and money allow this to happen. How to make a hairstyle for a wedding? And can you make it yourself? Of course you can! This will require patience, skill and some tricks. First of all, you need to determine the image of the bride. Be sure to think through all the details. Dress and accessories must be combined. Do not overdo with ornaments. If the style of the hairstyle requires pins, then the veil should be as light as possible. It is also important that the hairstyle matches the bouquet of the bride or vice versa. It would be nice to know the program in advance and choose a hairstyle based on it. After a few hours of active movements can reduce all work to naught.

Hair Preparation

When you have decided what haircut will be, be sure to bring your hair in order.

  • Suitable and express means for recovery, but if time allows, you can apply and home hair masks;
  • Painting should be done not earlier than two weeks before the ceremony, otherwise there is a risk of losing its original shine;
  • And, of course, it is not necessary to perform melirovanie, chemical perm or hair straightening on the day of the wedding;
  • About 2-3 days before the celebration, do not use weight-lifting cosmetics for hair care. Because they will be difficult to assemble and lock in the desired position.

what hairstyle to make for the wedding

Hairstyles for short hair

Perhaps this is the most difficult option. It is difficult to achieve that the hair looked really festive. However, let's try to come up with something original, because it's still a wedding, and look absolutely trite does not agree to any bride.

  • If the whole head is covered by a hat or veil andhairstyle is not visible at all, then you can do without special excesses. Treat hair with the usual means, lay down the visible parts and fix. Also you can use in your hair style false strands or hairpieces;
  • You can use the gel to lift the hair on the back of the head up. A bang and parietal area to lay with wax so as to give smoothness and shine, but not lickiness;
  • Or wind the hair on the vertex hotway, applying lacquer on each strand in advance (yes, the method is not sparing, but the beauty of it requires). We twist the hair in four directions, the rear should hide the ends of the raised neck. As a result, we get a dummy of a densely wound tail. Strongly fix it with varnish and put on the veil. Its foundation should be wrapped around the "tail", emphasizing its presence.

This hairstyle is easy to make by yourself, it's only necessary to practice a little.

Hairstyles on medium length hair

The average length of hair reaching40 centimeters. Fantasies for a wedding hairstyle on such hair there is no limit. As the most simple variant - to make a hairdress in the form of spirally wound curls. Such locks are easily fixed on hairpins and invisible, and also perfectly combined with accessories: tiara, rim, flower arrangement. Romance of the waves, decorated with rhinestones and beads, will add a piquancy to any bride. The original hairstyle, which can be done most on medium length hair, is a four-tail beak.

  • We draw a line from one ear to the other through the parietal region. We will not touch this hair yet;
  • On the left side, take the hair two centimeters to the right and draw a row from this point to the top point of the left ear. We collect on a tight unobtrusive gum;
  • From the upper point of the right ear to the starting point of the first tail, we collect the second tail;
  • The third and fourth are done on the same principle from the remaining hair. As a result, we get a picture of four sectors, similar to a fir cone.
  • Free hair straighten and, after smoothing, we start on the back of the head. Here we fix them with invisibles;
  • Each tail is strongly combed and smooth from above;
  • We wind them in a natural direction with volume curls;
  • Each fix invisible inside the curl. One tail can make up to three curls;
  • We fix a hairdress with a varnish.

how to make a hairstyle for the wedding

Hairstyles for long hair

Despite the fact that the impressive length is itselfby itself is very beautiful, leaving the hair loose for the wedding is not accepted. And to collect one of them is extremely difficult. First, long hair is very heavy and poorly fixed in an unnatural position. Secondly, the volumetric and multistage hairstyle is always short-lived. It looks like the most ordinary braid of weak weaving with ribbons or flowers. This is a classic and gentle option, suitable for young people. Lacy braids, French, Greek - hairstyles for all occasions. It is worth adding a little gloss and the actual wedding style is ready. Consider the weaving on the example of the fishtail hairstyle. It can easily be done in a very short time.

  • Loose hair is processed with gel (for blondes wax) and carefully combed;
  • In the field of the temple, we distinguish three strands - the basis for weaving;
  • The process is based on a standard override: on the right to the middle strand, then under the left one. With the constant picking up of loose hair (the principle of the French pigtail).
  • A plait from the temple, gradually wrapping the scythe to the opposite ear. Having reached it, sharply change direction in the opposite direction and down. We get a slightly bent letter "S". We fix on an elastic band;
  • The free end of the braid is made lace. To do this, pull the strands only on one side of the braid, forming a lace. We fix them well with varnish, so that they do not fall apart;
  • With the help of a comb we remove uneven hair;
  • The free end is twisted in the opposite lace side - it must remain outside. We get a beautiful three-dimensional flower. Fix it with small pins, preferably from the inside;
  • The final moment will be the decoration of the hairstyle. Good fit beads or shiny stones, as well as small flowers;
  • With ornaments we emphasize the smoothness of the line, and we also structure the flower. All, now the hairstyle is worthy of its owner.

A few tips

  • It is worth remembering that living flowers are short-lived, and in a withered form they will spoil the most beautiful hairstyle. It is better to fix them on stiletto heels and very strongly to varnish;
  • Artificial flowers look vulgar, if you overdo them;
  • You can not use more than one decoration, otherwise you risk giving slovenly hair to your hair;
  • Remember that the veil itself is already an ornament, your main goal is to reunite it with the hair as much as possible.

When choosing a hair style, be guided not only bytheir desires. The main thing is that the whole image of the bride looks harmonious. Be sure to learn in advance how to install. Take the time to try out different options and understand which one suits you the most. And since it's very uncomfortable to make a hairstyle on your own, invite a friend or sister to help. We advise you to read: