how to make a beautiful bun from hair At first glance, collected in a beautiful beamhair can seem too strict and dull hairdo, which is to the face only to teachers or elderly ladies. This is not true, because even the ancient goddesses, immortalized by sculptors and artists, preferred this particular style. In addition, it is universal, harmonizing with almost all styles of clothing, including sports, business and evening.


Experimenting with technology, you can easilyturn a simple simple tail into a neat and graceful hairstyle, with which it's not a shame to go to a gala reception or a romantic date. In this case, you will not only look luxurious, but also feel more confident and comfortable. Another advantage of beautiful tufts is their simplicity and accessibility - any girl with hair of at least an average length in five minutes is able to build herself such a splendor. Even without having at hand expensive means for stowage or super-hedged devices. If you do not yet know how to make a beautiful beam, and there is no professional stylist nearby, use our tips. a beautiful bunch of hair

Ways to create bundles of hair

Variation of hairstyles with beautiful tuftsset, we will consider the most actual of them. The usual bundle This is the basis for all other hairstyles of this kind. The way of creation is the most elementary: carefully combed hair should be gathered in a pony tail, twisted into a bundle, and then into a knot, which must be fastened with studs or long hairpins-pincers. The site of the node can be anything from the back of the head (low beam) to the crown (high beam), and also to the left or right (side beams). When choosing the height of the beam, consider the features of your physique in order to successfully emphasize the advantages, without exacerbating the shortcomings. A slender lady with a swan neck and perfect facial features can make a beautiful bunch of hair at the very top point, taking care that the hair on the back of the head does not stretch too tight. Rosly and slender girls, as well as those who have a neck is far from perfect, it is better to choose a soft low beam. It's ridiculous to look too bulky and massive bunches on the head of fragile miniature women - it's better to tighten them tight and decorate with curls or curls. Karakulovy bunch Original, slightly complicated version of the beam of the usual. Divided horizontally into several identical sections of the tail, twist into separate strands, which, combined, form a patterned loops. A stylish and beautiful astrakhan bundle is fixed with the help of hairpins and invisible. Elegant bun How to make a beautiful bunch yet elegant? Divide all the hair into three parts, making the occipital part of the main part. Temporarily fasten the front strands, separated by a side cut, clamps. Well-combed hair from the nape of the neck in a tight tail on the vertex. Not too tightly twisted tourniquet should be wrapped around the base of the tail, passing its free tip into the formed loop. We form the formed gum with pins and varnish. Front strands, freed from the clamps, combed and stacked over the ears, previously secured with the help of invisible. Elegant bunch - a win-win option for a daily hairstyle for any business lady. Festive bundle with accessories and ornaments The magical transformation of Cinderella into a princess. The everyday appearance of an ordinary beam can be easily changed with the help of various ornaments. It can be original stylish hairpins, flowers, clamps, combs and decorative hairpins, rims or simply a bandage of light weightless fabric. The main condition is the moderation and compatibility of accessories, because their overabundance will look extremely tasteless and can lead to a headache. In order not to spoil the festive evening of the crumbling hairdo and securely fix the bunches, before starting to create them, apply a little foam on the hair for styling. And after the end of the process, carefully sprinkle them with varnish. We advise you to read: