hair extensions on hairpins No matter how common it may sound, butalmost every girl has a desire to change with each passing day, or rather will say - every day. Only when it comes to hair, especially if the length leaves much to be desired, there are not so many options left. To increase hair? But this is constant correction, special care. ... And natural locks from such procedures suffer. Try to consider a simpler and more gentle option - the hair extensions on the hairpins. So, what is it and how to use it correctly?

Advantages of overhead strands

The very phrase itself speaks for itself - this isOverlay strands of hair, which are attached to natural hair with the help of hairpins or special clips. The advantage of this method is the simplicity and fastening speed. The procedure can be carried out independently, without the need for special material costs. After all once having bought hair on hairpins, you can use them long time without correction and special means on leaving. As a rule, the hair on the barrettes is given a guarantee of about two years. Such hair does not have to be worn everywhere and always, they are easily worn and removed. Strands can be curled and even painted, although initially, of course, they are chosen in the color of their hair. Overhead hair on hairpins do not spoil natural hair, they can be stacked a variety of hair styles. Hair on hairpins are sold as separate strands, and in sets. The advantages of the sets are obvious. Here we have chosen strings of different lengths - depending on the areas of the head, where new hair will be attached. Colors are varied, the same is true for length. As a rule, the hair can be "grown" by 30-70 cm. The price will vary depending on the length, "naturalness" and the manufacturer. Naturally, it is better to purchase natural hair on hairpins. They can be painted, pulled out with iron and twist. beautiful hair extensions on hairpins

Without shortcomings, too, there was ...

At all poles, of course, there are some disadvantages.

  • First, false hair is not recommended to be worn in places of high humidity, such as swimming pool, shower, sauna;
  • It is undesirable also to go to bed with them to prevent confusion. If the circumstances do not allow you to part with the locks, then you need to braid them in a braid or gather them neatly into a bundle;
  • Sometimes, if you long to wear hair on hairpins, you may experience unpleasant, perhaps even painful, sensations in the attachment points. Therefore, it is better to let the head rest.

How to properly fasten strands

It is necessary to make a horizontal parting a bitbelow the nape. Here is attached a lock with three hairpins or clips. In this case, first the middle barrette is fixed and then the lateral lock. When the first lock is fixed, you will need to dissolve your hair and make a second part at a distance of about three centimeters from the first. Then fix the strand again. This time you need to choose a lock with four hairpins. The next part is done at the level of the tips of the ears. It will also need a wide strand on four clips. Again we spread our hair to make the last part on the top. For the top of the head is used a lock on three barrettes. Now the narrowest strands (with two hair clips) are attached in the zone of the temples. Overhead hair is covered with their own. In order to keep the curls better, you can scratch your hair at the roots, to which the overhead will be attached, sprinkle with varnish and then fix the strands. If your hair is initially curly, then the locks and without nachesa will hold fast. how to strengthen hair extensions on hairpins

Care of overhead locks

With regard to care recommendations, they are notso much. Hair should be washed in a basin with warm water with a moisturizing or mild shampoo for normal hair. Then apply the balm for 10-15 minutes. Wet patches can not be combed, squeezed or dried by a hair dryer. After washing, they must be hung, after drying, comb. To false hair should be treated carefully and carefully, then they will serve you for a long time. To summarize, we can say that the hair on the barrettes is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to add volume and length to the hairstyle. They will not get bored, make their owner think: "Was it worth it to make such sacrifices?" Besides, not everyone will be able to get a hairstyle with long hair. At any time, such hair can be removed, but used only for certain purposes. They do not harm your hair and scalp, do not require special care and special cosmetics. Hair can be tinted and stylized in hairstyles, depending on the image and mood. The length can also be chosen, as well as the color. Manufacturers offer a wide range of choices in color palette, materials and length. Today, everything is done to help each girl find herself, her own unique style, image and image. You can change at least every day and without much difficulty. Try, in fact, do not worry at all! We advise you to read: