summer hairstyles Summer is a romantic time. It's time for love and easy flirting, shine in the eyes and kisses on the beach. In summer, women look especially: gait becomes light and casual, shoulders straighten, and hair shimmer and shine in the rays of hot sun. Fashionable summer hair, like clothes for this time of year, look freer, more airy and relaxed. Especially lucky for long-haired girls, because from the shock of thick hair you can create anything. The main thing is to have enough patience and really want your hair to be original and stylish. Let's look at the most fashionable and actual summer hairstyles.

Free beam

Collect a high "horse" tail from the hair. Then brush it over the entire length and wrap it several times around the base, fixing the end with a beautiful hair clip on the crown. Such a summer hairstyle will suit both for a romantic walk, and for meeting with girlfriends in a cafe, and for beach entertainment.

Romantic beam

This hairstyle looks especially good onthick hair. It can be done both on dry, and on wet locks. We remove hair back and we tie a low tail, having twisted it some times. Then we twist the twisted hair around the gum and fix it with invisibility. A ready hairdress is sprayed with varnish. In this way, you will be irresistible at any summer party. hairstyles for summer

Tails in the style of "Hippie"

For this hairstyle for the summer does not take muchtime and special skills. Just divide the hair into a straight or zigzag parting and tie two tails, each of which is sprayed with a spray (or waxed) and lightly combed. It remains to embrace them in several places with elastic bands or ribbons - the hairstyle is ready.

Wide back hair

Summer hairstyle in the style of the 70's will suitalmost every woman. Take a strand of hair width from temple to temple and lightly scratch it. Then sprinkle with lacquer and, walking along the surface of the strand with a light hand movement, fasten on the crown with a hair clip or invisible.


This hairstyle is ideal for womencurly hair. Those who have straight hair, you can wind a little wet strands, leaving the curlers for several hours. Now go about your business: watch a video, read a book or just relax. After removing the curlers, just blow the hair out and lightly fix them with a gel. It turned out easy, careless and at the same time a beautiful hairstyle.

Fashionable pigtails

Summer hairstyles with weaving are a troublesome business,requiring time and skill. But it is thanks to the braids that the most fashionable and original female styling is obtained. Before you start creating a hairstyle, prepare the hair for a weave. To do this, apply a fixing mousse on them, carefully spreading it over the entire length. Now you can start to weave. Divide the hair parting from ear to ear. This is to ensure that the locks of the back and front of the head do not get tangled. Divide the anterior tresses into three equal parts and from each spindle of "spikelets". Then connect the pigtails and the back of the hair to a common tail. The tips of the "spikelets" wrap around the gum and fix the hair with a varnish. The "spikelets" can be coated with wax for better fixation and shine. summer hairstyle

Bezel from hair

Well comb your hair by making a horizontalparting on the vertex. Divide the prickles closer to the forehead into 3-4 parts. Now each wand needs to be treated with wax and wrung into a bundle. You do not need to tighten your curls very much, your hair should look slightly loose. Hide the ends of the rim under your hair, fix it with invisible objects and lightly sprinkle with varnish. Such summer hairstyles in the Greek style have always been and will be relevant.

How to vary your hair style

To make the laying for the summer more diverse, use the tips below:

  • Naches various areas of hair allows you to change your hair style beyond recognition. It can be done for the entire length of the hair, and only on the vertex, and for individual strands framing the face;
  • Using ironing tools, tongs and other tools forstyling, you will make your hairstyle even more fashionable and modern. But to abuse these devices is not necessary, because they negatively affect the health of the hair;
  • Be sure to get fashionable decorative elements for hair. Today their choice is so huge that one and the same hairstyle can be presented in completely different ways every day.

Fashionable hairstyles are able to transform a woman,add her youth and attractiveness. Therefore, do not be lazy to change your image, look more often in the mirror, pick up new patterns, experiment. And then you will always look stunning! We advise you to read: