hair care with tea tree oil Tea tree oil for hair is ethereal,A transparent agent whose color varies from pale yellow to crystal clear. Get it from the leaves of the so-called tea tree. Do not confuse, please, this is not a tea bush, whose leaves are used only in cooking. Interest in this unusual tool arose in the 1970s, when a massive hobby for only natural products began. It turned out that the oil has many medicinal properties, although the first articles on this subject were written back in 1930-40 by chemist Penfold. They described the capabilities of the means, which are about 11 times higher than the characteristics of the most famous antiseptics! But against the background of mass production of antibiotics, interest in the tea tree oil was extinguished, once again it gained strength only in the 1970s. Today it is one of the most used components for cosmetic products, it is used in creams, masks, shampoos. With the help of just a couple of drops of oil, added, for example, to shampoo, you can get rid of such an annoying problem, like dandruff! hair mask with tea tree oil

The composition of the oil and its medicinal properties

Extraordinary properties of tea tree oil are dictated by its composition. In total there are more than 98 connections:

  • terpinene-4 is responsible for unique antimicrobial properties (its concentration reaches 30-48%);
  • 1,8-cineol and other components have bactericidal properties.

These two components are the mostvaluable, but it is better to take oils with their lower content, since in concentrated form they can become strong irritants. Tea tree oil for hair has been used in folk medicine and cosmetology for a long time, especially for skin and hair. This tool does not know equal in the fight against acne, inflammatory processes, if necessary care for oily skin (problematic or combined). But today, besides professional expensive drugs, you can use very effective home recipes. Essential oil is recommended for scalp, prone to the formation of a large amount of dandruff. Tea Tree Oil is very useful for hair, it allows to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, that is, the hair will not only be healthy and beautiful in appearance, but also lush, lighter and shinier. Tea tree oil can cope with such problems as:

  • fragility of hair, cross-section of tips;
  • inflammation, constant itching, irritation;
  • dandruff of different origin;
  • increased secretion.

The use of a variety of means, masks,shampoos, which contain natural essential oil, can easily and quickly strengthen hair, make them more healthy, completely get rid of all sorts of problems. Many recipes are easily made at home, and this saves you from the constant need to visit specialized salons for expensive procedures. tea tree oil for hair care

Tea Tree Oil Recipes

Tea tree has become a real treasure, based onits essential oils, you can create a variety of therapeutic and cosmetic products for your hair. Consider the most simple and popular, which will help restore your hair attractiveness, health, ease. Enrichment with essential oil shampoo This is the simplest recipe that you can do at home. It is to enrich your usual shampoo with useful properties. To do this, except for the hair shampoo, take two or three drops of oil. First, the shampoo is squeezed out onto the palm of the hand, after which a couple of drops of oil are added and everything is thoroughly mixed. Now the resulting mixture should be applied to the hair surface, carefully distributed. The surface of the head is massaged for 3-5 minutes, after which the shampoo is washed off. If you wash your head every day, then this way should not be abused. It is best to use a shampoo enriched in this way up to twice a week. After a while you will notice the difference, your hair will become stronger, shiny, dandruff will be lost. Home mask against dandruff based on essential oil. If you have a lot of dandruff, which is not helped by a variety of cosmetic products, you can use a special mask based on oils. To make it, you will need oil, castor, burdock or olive (perfectly, remember that burdock oil also stimulates hair growth!). This base should be slightly heated, then add two drops of tea tree oil, two drops of rosemary, lavender, bergamot oil to two tablespoons. The mixture is thoroughly mixed until a uniform consistency is obtained, after which it should be left for five to ten minutes for infusion. Prepared home mask is used in this way: the product is rubbed into the roots of the hair, after which it should be left for 20-30 minutes. To wash off a mask it is necessary under running water by means of shampoo. If you experience a burning sensation and discomfort (and this indicates an allergic reaction), then the mask from the hair should be washed off immediately, and not waiting for the end of the procedure. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to test the various components in advance, applying a small amount on the skin for a couple of minutes. If there is redness and itching, then such a mask for dandruff does not suit you. Special spray for returning shine to the hair In order to prepare such a spray, we must take the following ingredients:

  • 30 drops of tea tree oil;
  • 50 ml of regular alcohol;
  • 50 ml of purified plain water.

The process of making the spray is very simple: you must first dissolve the oil in alcohol, then mix with water. The resulting tincture is gently rubbed into the roots of the hair at night, in the morning it should be thoroughly washed off with shampoo. Repeat the procedure is not recommended very often, enough 2-3 times a week. Regular use of such a simple spray will help restore your shine to shine, get rid of dandruff, prevent its further appearance. Special mask for restoring weakened hair If your hair is greatly weakened by permanent staining, lightening, chemical wave, then you can use a simple oil-based home mask. For its production it is necessary to prepare such components as:

  • one egg yolk;
  • a teaspoon of burdock oil;
  • three to four drops of tea tree oil.

All the ingredients are mixed, after whichthe resulting mask should be rubbed lightly into the roots with light massaging movements for about 10-15 minutes. After applying the product, the head should be wrapped in polyethylene film, the mask itself should be left for 30-40 minutes. It is necessary to wash off with the help of the most common shampoo with running water. You can repeat this procedure once a week. After a while you will notice that the hair has become stronger, they returned natural shine. result of application of masks with tea tree oil

Contraindications, side effects

But not always the use of tea tree oil is useful, in some cases it is not recommended to use:

  • for pregnant women and breast-feeding for a while you must avoid oil;
  • it is not recommended to use a 100% remedy, since it can cause irritation, itching, redness on the skin. It is best to dilute it with other oils, for example, olive oil;
  • if you have allergic reactions to suchproducts like sweet pepper, cloves, guava, eucalyptus, then you may have an allergy to tea tree oil. Before you start using a test, or choose a different, more suitable tool;
  • it is impossible to apply 100% funds to frostbitten skin, after burns, if there are traces of redness. If you have wounds on the skin, then wait until they heal.

Tea tree oil is a unique remedy,which can be used for a variety of procedures associated with hair. It is used for getting rid of dandruff, strengthening the hair, and all this thanks to an excellent combination of two powerful components: terpinene and cineole. Use oil only in clearly defined dosages, it is not recommended to apply it in a hundred percent form, there are a number of restrictions (for allergic reactions, for pregnant women, etc.).