how to organize a wedding yourself A wedding is one of the most important moments of life. This grandiose event, which remains forever in memory, and every couple (and especially the bride) wants all the celebration to be held at the highest level. To date, many couples are turning to the services of wedding agencies, which are engaged in organizing a wedding, as they say, from A to Z. However, the services of professionals have an additional cost. So young or their parents will have to spend not only on the outfits, banquet and other components of the wedding celebration, but also on the services of the organizers. And often this price is, to put it mildly, somewhat exaggerated. Therefore, many couples think about how to organize a wedding on their own and why not, in the end, risk it? After all, it was all this for our predecessors, independently organizing weddings, when there were no agencies in sight! And what we are worse? However, before we begin to disassemble the rules for preparing a wedding, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of this option. So, the advantages:

  • economy of the budget. And also full control by the bride and groom over the preparation;
  • after that you will have experience in preparing weddings. Little it may be useful in the future.

Alas, this is all pluses. And now, the shortcomings:

  • you will need to spend a lot of your own time and energy;
  • in view of the lack or in general lack of experience in the preparation of such events, a rather unpleasant situation can arise;
  • force majeure circumstances are not excluded;
  • will have to negotiate on their own;
  • about the number of nerves spent and say nothing ...

If you are not afraid of difficulties, and you are readystart organizing the wedding yourself, then keep in mind that preparing a celebration for a month is almost not realistic. So try not to rush and take yourself to this pleasure for at least three months, and better, if all six months. You need to start training with studying the wedding from the inside. Communicate with other newlyweds, visit forums with this subject, find out who had any difficulties, and how they solved it and so on. Thanks to this lively dialogue, you will be able to discover the smallest and at the same time important details of preparation. For example, no wedding agency knows that engagement rings are better to buy in the afternoon, since then the fingers are already a little swollen. Thus, you definitely will not lose with the size. And now let's schedule the preparation of the wedding for six months. Why is that? If you want to get really good DJs, photographers, video shooting, beautiful cafes, then keep in mind that they have a very tight schedule, and a month before the wedding, no one will ever enter you anywhere. So, we start the countdown.

Six months before the memorable date

Tell everyone about your intention, think about itlist of guests, the idea of ​​wedding design, prepare a holiday scenario. A lot of things and it's difficult? And who said that organizing a wedding on your own is easy? But how many memories and most of them are pleasant. If you want to get married on the wedding day, be sure to specify if there is a church holiday, which is not held at the wedding. In addition, you still have enough time to change the script, if he suddenly disregards you. And most importantly, young people can convince their parents during this time that they need exactly the kind of wedding they want, and not the kind that their parents had. And to understand the list of guests is also desirable as soon as possible. After all, if you do not want to collect all your cousins ​​for your wedding, then your parents can be seriously offended. But for the time that will remain until the wedding, all grievances will pass, and negative emotions will burn out. how to organize a wedding

For three months ...

It's time to submit applications to the Registry Office, to buyrings and choose witnesses. Those who will be married, you also need to choose a temple and discuss all the details of the ceremony with the priest. It's time to send out invitations and find out who will be able to and who will not be able to attend the wedding. If you follow the rules of good taste, then having received an invitation to the wedding, guests should notify you about it. And you, accordingly, will be able to correct the list of guests. Now the bride is faced with the most difficult and responsible task - choosing a wedding dress. If you do not have any special idea in your head, then start by browsing magazines and websites with wedding dresses. Do not overstimulate with a visit to the salons. If the dress you do not sew, but buy, then be prepared for the fact that you need to have it several more times before the wedding try on, to make sure that it sits on you beautifully. In addition, do not forget about accessories - handbag, bolero, gloves, diadems, veil and shoes. All of them should be in harmony with your dress. Another important point in preparing a wedding is the choice of a toastmaster. You should not take the first person. Talk to all candidates about the idea of ​​your wedding and choose who will be with you "on the same wavelength." Discuss then again your script and adjust it together. If you have planned a second day of the wedding, then do not forget to plan it. Three months before the wedding, it's time to start preparing a wedding dance for the young. Objectively evaluate your skills, strength and complexity of the dance. It is best to start with a choreographer early and engage in an individual program. If after the wedding you plan to go on a honeymoon, then now start preparing all the documents, arrange a vacation.

A month left ...

At this time, the bride is already determined with the hair,make-up and manicure. With the chosen stylist, you will need to assign a rehearsal to check how much the chosen one will go to the bride. In addition, you should visit the beauty salon several times to perform cleaning procedures for the face. At the same time, you can pick up the suit and shoes for the groom. In the same month you need to visit the chosen banquet hall: look around, think about how to arrange a hall for a wedding yourself (again saving), decide with the staff, where and how the tables will be located, where the young ones will sit. Decoration of the hall is not the most difficult task. If you approach the issue creatively and attract friends, everything will necessarily come out in the best possible way! Options for decorating the mass: balloons, living and artificial bouquets of flowers, draperies of paper or fabric. The main thing is to show imagination. Do not forget about the decor of the wedding cortege. If you have the opportunity to use your friends and relatives as wedding drivers, fine. And if not, the cars will need to be rented. This question must also be solved in advance. And be sure to consider the route of the wedding cortege so that later there will be no misunderstandings. organize a wedding yourself

For two weeks…

The bride needs to try on her dress again and choosebouquet, and groom - buttonhole. By the way, they can be done with your own hands or with the help of your closest friends (sisters, aunts). Do not forget about ordering a loaf and a wedding cake. Once again, double-check the list of guests, call the toastmaster, DJ, photographer, and also take part in the festive menu. It will be very good if you compose a step-by-step action plan for the wedding day for the groom and for the bride separately, with the indication of time and action. Then you certainly will not mess anything up and forget. And then the groom will go not immediately to the registry office, but after looking at the plan, he will see that he still has to take the bride (which only does not happen in pre-wedding fuss). Traditionally, before the wedding grandiose stag and hen parties are arranged. Two weeks before the holiday, it is very appropriate. But on the eve of the celebration, it is better to arrange a day of rest. Go to your favorite cafe, spa, watch a movie, relax and sleep. Of course, you will not consider all the details, and to organize an independently organized wedding at the highest level, you need to think through all the nuances, take into account all the small things, even the smallest at first glance. Listen to other people's advice, do not give up the help of friends and relatives. And best of all - appoint two or three trusted people who will control you as well, so that you can not forget anything.


And now let's once again write down everything on the points - what and when, who and why.

  • Prepare a plan for the preparation for the wedding, painting every week that remained until the celebration.
  • Immediately after the bride said "yes", you can also set a date for the celebration. Do not forget to make a list of guests, find a place for a festival, a toastmaster, a photographer, a DJ, and so on.
  • If there is a wedding, then decide in advance all the questions related to this ritual.
  • For two or three months, apply to the registrar.
  • Prepare invitations and send them out.
  • Engage in the wedding cortege - order it and select the design.
  • It's time for the bride to choose her dress, jewelry and other accessories.
  • Buy wedding rings.
  • Decide the question with the buddies for the bride and the best men for the groom.
  • The bride is time for a cosmetologist, a make-up artist, a hairdresser.
  • If you are going on a honeymoon, then visit the travel agency in advance.
  • Do not forget about the preparation of wedding dance.
  • At least 2 weeks before the wedding, order a wedding cake and loaf.
  • The bride's maiden should already have a compiled redemption plan, prepare tasks for the groom, posters and other trifles.
  • Make a wedding day plan for the groom and for the bride separately.

That's all the main moments of the wedding. If they are taken into account, your wedding will be held at the highest level without agency interference. The main thing is do not worry and get yourself together. And you will succeed! Love and happiness to you! We advise you to read: