wedding candles with their own hands Oh, this wedding! As far as this event is grandiose, it takes so much time and effort to prepare it. By the way, today more and more often they resort to the services of professional wedding organizers. Nevertheless, many deliberately leave to themselves the most pleasant troubles: the choice and purchase of clothes for the groom and the bride, as well as the acquisition or even the manufacture of wedding accessories. And if you treat yourself to fans or masters of hand maid, then the possibility of independent production of cute and iconic trifles, without which there is not a single wedding, you are sure to be interested. For example, how to make wedding candles with your own hands? It turns out this is not so difficult! Shall we try?

Candle with live roses

Charming, touching and tender candles are easyto make, decorating them with any fresh flowers. But since roses are traditionally considered to be wedding flowers, we will decorate candles with them. So, for such a floral composition we will need:

  • roses and buds (possible with short and even very short stems);
  • floristic sponge (foam, oasis);
  • floristic hairpins of pearly, white or pink color;
  • high candles (round or conical).

The floral sponge will become ourwedding composition. Strictly speaking, without it, without roses and candles themselves, we can not do, but the hairpins can be tried to replace the wire. But it is better (safer and more convenient) to use hairpins. So, choose the suitable candles and soak the sponge. At this time, carefully cut the stems of roses at a height of about ten centimeters. To keep the flowers fresh for a longer time, cut the slices at an angle, lowering them into the water and using a sharp knife. When the sponge is saturated with moisture, we insert roses into it. First we place large flowers, and then fill the gaps between them with buds. Now it remains only to attach the sponge to the candles with the help of pins. That's all. The roses do not need additional decoration - they do not need them. wedding candle

Candles with fathin

Modest, but elegant and even refined decoration for wedding candles will be an ordinary tulle and satin ribbons. For these candles, prepare:

  • two round high candles of white color (about a height of about fifteen and a diameter of about six centimeters);
  • satin ribbons two centimeters wide (pink, coral or red);
  • tatin;
  • a needle and white threads;
  • a lighter;
  • glue gun.

To decorate a candle, cut off a piece from the ribbons,the length of which will be slightly more than the girth of the candle. On two long sides of the tape, apply glue and attach the tape, wrapping it around the candle just below the middle of the entire height. Now we need to make rosettes of tulle. To do this, cut off the tulle stripes of a length of twenty and a width of two centimeters. On one long edge we make stitches and we pull a thread, having collected a tulle in folds. The result is a round, magnificent rosette. Thread and fix it. Again cut off twelve centimeters of satin ribbon and make of it a bow, the ends of which are burned with a cigarette lighter so that the ribbon does not dissolve. At the center of the outlet, apply glue and fix the bow. And then the ready bow on the socket is glued to the candle in the place where the ends of the tape wrapped around the candle close. Thus we decorate and the second candle - our wedding candles are ready!

Candles with lace

Another laconic version of decorating wedding candles. For them we will need:

  • two candles of the same diameter and different heights (for example, six and nine, six and twelve centimeters);
  • four satin ribbons: two colors and different widths (two centimeters and five millimeters of each color) of fifty centimeters;
  • White lace with one straight and one shaped edge and a repeating pattern;
  • white thread;
  • sewing needle and scissors;
  • double sided tape,
  • pearl beads;
  • pendants-pendants in the form of hearts.

To begin with, as a suspension, you canuse ready-made pendants or key rings for a mobile phone, or you can weave hearts from beads or cut out of felt. And now the process of decoration. First, cut two pieces of length of twenty centimeters from the lace and wide ribbon. The edges of the tapes (slices) are burned or fixed with a colorless nail varnish, so that they do not fall off. On the front side of the lace in the center of each repeating pattern, sew on a pearl bead. Next, glue a narrow strip of tape to the ends of each piece of lace and ribbons from the wrong side. Now everything is simple: add one piece of lace with one tape on the wrong sides, remove the protective paper from the tape and glue both segments together. Lacy one side turned out and satin with another decorative ribbon. We also perform the tape for the second candle. Using scotch we attach these strips to the candles, wrapping them just above the middle of the candle. From the narrow ribbons do the bows, passing the central loop-knots in the pendants. With the help of an adhesive tape, attach the bows directly on the decorative strip or just above (below) it. beautiful wedding candles with your own hands

Candles in the Baroque style

A very simple method of decorating candles and a strikingly effective result! For such candles we will need:

  • six roses from satin ribbons;
  • sewing pins with white pearly heads;
  • long white candles;
  • beads in the tone of roses;
  • white beads-pearls (larger than pinheads);
  • glue gun.

Rosettes and pins can be purchased in anyshop of sewing accessories. Roses we need a medium-sized (about three centimeters in diameter) and some gentle warm shade: pink, coral, salmon or even white. So, we cut off all the pins by half. Now attach three roses to the candles, placing them in the middle of the candles in a staggered order: one in the center, the other five centimeters lower and slightly to the left, and the third to five centimeters and higher to the right of the first. Roses are fastened, piercing them through with pins and carefully sticking pins into candles. That the candle has not burst, pins can be heated a little with a cigarette lighter. And now stick the pins into the candle, placing them in the form of the Latin "S" in the height of the candle. This pattern should be only slightly larger than the gap that is occupied by roses and not necessarily very even, but neat enough. And now with the help of glue we attach beads and beads to the candle, filling the gaps between the roses, but keeping the outline of the pattern. And for completeness of the picture, the upper bend of our "S" can be slightly pulled up, and from the bottom add a bow of organza and a rosette of tulle. In short, here you should focus only on your own taste. So, using the simplest materials and attaching our skilled hands to ordinary candles, we turned prosaic candles into an elegant wedding accessory. Agree that it's really easy to do it! A little imagination, a little patience and diligence - and you will succeed. Good luck! We advise you to read: