beautiful bracelets from threads with their own hands Fashion for hand-made products from threadsarose a very long time ago. Despite this, it does not lose its popularity. It is worth one teenage girl dressing such a thing on the street, as immediately the others follow her example. Even the most fashionable young ladies will want to wear such a product. In addition, such bracelets are made very easily. The main thing is to show a little imagination and read several master classes that will help to cope with this occupation. Parents, noticing such a hobby of their child, should not interfere, because here the person's purposefulness manifests itself. To learn how to weave bracelets, you should first choose the right thread. The easiest option is to use the mulina, which is used for embroidery. They are strong enough and have the right thickness. In addition, they have such an important for many girls property, as a bright color. You can choose any of their shades and use several types at once. In addition to the threads you will need a pin and scissors. The width of the product itself can be completely different. The size will depend on the thickness of the hand. It should be measured by a centimeter in order to know the exact parameters, because it is from this indicator that you should repulse when cutting the thread. bracelet of threads with a pattern

Weaving from floss - a simple option

Beginners need to start withthe simplest version. It is made of 6 or 8 locks. It is necessary to take several different colors of the mulina and measure the length equal to the width of the wrist, adding about 8 cm to the stock. If you do not want to measure, then you can simply cut off 60 cm and already during the braiding try on bracelets immediately on yourself. Then all the cut strands must be connected on one side to the knot. It should be attached to something with a pin. It should be comfortable to sit and weave with your own hands. Now you can start an interesting lesson. This is done very simply. First, the threads must be divided into two parts in such a way that each side has the same color. If you weave from 8 strands, then on the sides should be four. To knit nodules with your own hands is necessary in a certain sequence. To do this, choose which colors will be the first and which ones will be the last. Tie together you need only the same tone. The technique itself is simple: the first thread you need to tie the second so that it comes out from right to left. This action should be repeated with each strand. In this way, the bracelet is weaved to the end and a string is made in the form of a pigtail. The brighter and more diverse the colors, the more beautiful the finished product will look. In it, you can weave all kinds of ribbons, beads or beads. In addition, having gotten used to it, you can improve your technique. Weaving is also done asymmetrically or from different sides. The figure will change, and the bracelets will become more original.

Weaving with a chain of yarn

Often, those who have mastered the technique of weaving simplebaubles, this is not enough. Therefore, these fashionable women begin to show their imagination and invent something new. A good option is to make a similar thing with your own hands using the usual chain. It can be anything, either with small links, or with large ones. In this case, it is enough to buy the cheapest chain in the jewelry store. The main condition - it should be the size of the wrist of the future owner. As a thread you need to take a regular mulina, but it will look nice and thicker options, such as knitting yarn for medium thickness. If the chain itself has large rings, then thick woolen yarn will do. In addition, it will also need a hook. When everything is ready, you can start the manufacturing process. When making bracelets in this way, it is necessary to fix the thread on the hook initially. After this, it must be passed to the last link on the chain and tied in order. At the end of the row is to make an additional loop, turn around and tie the second row of threads. They can be any number, according to your desire. Accordingly, if it is necessary to get a broad overall view, you will have to make more rows. It should also be taken into account that in the same way it is necessary to tie a chain on the other side with one's own hands. In the end, it should be in the middle. If the chain will consist of beautiful stones, it will turn out even more original. bracelets with vertical weaving

Weaving on the technique of macrame

Another way to weave threads can beis made according to the technique of macrame. You will need a waxed cord and large beads. If there is no cord, then yarn for knitting will do. This technique is suitable for those who have ever studied macrame and know what a single flat knot and capuchin knot are. To find the right length, you need to wrap your wrist five times. Such threads will need 7 pieces. They need to be attached to the pillow or any object with a pin, divided and begin to weave by their own hands the last three strands. They need to make 5 single flat knots. After that go to the right side and do the same. On the thread that remained in the middle you need to put on a bead. The next step is to take the cord in the middle and the two extreme ones. Of these, you need to weave another five single flat knots. Thus, you need to make the rest of your ranks yourself. There can be as many as you like. Finish everything with a bead, under which the knot will be tied. The ends of the ropes are folded together. Then the fastener is made. It will require an additional thread, on which the square knots are tied, with the help of which it will be possible to regulate the bracelets. So that he does not loose his hand, all the remaining ends are bound by the "capuchin" knot and dragged out. Such a technique is made by belts or belts. If you want, it's worth trying to weave yourself beautiful and original bracelets from threads. A little imagination and perseverance, and everything will turn out the best way.