earrings from beads asterisks Beading is a creative activity, erectedmany skilled workers in the rank of art. To make earrings from beads with their own hands, there is no need for a huge experience - it is enough to have a little free time, a little imagination and a great desire to create a unique decoration. Homemade beaded earrings will look very creative and modern, both on the girl and on the woman of the age.

Tools and materials

For the manufacture of earrings will require:

  • beads of different sizes and colors, as well as bugles and beads (for those who have a fantasy);
  • coil strong threads or fishing line 0.2 mm or 0.3 mm thick;
  • hank of very thin wire;
  • small scissors;
  • matches;
  • Special needles for beads or a needle with a small eye;
  • hooks (sold in specialized stores).

For homemade imitation jewelry immediately purchasebeads of good quality, which does not shed. To check, we wrap a few pieces in a wet lathered cotton handkerchief and take them off each other. The fabric should not be dyed from a good bead. Schemes of some beaded earrings for beginner craftsmen sometimes seem too complicated, but on closer inspection they turn out to consist of separate simple elements or elements connected by a certain standard technique. In addition, it is possible to impart glass beads or larger beads of any shape that match the color. earrings from beads "rings"

Earrings "Vetochka"

So, let's start with the easiest scheme"Branch", made by the technique of simple stringing. We collect on the line or thread 4 beads. We make the first branch by typing another 4 pieces on the line, then passing the needle in the opposite direction through the first three. We collect further 2 beads and 1 bead of an elongated or drop-shaped shape, return the needle to the junction of the first branch. We make one more branch in three beads and again we return the needle to the main chain. We pass the fishing line to the beginning of the product and, with the help of the two ends of the thread coming out of the first bead, fix the earring to the hook. More experienced masters can weave more leaves, flowers or berries on each branch. The earrings will look great if the twigs are made more authentic, we have to weave them together and assemble them in one bundle or a brush. At the ends of the brushes, you can fix beads or rhinestones in the frame.

Earrings "Kolechki"

These earrings are also multivariable, since the ringsYou can weave in various ways and using additional elements. In Fig. 2 and 3 are schemes of weaving of beads of two colors and using beads of a larger diameter. To make an earring according to the scheme shown in Fig. 2, first dial a simple chain in one row of 10-15 beads, and then hang a ring on it. How to weave a ring, is shown in detail in the upper fragments of the circuit, where the first digit indicates the first bead of the ring, to which the rest are sequentially attached. At the junction of the last bead with the first knot the knot and thread the line through a pair of beads. The tip of the line should be gently swallowed with a match, while forming a tiny ball. In Fig. 3 ring is woven the same way as on the previous one, with the difference that inside is placed a large beautiful bead. This bead can be an imitation of any transparent or opaque stone, depending on your idea. Each bead of the outer row of the ring can be attached with a thin wire to the glass bead, as the divergent rays. The wire should have a diameter that coincides with the hole in the glass bead, then the rays will hold well and not fall off. earrings from beads "flowers"

Earrings "Flowers"

Earrings with beads made by own hands,look just great. Try still to make earrings with pendants "Flowers", the schemes for which are shown in Fig. 4. In addition to beads, for them, choose beads of different sizes and bugles. The main motive is very simple - it's a chain, which is a flower of 8 beads, in the center of which is a bead. Elements of flowers should preferably be combined with beads of a slightly smaller diameter. The motives are suspended on simple single-row chains, the size of which is chosen independently. Also, if desired, you can make the rays at the edge of the flowers from the bugle. If you want to get earrings larger, then weave the pendants with flowers, making the chain somewhat longer than the previous one, and the flowers - fixing beads between each other. Connect several pendants of different lengths to the composition in the form of a crescent or a trapezoid. In short, as prompted by a wild fantasy.

Earrings "Star"

To perform these earrings, you will needtransparent beads of two contrasting colors, for example, yellow and lilac, as well as two pieces of wire 7 and 14 cm long. First, string the beads of the same color on a short wire and twist the ends carefully. Form a five-pointed star from the resulting chain, leaving twisted ends on top of one of the rays. On a longer piece of wire string the beads of a different color and also decorate them with an asterisk. Place the small star inside the large one and twist the ends of the wire together. It remains to fix these tips on the hook, and the earring is ready (Figure 5). Beads for earrings can be taken as matte, and shiny. Experiment with the color, different shades and cuts of beads and bugles. Experienced craftswomen can decorate their product with beads with semiprecious or even precious stones. In the course of the work there will necessarily appear new interesting and fascinating ideas of fashionable ornaments and gifts made by oneself.