weaving of phoenicles What does a scattering of beads look like? Perhaps, a scattering of stars in the night sky. A pigtail from colorful threads - you do not like the rainbow? In the skillful hands of the craftsman and beads, and threads, and tapes can turn into a truly stellar decoration. The bead behind the bead, the thread behind the thread, they are woven into lovely bracelets, pendants and key rings, which become not just an ornament, but a special sign, a chip, a phoenix. Weaving of baubles is a simple and fascinating occupation, a creative process that requires not only handicraft skills, but also a sense of beauty, a flight of fantasy, and sometimes creativity.

What is banners?

Usually baubles weave or as an ornament foryourself, or as a gift. Now it is not only a fashion accessory among young girls. Fenichkam is paid tribute and modern designers, using them in the form of simple additions to clothing. The history of baubles began in the culture of the American Indians. In the 20th century, hippies and rastamans decorated themselves with baubles. And today it is an exclusive decoration, and a kind of talisman of girl's friendship. By the way, passing fenechkas is a very popular feature among their amateurs. It is believed that such a gesture increases the strength of the talisman. Different bracelets and wear differently: on the right hand - newly woven, on the left - donated. In all the baubles there is a certain symbolism. These jewelry - a kind of reminder of dating and meetings, adventures and trips, gifts and holidays. That is why the attitude towards such things is special. weaving of a phoenix with the name

What are the banners?

These bracelets can be made from differentmaterials. Basically, baubles are woven from threads of mulina, ribbons, laces and beads. In their weaving is also used different techniques: direct, diagonal, circular and other weaving. But, regardless of the variety, in all fenechkas must be present exclusive. At the request of the craftswomen, bracelets are obtained and monochrome, and with any pattern, and with drawings, and with hieroglyphics, and with letters, and even with names.

How can this be learned?

It is not difficult to grow baubles, and master this arteveryone can, only desire. To independently weave a fresco, it is enough to use the instructions or recommendations that you will find in abundance both on the Internet and in special books and magazines on needlework. As a rule, it is in them that the principles and stages of weaving are available. A good assistant for you will be a detailed step-by-step instruction in the pictures. You can also download a video lesson or watch such lessons online (some sites offer these materials for free). So, find a suitable site, buy a book or magazine and get down to this exciting lesson. phoenic patterns of direct weaving

With what it is better to begin?

Perhaps the easiest to perform - bannersfrom the tapes. For them, you just need to choose a ribbon, cut it to the size of your wrist and decorate it with colored buttons or rhinestones. If you still want to learn the technique of weaving, then for beginners there is one piece of advice: first, only bracelets are braided. Among the beginners, the most simple, diagonal weaving is popular. Try to weave a tricolor bracelet, for example, from laces. A beginner who braids such a bauble has every chance to comprehend the basics of this art and contemplate the quick result of his work.

And what about the exclusive?

First, even the simplest man-made frenchnecessarily it will turn out exclusive if you want it. And secondly, what can prevent you from mastering more complex technologies, for example, weaving the phoenicks with a name? For such a bracelet, the methods of direct weaving are suitable, and a circuit will be needed. You can find the diagrams of the braided braids directly on the Internet. And just on their model you can easily create your own, unique-exclusive. Dare! Replenishing numerous rows of braided baubles, you not only acquire a creative hobby, you will find new friends, but also learn how to make elegant and beautiful little things, charged with exclusively positive energy - baubles. We advise you to read: