knitting of children's hats What a young mother does not dream of having herthe baby was the most beautiful, the healthiest, and the most fashionable and stylish? But in stores it is very difficult to find decent things for your crumbs, since good clothes are expensive, and things of economy class are extremely poor, boring and monotonous. What to do? The only way out is to create a wardrobe for the baby with your own hands. You can start with a small, for example, to tie an original children's hat. Recently, more and more popular among women begins to use a hobby, like knitting children's hats with knitting needles and crochet. This is due not only to the fact that it is sometimes very difficult to buy a beautiful and high-quality headgear in the store, but also because there is a lot of information on the art of needlework on the Internet today.

Create your own style for your child

Having looked various sites where umelitsylay out a photo of their work, unwittingly want to create something like that. Agree, it is very pleasant, when friends, and just passers-by on the street are sincerely surprised at the intricate patterns that they see on your child's headgear and ask where you can buy such a fashionable thing. Headgear for a baby is always relevant, so mothers of newborns are thinking about what kind of hat to buy a baby. And maybe it's better to connect? Really, why not try it? After all, everything begins with something, and even very experienced knitters once were apprentices. The main thing is to believe that you will succeed! Knitting children's hats with knitting needles

What should a beginner knitter know?

It is understood that the knitting of hats for newborns is notpresents no difficulty for needlewomen with experience, and what to do to a woman who first decided to tie a hat? First, you need to choose the simplest model of the cap and the simplest scheme, for example, rice knit or facial smoothness, practice, fill your hand, and then start more serious models. Knitting techniques are easy to master. The choice of thread is taken seriously, today yarn for knitting can be bought in many stores, its range is very rich, in the same store for needlework, you can buy and schemes for knitting. An experienced seller will always advise a woman what yarn can be combined with another, and which one is not, will correctly pick up the knitting needles. The main mistake of inexperienced knitters is the incorrect selection of yarn and the size of the hook or spokes. The size of the finished product may be more or less than the intended one only because the size of the spokes and the thickness of the yarn does not correspond to those indicated in the selected scheme. All knitters have their knitting density, some knit very tight, others knit, so before knitting starts you should always make a 10x10 cm sample, wash it, dry it, iron it and measure it with a ruler, how many loops are contained in one centimeter of the bound sample, from the result obtained calculate the required number of loops. Tips for beginners knitters:

  • In order to take measurements of the circumference of the child's head, a centimeter tape should be tightened
  • Determine the density of knitting
  • Choose a simple scheme and follow it clearly
  • The size of the spokes or hooks to match according to the thickness of the yarn
  • For children's hats to choose thin, not prickly yarn
  • Do not use too large diameter knitting needles or large hooks
  • Wash the finished product in cool water

Knitting with a knitting cap starts as standard,To do this, calculate the required number of loops and type them on spokes. Then the rim of the elastic band 1x1 or 2x2 is knitted, then knitting with the main pattern is approximately 10-15 cm in height. When approximately 9 cm is left before the end of the cap, it is necessary to reduce the loops, for this knitting is conditionally divided into six equal parts and through the row two loops knit together at the end of each part, 10 loops remaining on the spoke are tightened by the same thread. It remains only to sew the cap at the seam. knitting caps for newborns

Crochet Crochet

Many women talk about how to knit capscrochet is much easier than with knitting needles and create unique and delicate models. When the child is very small, I want to tie him a cap, because such a thing will absorb all the warmth of my mother's hands, her love, and will serve as a kind of amulet for the newborn. From the most ordinary cap you can make a funny thing, just arrange it in the form of an animal, tie your ears, nose, mouth. Crochet is now at the peak of popularity, even those who have never done it knit, beginners achieve incredible results, thanks to their perseverance. Hats for babies are relevant not only in the cold season. In the spring and summer, light panamki made of fine cotton thread are no less popular. Crocheting will require a choice of thin and light threads of pastel tones, since dark hats are very hot in the sun. You do not need to save on yarn, since a summer hat for a baby should be not only original and beautiful, but also "breathable", preferably with wide margins that protect the child's face well from scorching sun rays. We advise you to read: