knitted toys Knitted toys are different from everyone elsea special warmth that radiates the hands of its creator. They bring joy to both children and adults. In the life of any kid, they play a big role. Embracing one of these toys, it is easy and pleasant for a child to fall asleep in his cozy bed, only the kid trusts his little secrets and secrets, plays with them in fascinating games, feeds them with sweets and cookies. These simple games with soft knitted toys for the baby are a way of knowing the world, developing his mental abilities. The ribbed surface of a knitted toy massages his fingers, developing a tactile sensitivity, has a positive effect on the formation of correct speech and thinking. When creating knitted toys with your own hands, you will be sure that they are safe for your child, since they are made of known materials. Cute knitted toys will be an excellent gift not only for children. Such an original souvenir can be presented to close people for any holiday. For example, by the Valentine's Day, you can tie a little beast to your second half and put a knitted heart in his paws, and a couple of knitted toys in the form of funny cubs that are dressed like a bride and groom will be an excellent gift for a newlywed couple. Positive emotions bring not only the knitted toy, but also the process of its creation, it is extremely fascinating and fascinating. To make knitted toys, you need minimum expenses, because for this you need only the remnants of threads, which are always present in those who are engaged in needlework. Knit toys can be knitted and crocheted. The way of mating is also very simple: for spokes - it's a facial smooth surface, for a hook - columns without a crochet.

Crochet toys

Knit crochet toys are schemes anddescriptions of needlewomen are not particularly needed. Since everything is very simple here: every detail of the toy is knitted in a circle, while the rows do not merge, they go in a spiral, in this case the product will not have a "seam". By subtracting and adding loops in certain places, the necessary shape of the part is obtained-a round, elongated, cone-shaped, etc. To create a certain knitted toy you need to clearly imagine what character you are going to do, if you do not have enough of your imagination, you can spy ideas on the Internet. Looking at the photo of knitted toys, presented in the form of a variety of bears, kittens, hares, dogs, etc., it will not be difficult to make one of these funny characters yourself. Knitted toys with knitting needles with description


Among the toys crocheted, largepopularity now acquired Japanese miniature toys amigurumi. This unusual name is formed from the combination of two Japanese words that denote the concepts of "soft toy" and "knit." Most often amigurumi have the image of an animal or a stylized little man. And also it can be completely inanimate objects, which are endowed with eyes and ears, becoming quite humanlike. For example, a knitted toy in the form of a "cake" with a cheerful face is very popular. Amigurumi size of only 5-7 centimeters, there are also some models up to 1 centimeter. Such knitted toys are made up of individual elements that are crocheted, stuffed and sewn together with one another or connected by means of special hinges, allowing the head and the legs of the toy to spin in different directions. The basic details of this knitted toy are the head of a rounded shape and often quite large in comparison with body size, the body of a cylindrical shape, arms, legs, tail, ears, muzzle, and various decorations that are required for the character.

Knitting toys with knitting needles

The second option to create toys with a few knitting needlesmore difficult than the first. Therefore, creating knitted toys with spokes with a description is much easier. According to certain schemes, individual parts of the toy are knitted on straight spokes, then they are assembled into the whole product. Using circular knitting needles, knit details without seams, such as the head, trunk, arms, legs, etc. Such toys are created by the simplest pattern - the facial smoothness. Such a pattern makes the details of the toy smooth, smooth, homogeneous. Some models are also performed with garter stitching, for example, in cases where the toy needs to be given a volume. We advise you to read: