Hello! I'm 21, living with the boy for 2 years and we decided to fill up our family with a kidwink But ... I already had problems ((for women) is not a regular cycle), but I did not attend to my stupidity of doctors, but a caring person appeared, we went to the doctor and started ...crying Diagoz - erosion !!! The doctor offered to freeze nitrogen, said that it is harmless, we agreed. It has increased from infections that appear from the water, both from the river and from the water from the tap, and froze! arrived after a while for an inspection and she says that something is wrong, a suspicion of cancersurprise, took the analysis for anthology and said to comean hour later we'll try to freeze (another 400grn.), to her the girl had to come and did not come and I just, and then the nitrogen will disappear ... In short, I have not come to her again! After a while I went "leather" and passed the tests there .... infections became even more !!! Treated me with two antibiotics, lechichi-treated curedyes. And then the delay ... I went to make uzi and againsurprise Diagnosis - polycystosis and adhesions! She ran to the doctor in a local polyclinic (she did not go before, she did not respond well), she looked at the result and stunned her for hospital treatment. They confirmed polycystosis and did not see any spaying process and added chronic inflammation. I was lying there for a week or two, because polycystosis is not treated, and inflammation, after two antibiotics, did not dare, they only stabbed the warming pricks. In short, I was discharged as I was lying downsad and prescribed hormones (Diane35) for 6 months, forrecovery cycle, and said that within a year should get pregnant! While the pill was being drunk the cycle was accurate, but, in the first month after half a year of treatment - DELAY !!! I thought first of all that I was pregnant, but the tests were negative, I went back to the doctor, she sent me to the uzi. We decided to go to a private clinic, there ultrasound showed that everything is fine. The doctor, in the same clinic, said that I did not have cured erosion, inflammation, and that little hormone was consumed, and that this is what people are pregnant and giving birth to, but, ovulation, for people with this diagnosis, it's a miracle !!! She said she was trying, doing tests (for sv) and taking an analysis for anthology. I called the clinic after the result in a week, she said that everything is fine, except that it's inflammation (which she already spoke about during the examination), because of which she can and you can not get pregnant, you need to come and pass tests (600grn). And on this all ended !!sad I no longer trust any doctors and I do not know what to do, everywhere only "extortion" !!!angry PS Somebody knows something, help!mail address Thank you in advance!!!smiley Author: