1 Any holiday starts with a general cleaningwhich, if desired, can also be turned into a holiday. How to do it? To begin with, let's turn on our favorite mood-improving music louder! Then open the windows wider and fill the apartment with fresh air. It will invigorate and dispel the odors of all chemicals that are used during cleaning. We save manicure and use gloves when cleaning. in our time it is available, so we purchase new sponges so as not to remove the crumbs from the old canvas later. In order to wipe off the dust, we buy microfiber rags. Do not skimp - expensive tools will make cleaning fast and of high quality and will last much longer than cheap ones. For example, a good expensive mop requires only additional attachments, and it can be used for washing the floor, and for washing the walls and ceiling. It is advisable to do cleaning in stages, without overloading yourself. It is enough to give her an hour and a half a day. During this time, you can clean one room by taking things apart and cleaning the floor under sofas and wardrobes. We set the alarm clock - it will remind you that it's time to finish cleaning if we get too carried away by looking at old photos. Everyone who lives in the dwelling can be involved in general cleaning. We give them certain tasks that can be written on a piece of paper and distributed to everyone, for example, at the beginning of the week. Let the child take apart the bookshelf, and the husband will clean the bathroom or the extractor hood in the kitchen. Homework assignments should be specific, otherwise there may not be any help. We draw up a work plan and tick off what has been done. We throw away or give to someone unnecessary things. And what is still usable, we store it compactly. Useful little things - shreds, scarves, cosmetics, etc. - we put in containers, which can be purchased in company stores. Tin cans or wicker baskets can be used as containers. If you put the little things in them, order and comfort will reign in the house. We sort things by placing on the highest shelves those that are rarely used. You should not treat cleaning as a hard and tedious job - you should do it in accordance with your own health. In addition, general cleaning of an apartment is a good way to fight overweight and depression. And the clean and beautiful interior of the rooms significantly improves the mood! Therefore, we start cleaning with pleasure, because it brings both the inner and the surrounding world in order. Author: