We all very much would like to live in spaciousdwellings with a well-organized space. However, not everyone is lucky in this respect. Many are forced to live in small apartments of standard layout, which, for the better, at first glance, is difficult to change. But this is only at first glance. Arrangement of such apartments, carried out with the help of some methods, tested in practice, can significantly improve the quality of small-sized housing, making it more spacious. You just need to properly organize space, and rooms in small apartments will become much cozier and more comfortable. To begin with, you should get rid of unnecessary things and abandon the lush decor in the form of velvet draperies, bright carpets, heavy candelabra and the like. They are suitable only for spacious rooms. Clutter in the rooms creates and the accumulation of small parts. Therefore, all the extra things in the apartment must be eliminated, after which it immediately free up a lot of free space. If some of the little things are discarded, but there is nowhere else to put it together, you can allocate space for a dressing room or fence off some angle with a light drapery and put these things there. The rest of the space to occupy only what is necessary and nice to the eye. Do not overload the room with large items, which in small quantities - one or two things, no more - are able to visually balance the small dimensions of the rooms. If there are several such things, they will clutter up the space, making it even smaller. A good reception of the correct organization of space in small apartments, - a change in the functional purpose of the rooms. So, the living room is traditionally assigned the largest room, and under the bedrooms and children's - the smallest. However, this is not entirely rational, because it turns out that the largest space in the apartment is practically not used. It is better to take the smallest room to the living room. And in a large room, for example, place a bedroom with a small dressing room and a home office in the corner. Wardrobe in the apartment, in general, is generally an excellent option for saving space. And for small apartments, it is almost the only way to save from crowdedness. If they equip a wardrobe in them, the need for inconvenient bulky cabinets disappears, and, consequently, several meters of space are freed. Under the dressing room you can adapt an old furniture wall or a compact rack. Do not try to free up additional meters, getting rid of closets, pantries and utility rooms. Without them, one of the rooms inevitably turns into a closet or closet. Zakolki, kvotki, corridors are also suitable in small apartments, as they create a sense of great housing. Do not install cabinet cabinets in small apartments. They can be replaced with chests with not very deep drawers, occupying much less space. The space of an apartment can be used not only horizontally, but also vertically, creating in it several levels. For example, in narrow hallways or corridors, you can make mezzanines, on which you can add some things. In the corners of small apartments it is convenient to place corner furniture or equip a storage box. completely depends on the imagination of its owners. For example, you can partition the corner diagonally across the bed, and in the gap between it and the corner, arrange a cache. The diagonal layout is able to visually expand the space, so the look of the delivered bed will be excellent. Optically increase the space and uniform floor coverings, and the same color of walls in adjacent rooms. An excellent effect of expanding space is provided by mirrors. In order for the low ceiling to appear taller, it should be made lighter than the walls of the room. An important role in expanding the space of small apartments is played by lighting. Optimum option in this case will be local lighting, creating a cosiness and a certain intimacy. If you still want to install the top light, it is better to choose flat, as close to the ceiling, lamps. Curtains on the windows in small apartments can not be hung. Especially, if from these windows a wonderful landscape opens. Without curtains, they will make the room more spacious and lighter, and everything outside the window will seem to be the continuation of this room. And the sun rays are very well covered with rolls. The most suitable variant of furniture for small dwellings is mobile and transformable shelving, tables, night tables and so on. They move easily and can perform several functions simultaneously. Do not try to increase the space of the apartment due to the pool of rooms, because instead of two, even small but full-fledged spaces, one can turn out, not too spacious and uncomfortable. It is impossible to retire on such a space, and, in the end, it has to rebuff something again in a while. In a word, it may well be that they will seemspacious and comfortable. The choice of this design is always for the owners of the dwelling. Someone dreams of a bright spacious space, and someone keeps his house, keeping family traditions. The main thing that in this house was calm, cozy and warm. Author: