Trassovy hair extension Long thick hair has always been the subject ofpride for some and envy for others - depending on the condition of the hair on beautiful girls' heads. What are the only ways not experienced by a representative of the weaker sex, just to achieve a chic mane instead of a fluffy cloud. And broths, and tinctures, and ointments, and creams and many, many other means. As a rule, such persistence is bearing fruit, but not always enough patience to wait for the results and not to stop the experiment halfway. And what if a beautiful hairstyle is needed here and now, and not sometime later, in a year? The way out of this situation can be a hair extension, which literally can suddenly turn from a gray mouse into a long-haired beauty. One of the ways of magic metamorphosis is hair extensions with the help of tresses.

What are Trends?

The word "tress" (from English - tress) in translationmeans long hair, curls or braids. In the dictionary of masters of hairdressing art, it is customary to call crochets from long strands of treated hair, woven on special threads in a row, by means of which it is possible to give your own hair the necessary length and the missing volume. The weaving of the tresses is a very difficult and rather laborious process, requiring increased attention and scrupulousness. To make the tracks look more natural, no more than 6-8 hairs are added to each bundle, so even the most experienced masters can not produce tracks that exceed one meter in a day. The way out of the situation was the factory method of weaving, which allows not only to speed up the process, but also to improve the quality of the products. Factory tracks are more thin and weightless, and their strength is much higher than that of manual ones. In addition, with direct use, factory tracks on the head look natural, they are more reliable and practical. And even with daily use allow their owner to feel more confident and comfortable. Tressovy building is carried out and with the help of artificial, and with the help of natural strands. The most valuable tracks, which are most popular, are made from natural Slavic hair. They are softer and silky oriental, are easy to handle and can easily fit into any hairstyle. a qualitative tressovyj escalating of hair

Method of hair extensions

Using hair clips from the top of the headare fixed on the vertex. The lower layer of hair is braided in the spikelets near the skin from the temple to the temple - this is the basis for fastening. One spikelet - one tress. Donor hair is attached to the braid with glue, threads, or simply clip-pins. After all the strands are firmly fixed, the upper part of the hair, falling down, closes the "seam". Correction of hair extensions should be done as the loss of the ideal appearance and the growth of native locks. But at least once or twice a month, preferably a professional master.

Advantages of hair extensions in the third way

The main advantage of this method of buildingis its economy, relative simplicity and speed, as well as the possibility of using the same crack several times. Variety of variations allows you to change the length, color or degree of curl even though every day. If you make the tracks bright and colorful, you can surprise the audience at some theme party, without damaging your own locks. Irreplaceable tress and in solemn cases, when in a short time a truly royal hairstyle is constructed, from which it is easy to get rid of after a holiday.

Hair care, enhanced with the help of tess

Attached strands can easily be washed by thosesame shampoos and conditioners as the rest of the hair. Also, they can be combed, wound on forceps and hair curlers or dyed, in order to achieve the maximum resemblance to their own hair. If desired, wavy tresses can be straightened with iron. However, it is necessary to avoid too frequent thermal stresses for the tresses made from natural hair, while artificial ones, on the contrary, become more beautiful only from regular hot impact.

Disadvantages of tossing hair extensions

There is such a thing as "individualintolerance ", so this method of hair extensions can be, both fans and opponents. Sensations from the procedure are different for everyone - someone can begin to peel the scalp or itch, even with a single use of the crack. And someone can wear them all the time, without removing or experiencing the slightest discomfort at the same time. If you save on the stylist and prefer to perform this procedure yourself or with the help of self-taught friends, be prepared for unpleasant surprises at any time. A poorly fixed track can fly off at the most inopportune moment, shocking not only you, but also the surrounding people. The untimely appeal to the master for the correction may lead to the fact that the spikelets to which the tracks are attached fall. Undo and comb them will be impossible, so there will be only one way to solve the problem - to cut them off. If you do not want to have bald spots of this kind, do not neglect the timing of wearing crashes. what does the third-order hair extension look like

Contra-indications for hair extensions

It is not recommended to resort to the procedure of thehair extensions for girls with too thin and weak hair. Scant spike can not withstand the physical stress of the Tress and break off right at the root. Thus, instead of acquiring charm, you can lose what you have. Be prudent, be patient and strengthen your own hair. Probably, after a certain time you will be able to brag of the result, and wearing the Tress is no longer contraindicated to you.

What not to do with a toss increase

Some girls to achieve the maximumeffective fastening strongly strands strands holding the track, flooding them with an unthinkable amount of lacquer. And also subjected to constant tension clamps, hairpins and other mechanical devices. Such merciless exploitation can not stand even very strong own hair. Therefore, it is more careful to treat them - it is always easier not to admit the problem, than to fight it later. We advise you to read: